birds of the air

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The other morning, I was looking for my computer cord and I ended up outside birdwatching.  We all know how these things happen.

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It’s exciting to see birds at my bird feeder but even more exciting to find them out in nature living their little feathered lives.

I know every bird of the mountains,
And everything that moves in the field is Mine.
Psalm 50:11

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They all look at me with such suspicion!

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There is a lot of stuff in the air this week, it lands on the top of the stream and gathers in front of logs across the water….that white stuff is all little fuzzies and bits….the ponds are the same way, covered with a film of allergens.

I see a football, too.


In the very bright sunshine, Jacob and Emily helped me dig up a little Pinxter bush from the side of the road!  I was very excited, truth be told, Jacob did ALL the work.  But he had a captive audience and Emily had a tiny speaker clipped to her belt buckle so we listened to tunes, too.

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We planted it right by the bench that Ethan put together for me.  I’ll never forget this day that we planted it together, me, my son, and his girlfriend.  It was fun and I look forward to seeing it grow and grow through the years.

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While I was birdwatching, I found this perfectly good board on the side of the road.  I brought it home and washed it and asked Jacob to paint it.  We are going to hang it up by the pond where we have many frogs and the occasional toad.

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handmade (day 4)

With fingers shaking with exhaustion, I bring to you day four of our admiration for all things handmade.  Yes, I am tired, but it is only the common tiredness of motherhood, so I am thankful.   For instance, it’s taking a long time for Seth’s order to come.  He asks so much for his little dog Duke which he ordered days ago.  Seems like forever.  And another boy is having a little trouble, and another one (a girl) doesn’t get home until way after dinner is over, and a couple others stay up too late playing video games, and another one forgot to do his homework, and another one was so grumpy…..and several are still coughing.  But, it’s not a big deal, the sun is shining and soon the snow will be gone along with all the problems.  LOL

I read Seth and Sarah Curious George and the Pizza this midmorning which gave Seth a powerful hunger for pizza of our own.  Did you know that when a child is recovering from being sick you’re supposed to do whatever they ask?  Me neither, but in this case it seemed good and proper so we got in the kitchen, argued about who was going to stand where, and made HANDMADE pizza and they were so cute that I had to document the process with the camera.




Seth was telling her that his was going to be better but she didn’t care.



She was busy spreading around sauce and she was entirely capable….  sauce sauce sauce, rub, pour, slap, sauce.



And then when it came to the cheese…..she put a tiny bit right in the middle.  Very amusing.

What she really wanted to do was eat all the dough raw but we talked her out of it.


Seth’s was stuffed crust.


We each made our own pizza and we all exchanged slices with each other.

Seth, can I have a piece of yours?  Sure!
Do you want a piece of mine?  Uh…. Okay!
Try mine!



She had to blow on her pizza a little bit and we made up a song about it.



I was pretty proud of mine, too!  We were all proud of our pizza.




Talking to her brother….



quick and easy pizza dough recipe here.  (SO SO GOOD!!!)



On Saturday, my Mom and Dad gave me a handmade wooden box , and they also gave me this handmade trinket hook board.

I hung it up today, it was obviously made for the wall above my sewing table.  It should have only taken two holes in the wall, but of course it took me four since it was a struggle for me to get it straight…….(don’t tell Rich)…..



They decorated it with buttons from my childhood clothes.  I loved these heart buttons then, and I still love them now.  (first day of Kindergarten dress)


They used other little odds and ends, too.  I hung some of my necklaces from the hook on the left.


And a beaded necklace, with a paper heart made by Dawn, was hung on the hook on the right.

The two metal pieces are an “S” for my initial, and a “38” for my age.   Everything was meaningful……

Even the board was from my Grandfather’s chopper (farming machinery).





I’ll be back tomorrow with no words, for a “this moment” friday post.

handmade (day 3)

Good morning!  The sun is shining, my house is relatively clean (miracle), I have two delightful children by my side (one is getting over the flu) and there are strong, talented construction men in the bathroom making much needed updates and repairs.  All is well.  God is so good to us, filling our lives, which can be so very very dreary, with many blessings and encouragements.  I am so thankful to belong to Him, thank you Jesus for your care and guidance and love.

TODAY, on “handmade”, day NUMBER THREE, I share with you a photo of a very little something I made for my dear mama recently.  It is a small wall hanging made of scrappy pieces, and embellished with lots of sewing, some beads and buttons (NOT plastic, just because mom and I love heavy glass beads and old buttons)….snips of ribbon, and my very first humble attempts at crazy quilt embroidery.



I actually forgot to take pictures of it before I gave it to her.  This is a phone pic that I had sent to Joanna and Dawn asking for their opinions on it.  Dawn suggested buttons and I did sew some on (after I took the photo).  I placed vintage white ones down the flowery red ribbon.

I sewed a metal ring to the top, just below the edge so it was hidden, for her to use in which to hang it.

I’m anticipating making another!  It was a perfect little project for my busy life, because it’s small, unfussy, there is no pattern…… it’s almost instant gratification.

Here are a few pictures of the photos which inspired me on pinterest:

THEY are handmade by MANDY PATULLO, and she calls them textile collage strippies





I LOVE them, they are so pretty and creative.  I’m thankful for the inspiration on pinterest and the blogging world!  In the spirit of such, how about (pretty please) sharing your favorite pinterest or blog links, featuring handmade crafty sorts of things,  in the comments?

Happy Wednesday, friends!

handmade (day 2)

“she painted the world with her love”

An absolutely lovely handmade gift arrived in my mailbox on Saturday.


It was thoughtfully created by my friend Dawn, of the blog 4:53.  Dawn has been an inspiration of mine for years and is constantly working on the most beautiful little crafts of all sorts.  She sews, works with papers, paints, embroiders, and loves so many of the same things that I do, including our Savior and Friend Jesus,  that I consider her a Kindred Spirit of the very best kind.


It was such a pleasure snapping pictures of the loveliness, but first I had to politely ask kitty Sherlock to step aside.  He thought the pretty thing covered in flowing ribbons was a cat toy.


Don’t worry, dear Dawn, there was no harm done by the naughty cat.


The journal was held together by an elastic which had a fabric flower glued to it  (the back of the flower was covered with felt to make it look neat).  Once the flower was off, I eagerly opened the book, which was bursting with pages upon pages of pretty touches.


Most of the pages had a folded-over edge, with an embellishment such as a tag, quote, playing card, or doily sewn to it.  The ends of the threads were left long, making for delightful dangling out the top and bottom of the book.



two favorites:  books and Jane Austen

In truth

a family is
what you make it.

It is made strong,
not by the number of
heads counted
at the dinner table,
but by the rituals
you help
family members
by the memories you share,
by the commitment 
of time,
caring, and love
you show to one another,
and by the hopes
for the future
you have as
individuals and as a unit.
~Marge Kennedy





Thank you, Dawn, for this beautiful gift.  I’ll cherish it always, and very much enjoy adding some of my own *jots and tittles* to it, too.

For more information on this journal and a peek at many of her other works, visit Dawn’s lovely site.  She would be more than welcoming to see any visitors that might happen to drop in.  You just might want to pour yourself a cuppa something’ hot before you do, so you can pleasantly linger.  🙂

handmade (day 1)

Since childhood, I’ve been surrounded by creativity, by “makers”.  Grandparents, aunts, and mom especially.  It seemed as though every visit with family involved an informal show and tell, and every Christmas or Birthday involved a handmade gift or two.  As I think back on those days I realize how much those times influenced me, even when I was little and focusing more on play than on what the grown ups were doing.

Consequently, I have grown up into a profound respect and appreciation for a variety handmade items and find that the things made by individual people move me in ways no factory made item could.  For example, if you take an item purchased from Target and place it by the side of the same type of item made by your friend or neighbor, the handmade wins every time. It oozes with an aura of thoughtfulness, love, personality, giving of time and energy, and warmth.

There is a spiritual element to the handmade, too.  One of the names for God is Maker.

On Saturday, we had a nice day-long visit with my parents, beginning with the unwrapping of gifts.

The first thing I opened was a beautiful wooden box that Dad constructed and Mom beautified.  It was so meaningful that they made it together.


They used a seashell for the top that matches the color and grain of the wood.


I wondered as I opened it why it was so heavy.


Gently lifting the lid, I discovered fiesta coasters to match my collection of dishes!  There were nine of them, one for each member of the my family.



Underneath the coasters was another thoughtful touch. The bottom was lined with an old map of my hometown, including the location of Rich’s and my first house.

This simple wooden box is a priceless gift and one that I am honored to have received from my parents.  I will happily use it to beautiful my home, and hold coasters.



“Everyone who has any talent at all in sketching, painting, sculpturing or carving, should have the opportunity to use that talent. The expression is important for the person, and can tremendously enrich the lives of other people. What can you do?”  Edith Schaeffer