blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside


For the beauty of the earth
for the glory of the skies
for the love that from our birth
over and around us lies
Lord of all to Thee we raise
this our song of grateful praise.


Seth caught two tiny fish, and by tiny I mean approximately one centimeter and as thin as a wire.  One for him and one for his sister.  Sarah’s face says “oh, it’s so cute!!!” –painfully cute.  She loves babies.




Good morning my friends.  Today is Monday.  It’s sunny outside and I just got home from taking my oldest daughter to her babysitting job.

My babies are six and five years old and are currently watching “The Boxcar Children” on netflix.  The rabbit is in the living room in her cage and Parker the dog is staring at the children as they eat breakfast…bread and cheese, blueberries and milk.  A breakfast inspired by their favorite story.

We finished reading the book on Saturday.


I took three pages of notes at Bible study on Thursday, given by a dear older woman of faith who recently lost her beloved grown daughter.  Her heart spoke and filled my own heart and soul so that the tears flowed…..I read over her words in my journal and find so much truth and so much Jesus in them.

I thank God for her, please pray for His grace to continue to fill her as she grieves.

With her reminder, I kept an open heart and said “yes” to my husband more than usual this weekend.


“I need fruit.  Do you want to go to Costco with me?”  yes
“Shan.  Let’s sneak down to the diner for breakfast together.”  yes

Those were two times I would have typically said “no”.  Costco is too far for fruit.  I’m too tired and just woke up and am not hungry enough for breakfast just yet.

Putting aside the excuses and selfishness meant more fun and closeness with this man of mine.


My 17 year old’s morning hair.


We went to the diner two times this weekend.  These are the times I will always remember.  When the children are grown and gone and we go to the diner again we will think of them always.  The laughter, teasing, spills, eyes too big for the tummies.


The chicks have turned into chickens.

We spent several hours outside on the lawn Saturday afternoon.  With blankets, books, and towels we rested in the glorious sun…Rich and I…and whatever children came along.


Samantha-Cat caught a frog.  I held it in my hand & it’s little body pressed anxiously into my palm.  I checked it all over and there were no mortal wounds — so back into the pond it went.


The pretty-pretty beans are close to producing.  I’ve finally found little white flowers in the vines.  We’ve been eating peas and watching the watermelon grow bigger every day.  Tomatoes are beginning to ripen and sunflowers growing tall.

4 thoughts on “blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside

    • Hi Amber, actually that pie was from a bakery. It was a pie crust with a layer of blueberry filling (homemade), with fresh blueberries sprinkled in, too; cold, with real whipped cream on top.

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