books, a carrot, friends, spiders, a flower, bugs, and gifts


Yesterday the dollar movie was Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days so I made the kids go in without me.  I walked the mall and went to Target.  While I was in Target I browsed the books and wrote the titles of some that looked interesting.  After the movie was over we went to Taco Bell and then to the library and I checked out all the books I had written down.


Uncle Dave, do you like Dave’s shirt?  He loves the solar system and deep space just like you.  And he harvested his first carrot from the garden.  He could hardly wait for me to take the picture before he ate it.

The best thing happened.  My dear forever friend Christie came for an overnight visit on her way to Canada.  I love her so much, we’ve been friends for 15 years!  We hadn’t seen each other in six years but we have kept in constant contact.


This is her daughter with my Sarah.


The kids were looking for fishing bait this morning and found this mama spider.  Do you see all the little babies she is carrying on her back?  Emily brought me to the rock they found her under.  Emily was scared, she said the spider knows what she looks like and will come to find her.  But I was thankful she was brave enough to show me.  There was a bright orange slug next to it.  Visiting?  Or about to become dinner?


This photo was taken at 10 o’clock this morning right before Christie left with her three children.  Oh it was just so good to catch up with them.


As soon as we waved them out of sight I went back to see the spider again.  (morbid curiosity) and guess what????  The slug was completely gone and there was another spider there.  I’m assuming it is the baby-daddy.  Caleb said to me, “If it bites me you better take me straight to the doctor’s.”  We came away unscathed.



There was another happy couple on a Queen Anne’s lace flower.



Little gifts from my friend.  Maple Syrup from Michigan, tea, and irresistible chocolate biscuits from Australia (she wrote an amazing blog about her experience living there).  She also gave me the dangly earrings in picture #3.


3 thoughts on “books, a carrot, friends, spiders, a flower, bugs, and gifts

  1. The baby-daddy. LOL! 🙂 Loved seeing your incredible photos of the spiders. You look happy and relaxed. I’m glad you had a great visit with your friend. Those kinds of visits refresh me like nothing else.

  2. It was lovely to see you and your beautiful family. Thanks so much for providing a wonderful half-way point for us on our way to New Brunswick. James and I just picked raspberries in my MIL’s garden, and I was remembering your delicious jam over creamy yogurt.

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