handmade (day 1)

Since childhood, I’ve been surrounded by creativity, by “makers”.  Grandparents, aunts, and mom especially.  It seemed as though every visit with family involved an informal show and tell, and every Christmas or Birthday involved a handmade gift or two.  As I think back on those days I realize how much those times influenced me, even when I was little and focusing more on play than on what the grown ups were doing.

Consequently, I have grown up into a profound respect and appreciation for a variety handmade items and find that the things made by individual people move me in ways no factory made item could.  For example, if you take an item purchased from Target and place it by the side of the same type of item made by your friend or neighbor, the handmade wins every time. It oozes with an aura of thoughtfulness, love, personality, giving of time and energy, and warmth.

There is a spiritual element to the handmade, too.  One of the names for God is Maker.

On Saturday, we had a nice day-long visit with my parents, beginning with the unwrapping of gifts.

The first thing I opened was a beautiful wooden box that Dad constructed and Mom beautified.  It was so meaningful that they made it together.


They used a seashell for the top that matches the color and grain of the wood.


I wondered as I opened it why it was so heavy.


Gently lifting the lid, I discovered fiesta coasters to match my collection of dishes!  There were nine of them, one for each member of the my family.



Underneath the coasters was another thoughtful touch. The bottom was lined with an old map of my hometown, including the location of Rich’s and my first house.

This simple wooden box is a priceless gift and one that I am honored to have received from my parents.  I will happily use it to beautiful my home, and hold coasters.



“Everyone who has any talent at all in sketching, painting, sculpturing or carving, should have the opportunity to use that talent. The expression is important for the person, and can tremendously enrich the lives of other people. What can you do?”  Edith Schaeffer


12 thoughts on “handmade (day 1)

  1. What a special, thoughtful gift! love Edith Schaeffer – do you remember what book that quote was from? hope you had a special birthday

  2. such a priceless and precious gift for your heart to treasure forever … how very dear of my sweet mom and dad! you are blessed to have them, indeed, my friend! – hugs 🙂

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