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Yesterday Grace and I went to the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art to soak up some beauty and see an exhibition of Norwegian artists and paintings.

The exhibit was called “Sublime North, Romantic Painters Discover Norway”

My Mother’s Grandfather was Norwegian and came to Ellis Island as a teenager, ultimately settling in New York state, marrying and having a lot of children, including my maternal Grandmother.  Therefor, we have an interest in all things Norwegian.  My brother David and I love the show Vikings for this reason, as well.  The history of Norway and its people is fascinating and I would love to travel there someday.

One day when we were in the car together going to church, Grace complained that she forgot her book so I handed her one of mine which happened to be a history of the Vikings.  She started reading it and became interested in the culture, as well.


The exhibit had paintings by Norwegian artists who had traveled to Europe to study.  This one is by Thomas Fearnley.



Thomas Fearnley


The animals by the water put the scene in perspective……


My favorites were the paintings of the wild and beautiful nature scenes in Norway.


and of Norwegian villages; this painting was by Johan Christian Dahl, done in 1843 of the Village of Skjolden


Johan Christian Dahl, fjord Landscape with Menhir, 1837

“This solitary stone is marked with long horizontal runes–letters from an ancient Germanic alphabet.  The runes call to mind the Viking Age, an important period of Scandinavian history. . . . .”  ( quote from the plaque by the painting)


Seascape, 1860s by Peder Balke.

I stood and looked at it for a while, I read that he used his thumb to press paint on the boat for the seaspray.

It was my favorite painting of the exhibit.  It pulls my soul right in and brings tears.  It’s interesting how art is subjective and how it effects people; I was surprised by my own reactions.


After looking at everything twice, we moved on to another part of the museum.


Art with mirrors

We had no intention of stopping to look but the room pulled us right in and we enjoyed it very much.  To me, this is a sign of a good exhibit!


It was interactive; depending on where you stood the look of the mirrors changed, and so did the light reflections on the floors and walls.



I studied each and every object in this display…….early glass works….someone made them, someone used them, oh how the imagination soars……


beautiful, “that blue”


We talked to this Egyptian cat and admired him very much.  He didn’t move a muscle.


Monet Water Lilies



“Cabinet of Art and Curiosity” gallery is a must-see!


In one of the drawers I was surprised to see examples of “Feather Works” which made me think of my chickens who are generous with their feather offerings.  Perhaps I will make a feather pouch for my mom. (doubtful)

Well, as Grace remarked, “I love art but after a while it’s rather like getting too many gifts on Christmas morning.”  

So we ended our day at the museum with a lunch in the cafe.


We left with many hopes and wishes for continued visits to this inspiring destination.

Grace started a new journal, purchased at the giftshop, which is to be filled with notes on various countries and history and art, beginning with Norway.

We both want to learn more.


Good morning friends!  I just had a bowl of oatmeal with a tablespoon of chia seeds on top.  I don’t know what possessed me to buy them but they’ve been in the cupboard for months.  I rediscovered them this morning.  A serving has 4 grams of fiber and, although I had concerns, they did not detract from the overall taste of my oatmeal.  With just a tad of coconut oil and a splash of maple syrup-yum!  I love eating a good healthy breakfast.

What’s your morning routine?  I usually get up around 6:30, hopefully in time to see the older kids before they get on the bus.  Seth and Sarah need to be up by 7 at the latest but they are usually awake before that time.  This morning the house was quiet when I went directly to the coffee pot and got shot at…thankfully the nerf bullet missed me.  I turned around and scanned the room but saw and heard– no one.  So, I teasingly whined, “You’re a meany, Seth!” hoping for giggles and guess who popped out from behind the basement door?  A giggling Miss Sarah.  She was having a nice morning time of target practice before getting ready for school.

On a typical school morning, I oversee Seth and Sarah getting ready.  They need a healthy breakfast, too, plus clean clothes (underwear…why do little kids try not to wear it??–how many times have I asked the question, “Do you have underwear on?”  so embarrassing–not for them, for me!)  I get them clean socks from the basket on the dryer and they locate their shoes and put them on.  Together, we make sure they have a snack and their homework in their backpacks.  Seth’s bus comes at 7:30 and then Sarah and I sit on the bench by the door and read out loud from our current book.  We only have 2 pages left.  We read and wait for the bus and when it comes I have to walk Sarah right up to the door of it.  I watch her go up the steps and then I turn around and wave to all the little faces looking at me.  There are a couple boys who smile at me and sometimes they even wave back.

Since I already have shoes and a jacket on, I go to the chicken coop and let out the hens.  Lately they are free-ranging and it makes me nervous that they will be attacked, but right now their fenced in area is still covered in snow and the poor things don’t like walking in it.  The ground in front of the coop is clear but rather muddy, and they have a path to walk on which leads down to the pond.  They like to go there and drink.  They move in and out of the coop as they wish.

Then I head back to the house and proceed with my morning; cleaning, showering, treadmill, laundry, daily bible portion, and…..blogging.  I do have the freedom to mix things up, or leave things out, but for the most part this is my routine.

I keep finding more and more chia seeds in my teeth.



extremely humbling

One of my friends just sent me some happy mail.  I found it in the mailbox on Saturday and opened it up so excitedly.  I read the card out loud to Rich and the children… was a lovely letter from Lois, someone who has read this entire blog and enjoyed it so much that she sent me a painting of a peony photo from it.

I will treasure it always.  Thank you, dear Lois.  And what a reward to meet kindred spirits in this way.

A collaboration!  God’s masterpiece, my photography, and your painting.

Eyes to see and admire the world around us.




I put the painting in the living room on an end table by the rocking chair in front of the window.  There is a flower calendar next to it, a candle, the lamp, and a small rose fiesta vase.  I’m working on making a pretty little display and will post a picture when I have it to my satisfaction.  (you know–pinterest worthy).  🙂  Isn’t it fun to feather a nest?

“Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable,” Sarah Ban Breathnach

Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out;
you formed me in my mother’s womb.
I thank you, High God–you’re breathtaking!
Body and soul, I am marvelously made!
Psalm 139

by our love


“Yes, the Lord has done amazing things for us!  What joy!”

Christmastime this year has been made brighter by the visit of my precious friend, Hannah.  I mentioned a few blog posts ago, when I posted pictures of the blouse she made me, that she is the only friend I have that has battled depression.  I have struggled once again with that old curse that I hate so much, and during this time, according to the typical nature of depression, I found myself closing off from almost everyone around me…..except for Hannah.  She lives so far away, in the beautiful state of Alaska, but she graciously and promptly answered all my texts, responding hastily with the love of Jesus, verses, encouragement.  We talked several times on the phone.  I felt comfortable voicing those parts of my heart that needed expression and light.

And then came the moment when she asked if she could come and visit me.  She couldn’t take the depression away but she could sit by my side in full understanding.  I’ll never forget her words, “If I had to go through depression in order to help you, it was worth it.”  We felt the visit was truly God-ordained, even to the price of her round trip, only 36 dollars!

Jesus is always with us, He promised in his Word that He would never leave us, nor forsake us.  I believe that He uses His people in tangible ways to love us.  What I mean is, Hannah has been *my Jesus with skin on*.  I hope that doesn’t sound disrespectful.  Jesus is within all believers, we are a temple of the Holy Spirit, we have this treasure in jars of clay, and as we hold one another, sit beside one another, speak to one another, we are experiencing His love through a brother or sister in Christ.  He loves me through her.  As I spent time with her, I felt as if Jesus Himself was with me.

Hannah is not the only friend I have like this.  If you’re reading this and you’re my friend then it is the same with you.  God places certain people in our lives whom we cannot forget even if we might sometimes want to.  Their names are written on our hearts.  I have friends that I will be loyal to until the day I die, I simply cannot neglect the brothers and sisters in Christ that God has brought into my world.  I’m thinking of so many people right now that have shared my life with me, and I with them, many of them are my own relatives but some of them are not.  Why does He do this?  I have to believe that it is because part of the work He has for us to do is to love each other deeply, encourage each other, sacrifice time and energy, so that the journey through life is not without abundant support and meaning.  It’s a beautiful thing to see.

The Bible says, “If we love each other, God lives in us, and His love is brought to full expression in us.


I found a quote on Pinterest that says it well:  “When God puts love and compassion in your heart toward someone, He’s offering you an opportunity to make a difference in that person’s life.  You must learn to follow that love.  Don’t ignore it.  Act on it.  Someone needs what you have.”

I’ve been writing about lifelong relationships, but this concept of being an instrument of God’s love applies to the “one time” act of kindness for a random stranger, too.  How many people have we unconsciously showed grace and love to, without even being aware that our smile, our small conversation, our politeness, touched someone’s life in a meaningful way at just the right time?  How many times did a stranger touch our hearts with kindness that made us thank God then and there?

Surely, God is in full operation at ALL TIMES.  Moving, breathing, shepherding us THROUGH EACH OTHER.  (and his Word, his World, and so many other ways, too).  Praise Him with me!

Oh for eyes that see and give Him glory.  And in all things, to give thanks.

A few days ago Hannah and I went to a museum together.  We drove into the city, parked in a parking garage, and walked a few blocks to the museum.  It was a special time at the museum, too, because of Christmas, there were decorated trees and choirs singing as we wandered delightfully through the rooms.  Oh how we loved the artwork!  We came away determined to enjoy more art and Hannah wants to study art history.  It was fascinating.

I took a few photos of the trees.  The first picture in this blog post is one that an older lady did.  She lives in a nursing home and knitted every single ornament and garland for her tree.  I loved it.  I loved imagining her working on it.


A bird tree, a tree decorated with origami which reminded me of my David who loves to fold paper, and another view of the “yarn” tree.


A Harry Potter tree!  (David is reading all the books these days, he’s now on #6)


And then we made our way into the art exhibits.  There was a folded card which showed the details of each painting so we took advantage of that and studied each one.


There was so much spiritual depth in the works, some we understood, others we felt as if there was more to learn….which I suppose is one of the purposes of museums and art…to create a thirst for knowledge as we appreciate the beauty.

And, by the way, we both wore blouses that Hannah made herself~art from the sewing machine!



that beautiful blue color



Book of Hours from the 1400’s.  Imagine the work that went into this amazing book and all the hands that touched it through the years.


Egyptian cat



Amazingly carved linden wood.


“Still life with Ham” 




a GORGEOUS silver center piece which we stood and looked at for a while


This too!  A birdcage!


made entirely of porcelain (I think…or something similar)….amazing detail and beauty




God’s art….above and beyond anything we could even imagine!


God made Hannah, too, a beautiful work of art, and He made YOU as well…so special and unique, truly one of a kind.

After seeing as much as we could possibly absorb in one day, we made our way to lunch at the cafe and then shopped the gift shop for Christmas gifts.

It was a memorable day with a dear friend.

You are LOVED!

beautiful God, beautiful home


“….there are three dimensions of the Christian life that the Scriptures are concerned about–the good, the true, and the beautiful.  Yet we tend to cut off the third from the other two…rarely do we find a focus on the beautiful…..”

“….the Scriptures speak about the beauty of God.  His Word tells us that all things beautiful find their source and foundation in the character of God Himself.  So, God is ultimately the norm of the good, the norm of the true, and the norm of the beautiful.”

“Ever since the people of God have existed in community, art has been a significant concern.  When we go to the Old Testament, for example, we see there that the first people filled with the Holy Ghost were the artisans and craftsman that God selected to prepare the objects for the tabernacle.”

“…….God saw art and what it communicates as being important enough to include in His tabernacle—to include the beautiful where people would meet to worship Him.  Beauty is important to God because He is beautiful, and so what is beautiful must be of importance to His people as well.  Christian artists should be encouraged to create beautiful art, and Christian people should be encouraged to appreciate the beautiful alongside the true and the good, for the Lord Himself is beautiful.”

“Our Beautiful God”, article in Tabletalk magazine by R.C. Sproul


Although I am not an artist, I have an hungry eye for beauty.  I suppose this is the reason I like carrying my camera around in capturing some of the loveliness in the world around me.

As I wrote in the last post, I have lost a ring that is precious to me.  It haven’t been found yet, but in looking for it I have done a lot of cleaning in rather neglected corners of my home.

I have been forced to take the time to thoughtfully clean and dust and rearrange the things we have in our home, and as a result, it has been a surprising blessing in losing my ring that my eyes have been opened to the beauty of home-life again.

There is so much beauty in ordinary life.  A well made bed, children playing games, toys lying about, animals curled up in surprising locations, food lovingly prepared, candles lit, pretty dishes, quiet music playing, blankets ready to be snuggled in, piles of books, the children’s school papers and art, clean floors, the smell of fresh laundry, and the glow of sunlight through a clean window.

Indeed, just give me one clean and washed counter and I’ll be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC_0504“We must have beauty around us to make us good.”  M.E.W. Sherwood


I made myself lunch yesterday.  It was broccoli and red pepper stir fried with a minced clove of garlic and sliced mushrooms.  After the vegetables were done, I removed them from the skillet and scrambled two eggs.  Topped with shredded parmesan and pepper.




Yesterday’s supper.  It was well received by all except Caleb and Seth.


For dessert, a frozen fruit salad.  3 cups fresh whipped cream and a 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk (folded together gently).  Add 14 oz drained crushed pineapple, 2 cups sliced strawberries, and 3 sliced bananas.  Freeze until firm.  Very much like homemade ice cream, with no churning.


Art by David; painted on silk at school.  It looks so pretty propped up in the window.


A game of Memory right before the bus came this morning.  Caleb won.


Beautiful snow sprinkles and a beautiful smile.


This morning’s sun, coming up over the trees wan and cloud covered.


Jacob’s art ~ calligraphy



Tree painting by Jacob, wooden shelf made by Ethan, candlelight, old books, and football trophies.


More paintings by Jacob.

I pinned the crocheted doily on the basket with straight pins…I think it looks so pretty.


Valentine roses.

Tips from Alexandra Stoddard on creating a Beautiful Home:

* Every day can be a memorable celebration.  Use your favorite dishes, napkins, and accessories to brighten up daily mealtimes.

*Always have something growing in your rooms, even if it is a modest basket arrangement of flowers from the garden.

*Clean windows are like a cloudless day.

*If you’re short on closet space, use a beautiful pine armoire, which also adds height and a focal point to the room.

* Because we spend more than a third of our lives in bed, collect a wardrobe for your bed:  Invest in a variety of different sets of sheets, pillow shams, and blanket covers and an assortment of colorful patterned  baby pillows and neck rolls.  (I bought linen sheets this winter and Rich said they were the best thing I’ve ever purchased besides his wedding ring.)

*Seek freshness and lightness

*Make every room a living room.

(from the book, Creating a Beautiful Home)

“It never occurred to me until I had this house to take a vacation and stay home.”  Bill Robinson

“The homeliest tasks get beautiful if loving hands do them.”  Louisa May Alcott

How about you?  Do you have any special tips or ideas in beautifying the surroundings you live in? (from your own experience, a book, or someone you admire?)



Heart.  Soul.  Mind.

For the busy mama, these important parts of our selves can be run down and dried up over the Happy Holiday season.  This is how it has been for me the last few weeks or more.  I’m so caught up in the doing, doing, doing, that within me is withered and waiting.

Oh how I yearn and crave a deeper life.  Jesus is in my heart and my soul is beautiful because of His saving grace, I know this.  I have everything working for me in my innermost being…everything but some free space to breathe.

Even attending church leaves me hungry for “more” because I have children doing strange things next to me every time.  I can’t settle down and soak it in like I want to.  I’m thankful for a Father God who understands the Mothers He made.


I was reading Les Mis last night.  I’m on page 615.  And I thought to myself….what a life… the time I DO have to breathe, to refresh, what do I do?  I read a book.  Dusty, musty, silence and stillness.  Reading is the place to relax, to gather up the blanket, feel the purring cat at my feet, shut the door in order to silence “Top Gear” from the other room, and read until my eyes are tired.

But reading isn’t CREATING.  Reading is taking in and admiring someone else’s creation.

I do love to blog and blogging is creating.   Journalling is creating– but I don’t do as much of that.  Sewing, baking (but I do too much of that), drawing, what else?  (thinking out loud here) Photography…. yes…… I want to do these and more.

Now that Christmas is over I feel myself resolving to do more artistic work, by the grace of God, in order to bring down some water for my thirsty heart, soul, and mind.


cookie-art (tired of it)

Don’t laugh.  (I’m talking to myself, because I’m laughing)…..because part of me feels silly as I express this need.  Will I make the most of the opportunities that come my way?  Or will I read a few more pages of my latest book, too tired to do much else?

A little less sleep, a little less slumber, a little less reading, and little more soul FUN~(I did calligraphy on some of my Christmas cards…which was wonderfully satisfying!)


Creating with the children.  They know how to be artistic and inspiring without second guessing.  I admire that.  Perhaps I should draw on the walls like they do?


Christmas was nice.  Certainly it is more work than magic for the parents, but it is a rewarding work.  All the shopping, lists, and making sure everything gets done by December 24 can be rather tiresome.  (At least there is a deadline.)  I love the photo of the stockings; starting with Rich’s, then the children from oldest to youngest, with mine at the end.  The tree lights reflecting in the stove look like there is a fire is going.  A sweet friend who owns a greenhouse gave us the gorgeous poinsettias, which I keep faithfully watering.  Seth made the red handprint green construction paper wreath and the paper chain.


Rich got up out of bed on Christmas morning at 5:30, I asked him why, “I have to go do your stocking.”  I gave him enough time and then got up to find that the three littlest ones were also awake.  Grace soon followed and tucked herself into her favorite corner of the couch.  We sat and waited, the kids tested their limits in exploring the gifts as Rich and I drank coffee with our feet up on the coffee table.  Jacob and Ethan woke up next.  Our David is the late sleeper and Rich made his yearly torturous joke about how because it’s Christmas we weren’t going to wake him up, “let the poor boy sleep in.”  He has been known to sleep all the way until lunchtime so it was a relief when Seth went down to wake him up at 6:30.


We began with the stockings.  Rich thought it would be funny to put a pack of rawhide bones in my stocking.  At least Parker the dog ended up with something special and it was good to laugh.


Sarah is behind the box.  Happiness is being small enough to get lost behind your gifts.


We had the gifts all opened by 7:30 am, but it was done with minimum stress because we tried to do things orderly as possible.  David passed out the gifts and we watched the person open it before going on to the next one.

Rich and I went shopping together to get my gifts and I love the two pairs of Swarovski crystal earrings he gave me; one pair also came with a darling ear cuff.  I received two books.


Here I am reading the books; one is about playful photography, the other is a photo book of French cats, both books are so so inspiring, which is contributing to my determination to ENJOY life by not only doing my duties, but having creative fun, too.  I want to be wild and free at times….I miss that part of my personality….(tips?ideas?anyone feeling the same?)


David loved his soda maker, set of Calvin and Hobbes books, legos, books, and Nerf gun.

Seth’s lego set was somewhat challenging so I was called upon to help him.  He was SO SO CUTE.


Frankly, I was surprised by our Caleb, who put “Star Wars lego set” on his list three times (so he got three small sets).  What surprised me was that he did not rest until he had put them all together.

Ethan put his box of GAP clothes on right away, with his cross necklace and cologne.  Only then did he break open his lego set of the Eiffel tower.  I texted brother Dave a picture of it when it was done and he texted back; “I was at the top of it!”  Jacob’s set was of the United Nations building.  Anyway, the older boys didn’t even ask for legos for the first time in approximately 10 years so I bought them each one set because I was sooooooo sad.


Christmas cat #1, can I just say I am in love with cats again?  So many things need to be put on hold when you having the darling BABIES……baby season is over for me so I can think about my kitty cats again.   This is Snickers, our oldest, he is probably about 4 years old.


Parker the Dog was exhausted by the time everyone opened their gifts, with so much fuss first thing in the morning.  He was glad to have the couch to himself.


I asked Caleb for a picture.  (By the way, when the boys do lego sets they keep all the bags organized using my fiesta bowls.)


Christmas cat #2.  Sarah, which was a shock to me, hated her feather boa that I gave her.  I thought my girly-girl would adore feathers and silver sparkle– but no.  She won’t let it touch her.  However, Billy Cat loves it.  We found him curled up sleeping on it, with a few wet feathers torn off.  Evidently he “killed” it before he fell asleep on it.


Rich bought me the softest feeling sweater of my life.  This is the only gift which was a surprise.  My little Seth received a light saber (another item which we have gifted for years and years to all of our sons).  I love this “baby” boy (five years old) and still make him take a nap with me whenever possible.  He even has a term of endearment for me.  In loving moments he calls me “moo-moo”.


A sight to stop me in my tracks.  Caleb snacked on all his stocking candy during his lego-building-time.  (pictured next to Grace’s little stack of gifts.)  Grace has already completely read the Patricia MacLachlan book, White Fur Flying, which she said was really deep for a little kid’s book.  Patricia MacLachlan wrote the beloved Sarah, Plain and Tall and I’ve been buying her books for Grace since she could read.  Again, with her at 15 years old, I still couldn’t quite stop buying yet another this year (like the boys and their lego sets).


Happy Dave, busy working on a Transformer.


For my artist son, the dot to dot book was a big hit, along with new Sharpies.  The dot to dot is of portraits, with about 1000 dots per picture.  He practically needed a magnifying glass to complete them.  He loved it.


Ethan was thrilled by his PS3, our family’s very first gaming system.  It only came with one controller which was hard for him.  He wanted so much for Jacob to be able to play with him.  He even went online to see if Target was open on Christmas day so he could go buy one. (it wasn’t, thankfully)


It took Caleb to figure out his transformer, again; I was impressed by his endurance and the robot finally turned into a hippo.


Christmas cat #3;  Snickers again, sleeping under the piano bench.  I love how cats can sleep anywhere.


David loves his soda machine.  It is perfect present for a young scientist/inventor.


You twist the bottle three times to carbonate the wate, until it makes a funny sound (each time).


Then you add the soda syrup.


Let us talk about the weather in these parts.  There was no snow on Christmas Day but……we saw rare sunshine and it was mild enough outside to be welcoming.  We all went out for some fresh air.

DSC_0280S U N S H I N E ! ! ! ! ! !


Grace went right into the woods.  She’s here someplace, you can’t see her, but she was there, walking quickly like she had a place to go and things to see.


The sparkling ribbon of stream……


Then, I went to say hello to my hens.


They gave their acknowledgments in return, the best they could.


iridescent feathers!


selfie with a (distressed) hen.  They tolerate hellos but draw the line at hugs.


Then, Jacob’s Emily came for a quick visit.  She came bearing gifts and sparkling good spirit.  What a joy she is to us all.


She gave Parker a frosted candy-cane shaped dog treat.  She spoils him.  Consequently he doesn’t leave her side.  (see?)  She and Jacob exchanged gifts.  Jacob laughed to see the candle because she was with him when he saw it at the store and admired it (it has a wick that sizzles as it burns).  She had gone back to buy it for him.  She also gave him a handsome black shirt.  He gave her a locket.

There were two gifts labeled “To:  Jacob and Emily”.  The most darling thing was that they opened them at the same time together. Jacob’s hands unwrapped one end, while Emily’s hands opened the other end, perfectly fair like it was the natural thing to do.  Their togetherness is so sweet.

Rich gave them books and I gave them matching shirts and socks.


The socks and shirts were from American Eagle men’s department.  The socks were men’s *one size fits all* but Jacob could barely get his on and Emily’s were too big and the heels to the socks were about five inches up the backs of her legs.  It was quite funny.


Well, I had to get the Christmas Ham into the oven and while I did so, people started falling asleep.


Christmas cat #4;  Sherlock the orange cat slept by Rich’s legs.


I did the ham in an oven bag with sweet liquid poured over (ginger ale, maple syrup, honey, etc) pineapple and cherries pinned on with toothpicks.


Well.  Over the last week I tried making candied clementines.  The recipe said to boil the fruit every day for six days in a sugar syrup (20 minutes each time) and also let sit at room temp.  You see the results.  Not like the picture in the cookbook.  MUCH uglier, like huge orange raisins.  They taste okay but only in very small bites.  I put them into a container and popped them in the fridge to use for scones, or muffins.  It was a fun experiment and I may try again to see if I can do better.


Emily went to her Dad’s house for the rest of the day and at 4 we ate our Christmas feast; ham, homemade rolls, buttered corn, cottage cheese, and scalloped potatoes.

Rich had objected earlier to me doing so much work on Christmas day for our meal but I noticed he asked for “more ham” quite a few times, until as a joke Jacob used the meat fork to put the entire ham on his plate.


“What the Room Looked like Before Throwing Away the Wrapping Paper”


David’s new shirt; “designed to fly”.

(One time he “flew” off the porch with an umbrella!)



Ethan’s new clothes.


He is sixteen and one of the best boys in the world.


Christmas cat picture #5; a nap companion

 Thus ends another photo-blog of Christmastime.  What a blessing this year has been and how thankful we are for family and friends.


I was able to write this downtown at the coffeeshop with Rich this afternoon.  Truth be told, I was irritated by him being gone all morning for wrestling practice and then planning on taking the teens to the movies.  The movie was sold out so they had to go to a later showing, which meant I got some HUSBAND TIME!  He read his book while I typed, with no distractions, with coffee and chocolate.  God knows what we need and will provide, Amen!  Thus, my thirsty soul was refreshed and I realized it is MUCH easier to write when I’m not tempted to throw the next load in the washing machine or empty the dishwasher or vacuum or ………….

2 Corinthians 4:16 So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self his being renewed day by day.

Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

Psalms 34:5 Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.

Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.



{this video moment} art time and tunes


{this moment} ~ A Friday ritual – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.




I was working on dinner and just had to stop to record this precious moment between my oldest son and youngest son.

(The ending is abrupt because my phone ran out of storage.)