what the boys are up to

DSC_1255 1

Actually only four of the boys were photographed on this day (last weekend). . . .this one is David.  14 years old.  Eighth grade.

He does flips all the time–front ones and back ones.  Last Friday his class went on a special outing to an amusement park for the day and they had freedom to wander around, go on all the rides, and in David’s case, attract girls by doing flips.  He was approached and asked for his Snapchat (nonexistent) and instagram (currently defunct) by the girls.  He was proud to tell me the story, however.

David is on the Juniors baseball team and has the highest batting average of the kids there.  He is known for his prowess in stealing bases.

David watches The Flash every day, he has seen each episode more than once (or even twice?).  I complain but secretly credit the show for his relentless need for speed.  They sometimes call him Flash during baseball games and practices.

He will enter High School in the fall.  Sometimes he jumps off the upstairs landing on to the couch below…..he’s been wanting to do that since he was 4.  He likes music, playing the piano, and playing video games with his big brother Jacob.  He is a night owl and typically on a Saturday morning we will forget he’s even home because he sleeps in so long.  He is a natural born pessimist and can find something negative about any situation which at this point only makes us laugh as we try to help him see the better part of things.  He’s also possessive about his stuff or things he believes belong mainly to him.  He only lets his dad hug him because I am “a woman.”


He was straining so hard to flex every muscle he possibly could.

DSC_1258 1

Seth is the youngest boy and still a mama’s boy.  He loves it when I’m right by the fence keeping my eyes on him and only him during baseball games.  Part of this is because he knows sooner or later I will be gone……over at the other field to give his brother a turn, too.  Seth is almost done with 2nd grade and does really well in Math.  Reading and writing, not so much, although I have noticed that his actual penmanship is improving.  He has reading homework every night so these days I get the bedtime story.  He reads to me about presidents, owls, money, sharks, or volcanos.  RARELY does he chose a story, it’s usually a educational book about different topics.

DSC_1259 1

He is very light hearted and energetic.  I heard his coach reprimand him several times last night for his energy and impatience and goofiness during practice.  He is a well rounded athlete and does very well in each sport he joins.


He is easily influenced.  If he watches Garfield (one of his favorite shows and book) he has to eat pizza.  If he watches a baseball movie, he doesn’t last the first 10 minutes before he’s outside with a ball and glove.  As soon as his brothers took their shirts off (out of vanity), his came off as well (out of imitation).

DSC_1276 1

Caleb read the most books in his class this year.  He thought he would win a kindle and spent the entire year working toward his goal.  He wanted that kindle so much.  Imagine his dismay at the final awards assembly and only ONE kindle was given out, and by a raffle no less.  The child who won it had only read 2 books all year.

Rich and I bought him a kindle.


Caleb loves burying himself in his pillows and covers when he sleeps and always appears  in the morning with amazing bed-head.  He’s 11 so I have to remind him to change his clothes—he can’t be bothered—he has stuff to do.  Mainly sports—football being his absolute favorite.  Yesterday Seth had practice at 6 and Caleb had practice at 7 so with his extra hour he played a pick up game of football with 7 other boys.  I like to walk around the park while I wait and I smile as I watch Caleb playing with his friends.  He is a good friend.

Caleb can’t forget about things.  He worries.  For example, if he has a game in two days and the extended forecast is rain—he will constantly check the weather, ask me about the weather, ask his Dad about the weather, wondering if it really will rain.  It’s a sign that he cares deeply about his likes and dislikes.  He’s sensitive and wants his loved ones to have everything they want.  When I make dinner he will always say he loves it, unfortunately I don’t ever know if he is sparing my feelings or telling the truth.   He keeps his Christmas toys and legos pristine because he wants us to know he liked them and so we won’t be sad to have them get lost or broken.  If his Dad wants to go to Pinkberry and I say “no” Caleb’s heart hurts for his Dad and he feels so sorry for him.  Poor Dad.  He wanted pink berry and mom said no.  And then I feel like a jerk (in this case he only thinks of one person’s feelings–his dad’s).

The other day I was standing at the couch folding clothes when Caleb walked by and remarked, “I’m almost as tall as you are Mom.”

Caleb is in the band and it makes my heart so happy to watch him count the beats.  He’s a percussionist.

DSC_1280 1


Ethan is home for the summer and just got his first paycheck yesterday.  As I was in a gleeful mood, I got out his baby book and glued it in with much drama.  (after it was electronically cashed, of course).  I made sure not to put glue on the half that had his signature so that by lifting the end we will always be able to see his name there.

He’s working at the same company as his dad and they ride to work together.  (I refrained from adding five exclamation points after that sentence, it just makes me so happy.)

Rich wakes Jacob and Ethan up on M, W, and F mornings so they can go work out together.  Yesterday he fell down half the stairs because Seth had left his shoe on the step.  He accomplished his goal (of waking Jacob) and thankfully didn’t hurt himself.  The three of them have such a good time pushing each other in their workouts and it has really paid off.  They are all very buff.

DSC_1288 2

Ethan is staying in shape for college wrestling, Jacob is getting in shape for college football and wrestling.  By the way, Jacob isn’t in any of these photos because he wasn’t home at the time.  So sad.

Jacob and Ethan are both going to the same college in the fall and will be roommates.

DSC_1286 3

Ethan is at his girlfriend Tessa’s house every chance he gets.  He is busy working during the week and doesn’t get home until around 5:30 or 6pm.  He is the most quiet of all the boys.  He knows what matters, he knows sincerity and good character is important.

All three of the older boys are always making pots of pasta.  They get hungry and eat the dinners I make each evening and then make more food around 8pm.  The pantry is always stocked with boxes and bags of pasta and jars of sauce.

Showing off.



And being cute.

Rich and I do the best we can with these boys.  We make a good team.  He tends to focus on their character and goals and I tend to focus on their health, nutrition, and general wellness.   I also try to find out all the information I can about their private lives, too.  LOL (like, does anyone have a girlfriend that I don’t know about).  Caleb told me a girl asked him out yesterday but he said no.  Um, you’re only 11.

They make me happy every single day because they end up surprising me to laughter.  You can’t be bored as a mom of five sons.

DSC_1320 1

Eventually a normal game of catch wasn’t good enough….we had to throw gloves and make up different ways to catch and throw the ball.


And then they got lost in the woods for a while.  After a while, from our chairs on the porch, Rich and I saw them appear again.  We watched them walking together and felt so proud of these boys of ours.

We are surrounded by brothers.



3 thoughts on “what the boys are up to

  1. Such a beautiful post! You truly know all of your children so well. What a blessing you all are to each other.

  2. I agree this is a beautiful post. A wonderful example of your love for your boys and all that goes along with them. Love the muscle shots. You and your husband and boys can be proud.

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