We celebrated Ethan’s birthday with a breakfast at McDonald’s. 

We all squeezed into a big booth and the littlest ones sat on the end.

It was a wet and mild day.  When we got home, the chickens had all made it to the house for the first time in months.  We were so surprised and figured out that we had forgotten to shut them in the night before.

We have a flock size now which will require fencing.   There are lots of things on our Spring TO DO list.

I wandered into the woods, trying to clear my head (still not feeling all that healthy).  The snow in the woods is covered in tree litter.  I don’t remember ever seeing such a mess.

To my joy, I came across my birthday boy and we had a nice walk together.  It was a gift of time, with E.

He made his way over the stream to join me.

This “wall of five trees” is the location of one of many of my children’s old forts. 

This is their current favorite spot.  This fall they discovered that this tree had spikes in it, enabling them to climb up to a certain height.  Thankfully not to the top!  This is one tall tree.  Aren’t trees wonderful?  Have you ever rested against a solid tree in the quiet woods?  It’s very comforting…….trees are strong and silent but offer such peaceful strength (I feel the same way when my husband holds me)……I go away feeling renewed.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to discover that Grace was sick with the stomach flu.  Rich took the boys to church with him.

It’s a sense of accomplishment when all the church clothes have been located and put on……..happy

Grace and I took some time to pray together, write in our journals, look at a magazine, read the first two chapters of Anne of Green Gables, and watch a “Road to Avonlea” show.  All delightfully GIRLIE things, with baby Sarah close by, too.

Grace thanked me for serving her some chicken bouillon broth.  Such a small thing, but very appreciated by the sore tummy.

Sarah and I mixed up some jam bars for the boys to enjoy when they got home.

Later on, I went out with Jacob and Ethan to the bookstore and then to evening service at church.

We have had so much rain the last few days that there are flood warnings today.  It is raining now and slowly the snow is melting away.

The children and I are busy getting our morning chores done and then we will go over to our schoolroom for some study time.

Happy Monday!


0 thoughts on “Ethan

  1. Happy Birthday Ethan! Poor Grace. My Abbey is not feeling well today, I have her tucked into our bed with warm quilts, a candle up on the dresser and some soothing music. Hopefully she’ll feel better by lunchtime. 🙂

  2. Your boys are so handsome…I guess I should say your young men!  Oh, I hope Grace feels better soon, I love how you take time to enjoy the girlie moments with your girls.  I’m soaking it up through your posts!  I’d love the recipe for your jam bars, they sound so good.

  3. Happy Birthday to Ethan. So special to have time with him walking in the woods. That is one big tree!It is a rainy day here too, with a promise of sun later in the week. Hope you all are staying dry and cozy. I was reading about chickens in something, and always think of yours. Hope that Grace is on the mend today,your Sunday morning sounds so sweet.

  4. You’ve got the right idea–start Sarah learning to cook EARLY! So cute, that pic of her holding the measuring spoons.Those are a bunch of good-looking boys–growing up and getting handsomer and handsomer.Hope the stomach flu has missed the rest of you and that Grace is all better by now!

  5. Poor Gee I hope she is feeling all better!  You accomplished so much while the boys were gone and all good things! I lvoe Sarah’s sweet smile!  When I first saw the photo of Jake on the couch I thought for a second that he was Rich!  Tell them all to stop growing so fast!

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