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I slept so good last night, finally, after a week of having the world’s worst cold ever.  I made it through the day yesterday with no nap (feeling better!), plus five miles of walking outside in the fresh air, two baseball games at the end of the day, trip to town for errands, weeding in the garden, cough medicine before bed, yes indeedy it all made for a wonderful night’s sleep.  I woke up with my face glued to the pillow I had slept so heavily.  It’s 8:30 and I still feel sleepy.  Delicious..

Kids are all in school, their last day is the 20th.

There is so much going on in my life.  So I haven’t been able to blog as much this week because I’m very distracted.  However, I did take some photos here and there throughout the week so I thought I would make myself sit still on the couch and post them this morning.  They are mostly nature photos.  The sun has been shining bright and we have two lilac bushes in bloom attracting the most beautiful little creatures. . . . . . .


So I sit in front of the flowers in a lawn chair with my camera and it’s just the nicest time in the sunshine and perfume of the lilacs.

DSC_1518 1

I love the tips of it’s antennae.


wildflower I smiled to see



the purple ones smell like grape koolaid.  I’ve picked them and put them in the house for the most lovely of smells. . . ..natural air freshener at it’s best.

The peach ones smell good, too.  Thanks to mom for sharing her irises with me.

DSC_1455 2

Getting off the bus one day.

I sit on the bench on the side porch with a book and my camera next to me, ready to shoot anything interesting that comes along.

DSC_0028 3

Ugh…gypsy moth caterpillars are everywhere.


This is a pretty little bird, my flash went off and the picture came out nice.  I like it’s eye and beak.


A community of mourning doves at the end of the day…they were roosting together and cooing.

DSC_1448 2



see the green grasshopper on the pansy?


It was raining outside, I was in the house on the phone with Tara, and took the photo through a window and porch railings.  Not bad!!! I love these birds (Northern Flicker).  They have stripes, polka dots, red, yellow. . .so pretty!  They eat ants and beetles and have been visiting our front yard to find food.


so lovely (see the blue on it’s wing) –such beauty in a small bit of nature. . . .it’s wings flutter so quickly at times it’s hard to see the details, which is a nice benefit of photography!

DSC_1587 1

Sarah got new clothes, she picked them out of the miniboden catalogue.  I love their clothes and Sarah likes wild cats, reading about them, playing with her toy cheetahs and lions, so when she saw this shirt she just had to have it.  So this is what she wore to school yesterday, and even though she’s not partial to a top knot, I fixed her hair in one.  Adorable.  She didn’t know kitty was coming  . . . and then was so sweetly happy to hug him.



Back of the shirt. cute, right?


HUMMINGBIRD MOTH, one of my favorite visitors!!  They flap their wings so fast they are a blur.

DSC_0050 1

I threw something out on the porch at 8pm the other night and was surprised to see one “working overtime” in the dusky evening shadows flying around, dipping into lilac blossoms.

DSC_0059 1

The bumblebees were most amusing…there were so many the became territorial.  Flying, hovering, making contact with each other in the air, buzzing around.  Pollen looked like gold dust.  Wings as purple as the flowers.

DSC_0076 2

It was quite a challenge to be fast enough to focus my camera on a hovering bumblebee.



last but not least…..I was at the edge of the woods at the end of the lawn and saw a chipmunk.


It was busy eating a dragonfly!!


As I was typing the last sentences, and before I had time to edit, the school nurse called because Dave had hit his head in gym class.  He hit heads with a classmate, causing the classmates glasses to cut the classmate (he feels so sorry for that) and then fell on the floor hitting his head a second time.  So he has a headache and has to rest in a quiet room today. . . . . . .

I just hopped online to edit and publish again.  Happy Friday!






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  1. Your photos are just awesome! I have come to appreciate nature with all the intricate designs on the flowers, birds, butterflies etc. a lot more since I’ve been looking at still photos. God’s creativity is really amazing! I so easily (very easily I might add) get completely overwhelmed by circumstances … I need to remind myself that the God who created this awesome earth with all it’s beauty can also be trusted with whatever is going in my life. I really enjoy your blog and your photos – thank you for sharing!

  2. The bumblebee with the “gold dust” on its back is an incredible photo, Shanda. Seriously! Have you been weepy at all as Grace’s final days of high school dwindle? The photo of them getting off the bus got me and I wonder if it’s gotten you too. 🙂

    • Also, I had no idea such a thing as a hummingbird moth existed and it might make me scream to see it but now I know it’s nothing to be scared of.

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