Today’s Feats


As many of you know on Fridays my mother posts one picture called “this moment”. However, today we’re doing something a little different.

My name is Grace and many of you have watched me grow up over the years. I am now 15 and this is my first blog post. in the future I hope to maybe start a blog of my own. First let’s see how I do with this one.

When I woke up this morning the first thing I realized was that the house was quiet. Very quiet. I walked around to find my mother, Seth, and Sarah outside reading and I was promptly informed that today was to be a day of NO ELECTRONICS. “So if you need to text any of your friends to let them know you’re not available do it now.” (David just now sat down next to me “what are you doing?” “I’m writing a blog” “YOU??” he says)

Soon after Emily came over we all packed books and games and everything we deemed necessary and set off for a neighboring park.

As we arrived mom told all of us to sit down in front of a tree saying that she, “wants to take a selfie.” This was met by a chorus of, “it’s not called a selfie!” “It’s called a groupie,” Jacob explained.


Yes, David is wearing a hat. There is a section in the park for skateboarding and Dave brought his scooter so he could do tricks. Mom told him that he must wear a helmet for such dangerous activity. Apparently we have no helmets and so mom settled for this winter hat. He says it made him feel weird but at least he didn’t get a concussion.

Right after taking this “groupie” I left the group with Sarah as a little tag along. We walked together until I started climbing trees and then she lost interest.

I love exploring.

I walked around the old abandoned high school that is now used for drills by the fire department. There were trees and stone walls and fences to climb and a river to follow. I found a waterfall just past the road and settled down to sketch it with my charcoals.

I was content.

Luke 12:27 – Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 

When I finished I noticed that over an hour had passed since the group had last seen me and I made the decision to head back in case they were concerned.

They were not.

“What do you want to do when you grow up and when were you saved?” Emily asked me when I walked up. “I’m pursuing a career in deaf education and I was four.” “Oh, I asked all the others as well. We were talking about it.” Everyone was lying on a blanket except mom and Sarah and I asked where they were.

No one knew. Oh joy.

When they did appear (I think they went to look at the shops… I still don’t know). Mom started helping Seth and Sarah with the cartwheels.

When mom was my age she had the natural ability for gymnastics although she didn’t have professional training. She could do everything but backflips which she would only do when someone was spotting her. One time her gym teacher told her that she landed lighter than anyone he had ever seen. Her feet never made a sound.

Emily and I felt put to shame as we watched her on the other side of the field demonstrate a perfect roundoff  but we soon were distracted by other things.

Ethan was on top of the dugout.

Immediately everyone else wanted to be up there too. Mom gave consent to everyone but Sarah. Sarah didn’t mind. She didn’t want to be up on that high high thing anyway. Then began the difficulty of how to get everyone up.


Jacob, for he is rather tall, handed Seth up to Ethan and then gave Emily a leg up. He jumped up himself and from there gave a hand to David and me. Problem solved.


“Okay, Jacob,” Mom called from below, “Now one without the pose.”


David began worrying about how he was going to get DOWN now that he was UP. Mom told us to relax and stay up there. She pretended to get ready to drive away. We were not very amused. One by one they all dropped down until it was just me reading and Seth as happy as he could be.

Down below we observed mom photographing David’s new talent.


Isn’t he something?

We tricked you! You see, those two feet actually belong to Caleb who is lying on D’s back. Mom took a similar photo years ago with Jacob and Ethan.

After Seth and I got down (with much help again from big brother Jay) we began on the next feat (pun not intended but now I’m amused) of the day. I’m not sure who’s idea this was…





After asking for permission, David, Caleb, and I set off to look around the shops. We went into the thrift store and Rustology, a store dedicated to old and rusty objects. David loves this store. He bought a coke bottle from 1923 that he wanted to add to his collection.

The store I wanted to go to was on the other side of the road and we spotted Jacob and Emily sitting together on a bench. “Be safe!” Jacob called across the street to us as we crossed traffic. What a fine young chap.

I bought an antique pair of twin candle sticks and the lady gave us all a seashell. Mom picked us up at the coffee shop.

We are now sitting in the living room. Dad is home on the couch and listening to a sermon. David is looking at cars and J and E are playing a video game. Mom is in her room. She has told me that she needs to read what I wrote before I can publish it.

So long, friends! Thanks for reading.


11 thoughts on “Today’s Feats

  1. Grace, this is a lovely post! You had a fun day with your siblings, and you described it very nicely. I hope your mom will let you practice again, and then set up your own site.

  2. I like the day of “no electronics”…your sweet Mom is so smart! Looks like it was a beautiful day to be outside too! You did a great job writing this post! I say keep it up!

  3. Grace, what a great post! Your day sounds wonderful, you describe it so well! You’re a great writer, and I hope you post again soon.:) Please let us know when you start your own blog!

  4. An excellent writer, just like your mamma! I am sure that you being an avid reader has helped immensely in your ability to put thought to “paper.” I loved reading your detailed descriptions and life, in general, from your perspective. Tell your mom that Christina says hi! xo -Chris

  5. Hi Grace!

    I loved your first blog post. I smiled all the way through…except when I saw that picture of David looking like a pretzel. (EEK!) Glad it was not really him twisted up like that. It was interesting and fun to read your perspective of the day, and I enjoy your sense of humor.

    I think you have a great future as a blogger, and I look forward to reading more from you! 🙂

  6. Love it, Grace! You are such a lovely young lady and I’ve enjoyed “watching” you grow up over the years. Hope we hear more from you in the future!

  7. Welcome to blogland Grace!
    I love reading your mom’s blog and seeing her nature photos.
    I think its awesome that you’re doing test run on her blog.
    Blessings to you!~

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