birds of the air

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The other morning, I was looking for my computer cord and I ended up outside birdwatching.  We all know how these things happen.

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It’s exciting to see birds at my bird feeder but even more exciting to find them out in nature living their little feathered lives.

I know every bird of the mountains,
And everything that moves in the field is Mine.
Psalm 50:11

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They all look at me with such suspicion!

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There is a lot of stuff in the air this week, it lands on the top of the stream and gathers in front of logs across the water….that white stuff is all little fuzzies and bits….the ponds are the same way, covered with a film of allergens.

I see a football, too.


In the very bright sunshine, Jacob and Emily helped me dig up a little Pinxter bush from the side of the road!  I was very excited, truth be told, Jacob did ALL the work.  But he had a captive audience and Emily had a tiny speaker clipped to her belt buckle so we listened to tunes, too.

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We planted it right by the bench that Ethan put together for me.  I’ll never forget this day that we planted it together, me, my son, and his girlfriend.  It was fun and I look forward to seeing it grow and grow through the years.

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While I was birdwatching, I found this perfectly good board on the side of the road.  I brought it home and washed it and asked Jacob to paint it.  We are going to hang it up by the pond where we have many frogs and the occasional toad.

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