another teenager!


Ethan’s Birthday


Our boy Ethan turns 13 years old today!  He’s a wonderful, one-of-a-kind person and it’s been a joy watching him grow and develop into the young man he has become.

Rich and I have two teenagers now, but this morning we tried (unsuccessfully) to sleep in, with Seth and Sarah in our bed at 5:30.  After being flopped upon and listening to them giggle at each other one too many times, Rich made me laugh by saying, “This is like trying to sleep in a playpen!”  How interesting/challenging/fun it is to have older children AND little ones, in our family.  There is never a dull moment, that’s for sure.

(Jacob is 14, Ethan is 13, Grace is 11, David is 8, Caleb is 5, Seth is 2, and Sarah is 9 months.)

Ethan opened his presents at 7am and then we all went out for breakfast at McDonalds, even though Caleb is sick.  We’ve had sick family members among us for so long now that we’ve decided that life will just have to go on, regardless.  I still have a queasy stomach from my experience with the stomach bug this week (Seth and Sarah had it, too).  Now that it’s Caleb’s turn, we just took along a little bucket and everyone still had a great time.

We stopped at the library on the way back home so I could pay for the latest lost book and fines.  Ethan really wanted to watch a movie on his birthday so after cleaning up my library card, we checked out a movie for later. 

It’s a gray, dampish sort of day outside.  But with a birthday boy inside the house, we’re all smiles!



0 thoughts on “another teenager!

  1. happy birthday Ethan! (when i read that he was a teenager, i started guessing at jacob’s age cause i knew they were pretty close together..i guessed 15!)sounds like an interesting time…especially trying to ‘sleep’ with Sarah and Seth 😉 glad that you were able to get out and celebrate your son…and find a movie to enjoy during this rainy day.

  2. Welcome to the land of multiple teenagers…it will be an interesting ride:) We also had the two youngest in our bed last night/this morning:) I guess it’s universal:)

  3. Van Harte Gefeliciteerd met je 13e verjaardag, Ethan ….Be kind to your beautiful mother, evenhtough being a teen is a hard job…Have a wonderful birthday-weekend.

  4. I love how you point out the “interesting” season of having both older ones and younger ones in the house at the same time. Sleep can elude you with either one – babies or teenagers! The other morning, after being forced groggily out of the bed after a near-sleepless night, I called my mom up and said (with a *facetious* tone of voice), “Hi Mom, I am so exhausted from being up all night with this teething baby, I just called so you could encourage me with the prospect of the restful ‘teenage years’ ahead…” LOL (She has three, nearly four teenagers in the house at the moment and just laughed!) With 12 children born to them in 20 years, my parents have been where you are, that’s for sure. I remember those days, so fun for us kids, but now as a parent I have a whole new appreciation and AWE of my mom and dad! Happy Birthday Ethan!

  5. Happy Birthday Ethan!  and mom, I’m with you on the two teenagers in the house.  It’s not soo bad, though, is it?  =) The older they get, the more help, ha….

  6. Happy Birthday to Ethan! Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the day even though you still have some sickness hanging on. I’m praying for you every day. : )

  7. Happy birthday Ethan! As a kid, I used to be very excited about my birthday. I’d count down the days left, tell everyone what I wanted for a present, and wait excitedly. Kids love birthdays.

  8. You don’t look anywhere near old enough to have two teenagers in the house! I will be relying on you for advice when Cameron hits that age. Please tell Ethan happy birthday from the Wilkins.

  9. happy birthday to your ethan! it’s been fun watching him grow up these past few years~i hear ya on the age gap in the family – makes life so interesting, for sure.i remember my mom telling me it gets easier physically as they get older.. but harder EMOTIONALLY. and i’m finding out she was right! somedays i want to go back to just picking out their clothes and kissing their hurts all better… 🙂

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