short but sweet


This is why Colleen and I are at home at each other’s houses.  Because we have a touch of the crazy in us, and so do our husbands and children.  Crazy good times happen.

Colleen is my Aunt and we grew up together as next door neighbors on a quiet farm road in New York.  We went to the same school and the same church.  Like all good family, she is a lifelong gift from God.  She and her husband have four girls who are about the same ages as my children and what a fun time it is when we can get together.

The kids really want to be with us most of the time, but once in a while we can convince them to run off to swim or jump on the trampoline or what-have-you.

Rich and I live four hours from our families and honestly, I was feeling quite lonesome and homesick for “my people” the other day.  I am very content being here in Connecticut but there comes a time when a woman just needs to be with her mom….or, an aunt.  To sit and visit, talk about all the memories, relax, forget the housework, and be together again.

Colleen’s visit this week came at just the right time.  Uncle Roger was on a business trip so she came to see us.



She and the girls arrived yesterday and we sat and talked on the porch, made dinner together, sang hymns, and watched a little TV.  Today we talked on the porch, went downtown to the coffee shop and thrift store, had lunch, visited some more, and then she and the girls left for home again.  It was a short but very sweet visit.

(We missed her daughter, Madelynn.  She was busy doing her summer missionary work with children.  My Jacob isn’t in the pictures, either, because he was sick.)


Molly’s shirt says, “Bacon:  just another reason why I know Jesus loves me.”

They brought their little chihuahua dog, Reese, with them.  Seth, Sarah, and David could not leave the dog alone, they fell right in love with him.  He was such a good and patient dog.



(day one)



(day two)


Dave was a good boy, talking to Aunt Colleen all about turtles and the fact that on September 27 he has a birthday and wants his parents to get him a tortoise.  “Once you see a tortoise eating a strawberry, you’ll want one, too” he assured us.  He came to the porch with a female garter snake.  He has Aunt Colleen convinced he will be working in a zoo one day.


Dave was trying hard to get Reese to love him so he put peanut butter on the bottom of a glass.


My aunt brought me some homemade blueberry jam made from Candy L’s berries, and some bread n butter pickles, too.


She gave me this pretty painting that she did of “my peaceful place”.  I told her that Rich would be finding me in front of it very often.


The flowers looked so pretty in the early morning sun as I left to take Grace to her babysitting job this morning at 7 a.m.  On the way home I picked up 2 dozen donuts to go with breakfast.   Okay, I admit they WERE breakfast.


The children played in the warm earthy pond together just like Colleen and I used to swim in our old pond, too.


We took Molly downtown with us and bought iced teas and an entire bag of books.  (2 dollars for the books!)


forever friends


Meg showed us Reese’s tricks.  He sat, he shook his paw, he rolled, he practiced playing dead.  He did a great job.



Marissa, Dave, and Meghan



Today I am extra thankful for all my crazy family!

They are my best friends.

“Should I live a long life, bless me with my true friend to take the journey with me.”

5 thoughts on “short but sweet

  1. Love your visits. I just feel like I am there too. Your summer flowers are so pretty. Your crazy family is a blessing!

  2. Thankyou for sharing! You are so blessed! What a gift to have family close. We are all crazy to some extent. Lol . That’s what makes us interesting! That painting is beautiful, and so are your flowers! Christina

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