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It’s too hot to do anything today but sit around gabbing with a girlfriend as the children run wild outdoors and eat 50 popsicles in one day.  So, that’s what we did.    My friend Kathy came over with her five little ones, and it was good to visit and watch them all swim and run around as the two of us talked and played with our babies.  One last big half-day visit before school starts! 

It’s so hot/muggy outside and we don’t have A/C in our house.   I’ll be happy when it rains (maybe tomorrow, so the weather man says) and I may just go outside and run in it when it happens.

I put up a new header here on the blog today.  I took the picture a few weeks ago, at a garden that my sister and I visited with our children.  I thought the flower was pretty.  It looks like a black eyed susan but it’s a bit smaller and I think it grows on a vine, does anyone know the name of it?  I designed the header using photobucket and I sat and looked through one of my journals to chose a verse for it (as I do my devotions I like to copy down verses that bless me that day).

I took a bunch of pictures over the past few months, as you can well imagine.  I thought it would be fun to post the “group shots” today…of the six children together.  It’s gotten sort of hard to gather them up and tell them to hold still so I generally just take one or two and then call it “good enough”. 

This first one is probably my favorite.  It was taken on July 4th (as you could have probably guessed) and I was so happy to dress the boys all alike for the first time.  This was Sethie’s first t-shirt and I thought he looked so yummy!  I like the flag in the background.  This was taken on our porch:


This next one was taken at Old Sturbridge Village.  I was alone with the children on this day.  I only took one picture because I was pretty nervous about David holding Seth.  Too bad Grace blinked like a pirate right as I took the picture.


One evening, I noticed a gorgeous rainbow outside and I quickly lined the children up to look at it and took this shot:


Very soon Seth was able to sit up by himself and get in the right position for a group photo.  Or so we thought.  Oopsie!


We tried one more time.  I took this while sitting with Rich at a new ice cream place that we discovered, a place that has plenty of room for the children to run around. 


This next one was also taken at Old Sturbridge Village.  On this day, Rich and I had taken them to see an American Revolution battle reenactment.  We were feeling all patriotic so they wore their flag t-shirts again (5 dollars a piece from Old Navy, what a deal!)  We had a hard time getting Caleb to smile at first because he had just gotten a scratch on his ankle, with blood on it (he hates seeing his own blood)……so, Caleb’s smile is forced here, still so cute!


The last two were taken in Plymouth, MA, just a few weekends ago.

Here they are, in front of the “Mayflower II”. 

I bought the boys their shirts from The Children’s Place.  I just love that they carry sizes for all the boys.


And this one was taken at a nice park that we stopped at before heading home that day.


What a gang!

I can quote Rich here, “The six kids I can handle.  It’s the wife that tires me out.”  (!!!)

Shocking, wouldn’t you say!?  I hope he was just teasing!

Have a wonderful evening, all!

Love, Shanda


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  1. You have a beautiful family, Shanda! I was wondering what happened to you. You were missed! We don’t have TV or radio, but computers, misused, can be time robbers too. It was so good to see you back again! Albert

  2. Love these group shots — Seth really has grown, and he seems to have got the hang of sitting up by himself by the end of summer (I love the shot after the one in which he fell over, with several kids watching and waiting to catch him!). And Caleb really looks like a little boy now, rather than just a toddler. Grace is really growing into a lovely young lady — and the other boys have grown too! It must have been a fun, happy summer.

  3. I’ve missed you, glad you’re back! Love your profile pic, so cute. Looks like the kiddos have grown over the summer……..and you’ve done alot of fun things.

  4. Those shots are all adorable. But I agree with the other lady, the Oopsie shot is precious!
    I love all the matching shirts. That’s my goal this year is to get everyone matching and not just because they all have dirty feet from playing all day
    So good to catch up with you again~ Cinnamon

  5. I love how you’ve documented your summer and where you’ve been with your group shots! Look’s like they gotten pretty good at those šŸ™‚ My favorite, it the rainbow one. Totally awesome!Love the new header, btw!

  6. What a great header, Shanda!!! :)I love all the pictures. I realllllllllllllly like the  picture of the kids with the rainbow. What a creative and awesome picture! I wouldn’t have thought of it until WAY afterwards. LOL. I’m glad you got to go on a trip to see the Mayflower II. CooL! šŸ™‚

  7. Good to hear from you.  I thought about you all day today.  I kept saying, “I need to call Shanda!”  I ended up crocheting a washcloth and making curtains for the kids’ room (about time–we’ve been here for 6 weeks now!).  Now their room is nice and dark; I hope this means they’ll sleep a bit later.  Anyway, I do plan to call you soon; I need to find a good time–after lunch?  Tell me what you think.

  8. like the header~ so simple and pretty. and i like the children too! šŸ™‚ in that first shot little Seth’s face is looking towards you so adoringly. love good to have you back!<3

  9. Love the header.  Looks like that might be a gloriosa daisy peeking through the trellis.  The group shots are great.  Jacob and Ethan are getting so big!  I can tell by their feet that they are going to be tall like Rich.  That one was funny when Seth tipped over.  Did you all laugh?!  You can tell they are keeping an eye on him in the next one! Hope your day cools off tomorrow.  We went to Rocky Mountain National Park today.  It was incredible, and I praised God from the windswept mountian top   So much to tell of when we get home. 

  10. Know it was a wonderful blog break for you..but ……so glad see your family is back in action. Love the picture of younger brother watching to see if Seth fell:_ tee hheee:) I smiled the whole tine I looked at the pictures Hope you are well and blessings to the Lovelies!!

  11. I’ve missed you, Shanda! It is so nice to know you are blogging again. I loved seeing pictures of the kids. They have all grown, especially little Seth! My grandson is almost 5 months old n ow, and I wish I could cuddle him! I love your guys all in their matching shirts. So adorable! I’m glad you had a lovely summer. Hope things will cool down for you soon! Blessings!

  12. LOVE that picture of Seth going over … one of my favorite shots from when our little girl was a baby is where she’s only half in the frame, because she tipped over sideways just as we clicked. So fun! I love seeing how Seth is growing and changing–I came back to your blog so many times after my baby was born just to see what Seth looked like at each stage she was entering (and to remind myself that the hard stages will pass, lol). It’s so much fun to see how similar and yet completely different babies are!

  13. Boy! Seth sure has grown. Is his middle name “Weed”???!!! LOLI just missed a $5 sale for t-shirts at Old Navy. I went back to my cart, yesterday, and everything was changed from $5 to $7 or $9 . . . Grrrrr!!! I know how hard it is to get group shots of siblings. Especially for me . . . one daughter lives in another state!So glad you are blogging again!P.S. My testimony is on Wednesday’s (8/19/09) blog at my site; if you want to read it.

  14. Your family is growing up so fast! That “oopsie” picture is so funny. And then on the next one several of the children are checking to see how he is doing!! Great pictures, great family!

  15. I missed seeing them and hearing about your day to day adventures. šŸ™‚ I can tell they have grown in just two months time! The picture of Seth’s first attempt at sitting up on his own for a picture…and then the follow-up with the looks on the other’s faces as if to say, “I wonder if he’ll make it this time” is priceless. :)You are so blessed.

  16. so neat to see how the children have grown – I LOVE the matching shirts šŸ™‚ easy to keep track of them that way isn’t it? its’ my life saver when I’m out with them all. looks like some fun summer memories. Seth is adorable ~ glad to have you back ~

  17. Oh, I’m so glad you’re back!!!  I’ve missed seeing all your beautiful pictures and glimpses into your home.  The kids are adorable and little Seth is such a little man!I love Plymouth, too!  We used to visit regularly when we lived in MA.  I love salty air and fresh seafood!  Did you eat at any cool restaurants?Have a good one!

  18. and I thought I was brave to go swimming with a friend today… 6 kids age 6 and under at a pool with only two adults!!! and you had 11 kids “running around” or at least most of them were running! :)I love, love, love group shots and your kids did so well. I get frustrated trying to get my four to cooperate… I have lowered my standards on what a good group shot looks like! šŸ™‚ although I did have “ialsolovechocolate” take my kids pics this summer and got some GREAT ones!! ialsolovechocolate photo shootI love Children’s Place… the girls dresses from their pictures are from there!!! I love the matchy stuff!thanks for sharing! šŸ™‚

  19. Do you really not have A.C. in your house? Is there a special kind of Air-Flow so that the house is not really all that warm in these hot summer days.I remember as a boy growing up that we didn’t have A.C. and we lived and didn’t know the difference but now I think my wife would just find someplace else to live if we didn’t have Air.She keeps turning it down and I keep turning it back up a notch or two, When I hear the news asking to turn the temp up between 2 & 6 pm Seh refusses to listen to the news-ha——-However from now on I think I will just leave it where she wants it. Some things just don’t matter.

  20. lol at Rich’s comment, and the picture of little Sethy tipping over. He’s so big and even more adorable! Plymouth is our old stomping grounds. That beach front where the Mayflower is in the background was like our backyard. We would frequently shop there, and let the kids run around. (there’s a great little breakfast place there, too.) These pictures make me miss it! Did you just take a day trip or spend a few days there?

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