handmade (day 3)

4 thoughts on “handmade (day 3)”

  1. So beautiful Shanda! I adore handwork, and your textile collage is amazing! You’re a natural. Do you follow Alicia Paulson’s blog, Posie gets Cozy? If not, I think you’d really enjoy her blog and her little shop where she sells patterns.

  2. I agree pose gets cozy. Or rosies ramblings.
    Love the scrappy patterns together and the textures.

  3. How darling. I am sure your mom loved it. Bob and I say we are going to quilt in our old age…it is probably time to start learning 🙂 I haven’t done too much in the way of crafty things of late. I follow a facebook group “Artist’s Journal Workshop”. I like to see what others are drawing. I garden and read mostly with spare time,and check in online.

  4. You did a beautiful job, Shanda … such a treasure for your dear mama, too! The others, by Mandy Patullo are so cute! I love doing crafty things, but haven’t in a while. I was looking around for some inspiration on line and came across this adorable idea for Mother’s Day. I would make them for any occasion, but right now, I’m thinking especially for some spring flowers! Here’s the link to the page I found them on, if you’d like to see them, too. 🙂

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