handmade (day 4)

With fingers shaking with exhaustion, I bring to you day four of our admiration for all things handmade.  Yes, I am tired, but it is only the common tiredness of motherhood, so I am thankful.   For instance, it’s taking a long time for Seth’s amazon.com order to come.  He asks so much for his little dog Duke which he ordered days ago.  Seems like forever.  And another boy is having a little trouble, and another one (a girl) doesn’t get home until way after dinner is over, and a couple others stay up too late playing video games, and another one forgot to do his homework, and another one was so grumpy…..and several are still coughing.  But, it’s not a big deal, the sun is shining and soon the snow will be gone along with all the problems.  LOL

I read Seth and Sarah Curious George and the Pizza this midmorning which gave Seth a powerful hunger for pizza of our own.  Did you know that when a child is recovering from being sick you’re supposed to do whatever they ask?  Me neither, but in this case it seemed good and proper so we got in the kitchen, argued about who was going to stand where, and made HANDMADE pizza and they were so cute that I had to document the process with the camera.




Seth was telling her that his was going to be better but she didn’t care.



She was busy spreading around sauce and she was entirely capable….  sauce sauce sauce, rub, pour, slap, sauce.



And then when it came to the cheese…..she put a tiny bit right in the middle.  Very amusing.

What she really wanted to do was eat all the dough raw but we talked her out of it.


Seth’s was stuffed crust.


We each made our own pizza and we all exchanged slices with each other.

Seth, can I have a piece of yours?  Sure!
Do you want a piece of mine?  Uh…. Okay!
Try mine!



She had to blow on her pizza a little bit and we made up a song about it.



I was pretty proud of mine, too!  We were all proud of our pizza.




Talking to her brother….



quick and easy pizza dough recipe here.  (SO SO GOOD!!!)



On Saturday, my Mom and Dad gave me a handmade wooden box , and they also gave me this handmade trinket hook board.

I hung it up today, it was obviously made for the wall above my sewing table.  It should have only taken two holes in the wall, but of course it took me four since it was a struggle for me to get it straight…….(don’t tell Rich)…..



They decorated it with buttons from my childhood clothes.  I loved these heart buttons then, and I still love them now.  (first day of Kindergarten dress)


They used other little odds and ends, too.  I hung some of my necklaces from the hook on the left.


And a beaded necklace, with a paper heart made by Dawn, was hung on the hook on the right.

The two metal pieces are an “S” for my initial, and a “38” for my age.   Everything was meaningful……

Even the board was from my Grandfather’s chopper (farming machinery).





I’ll be back tomorrow with no words, for a “this moment” friday post.

7 thoughts on “handmade (day 4)

  1. Just love your blog! I so enjoy reading about your family. Now that my kids are grown it brings back so many memories!

  2. Love the board. It reminds me that I have an old level that was my grandfather’s. It even has his initials carved on one end. No one seems to want the old level. I refuse to get rid of it. Need to hang it up. Hmmmm… you have me thinking now.
    The pizza looks yummy. I do miss pizza. I make “ghetto pizza” with a GF wrap, but not the same. Will have to look up a good GF pizza dough recipe.

  3. Oh, and I have been thinking of you, with all my kids here. Just keeping everyone fed is something…and then the littles. Someone is playing, crying, laughing, ooops-spilling. Kind of hectic with 7 adults, one preschooler, 2 two year olds, and an infant. Trying to embrace each moment, despite the house being a wreck, my tired self, and the time going toooooo fast!

  4. Too cute! Pizza looks great! What a sweet gift from your parents! Christina
    Ps did you specifically ask for handmade gifts?

  5. Scrumptious pizza! They look like they enjoyed making it as much as eating eat. A beautiful collection of home-made items. Thanks for sharing these. I really enjoyed reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. The handmade aspects of their daily living were very interesting to me.

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