I woke right up thinking about God this morning.   My heart and soul long for the day when I finally get to see Jesus and be in heaven with all other believers.  “Oh that will be glory for me!” as the hymn says.  I know if I died today I would have precious family members there to meet me, “but I long to see my Saviour first of all.”

Have you ever just closed your eyes and imagined what it would be like to see Jesus for the first time?    I am convinced that his eyes will be full of love, compassion, and understanding.   He knows me, “he remembereth that I am dust”, He is merciful.  He has perfect love toward His own.

This morning I was thinking about Jesus’ last words on earth.  After 30+ years of earthly ministry, He was leaving!  But what did He say?  “. . .lo, I am with you alway, even until the end of the world.”  He last words on earth were full of comfort.

He is with me always!  Always!


I’ve also been thinking a lot about my Bible.  What a precious treasure it is!  I just finished a book about 5 men who were shipwrecked on a deserted island.  They had a Bible with them and my heart was pierced when I read that when they were on the verge of collapse from discouragement, they read the Bible to one another until they were comforted.

Do you remember when Corrie Ten Boom and her sister were taken to a concentration camp for hiding Jews in their home during the war against Hitler?  All their earthly possessions boiled down to one thing.. . .the one item that they wanted, NEEDED more than any other.. . .was their Bible.  The story is beautiful.  Corrie was able to enter the camp (despite being strip-searched!) with her Bible, through a miracle of God.

“And so it was that when we were herded into that room ten minutes later; we were not poor, but rich–rich in the care of Him who was God even of Ravensbruck.” (the concentration camp)

“So Betsie and I came to our barracks at Ravensbruck.  Before long we were holding clandestine Bible study groups for an ever-growing group of believers, and Barracks 28 became known throughout the camp as ‘the crazy place, where they hope.’”  ~Corrie Ten Boom

Our Bible gives us hope!  Hope in any circumstance!

“For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.”  Romans 15:4


I have two Bibles!  Two!  I feel rich.  And ashamed, because so many times I wonder where my hope is, when I haven’t even read my Bible in days. . . . . . .


“I have a wonderful treasure!
A gift of God without measure.
And so we travel together,
my Bible and I.”


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  1. Once, nearly 40 years ago, I left my purse in a restaurant and it had my Bible in it ~ I was heartsick about losing it ~ didn’t care a thing about anything else in that purse.  I kept calling and calling, hoping someone would turn it in, but they kept saying that they did not have it.  A couple of weeks later, when driving by, I just decided to stop and ask again ~ it was there!  I cried with relief.  I remember praying that whoever had taken my purse would just open the Bible and read it ~ at least that would have made it worth losing.  I’ll never know if someone did read it and was convicted to turn it in or if it was really there all along ~ but to have His Word returned to me in such a way made a lasting impression.  Now, we have several Bibles around, but at that time, I think the Word of God became even more precious to me ~

  2. Beautiful post, Shan. How fortunate we are that we have a Bible we can hold in our hands. And we can have it in our homes and read it without fear of being persecuted for it. We often forget just what a privilege that is.

  3. Not only am I thankful for the Bibles scattered around the house, including my regular one, but the internet!  What riches!  This morning I was able to look up a word in Hebrew as well as check the translation in different versions. 

  4. Great post Shanda. I am embarrassed to admit, but I have 5 Bibles. Six if you count the one from my childhood that now belongs to my oldest son. I have one NIV, one KJV, one Geneva Bible, one 1611 Bible, and a Study Bible (NIV also).I guess there are worse books to collect, right?What a great reminder. I needed this today.

  5. I hardly got through your third paragraph and was thinking of Corrie ten Boom and her sister…what a wonderful post Shanda!!!!  Thank you for the reminder of how precious this book is, and many don’t even have one.  Blessings.

  6. That is so nice when you wake up with God on your mind, a verse, a hymn. . . it doesn’t happen to me as often as I’d like but its SO nice when it does.  I’m glad it happened to you!  Thank you for the encouragment and for sharing the “hope that is in you”.  Love Lish

  7. Yes, I think of that time often — when I will finally get to look into His eyes!  Everything else fades away….
    I think a turning point in my spiritual life was when I realized that He will be just as excited to see me, as I will be to see Him.  Seems scandalous even to think it, but it’s true!  That’s how much He loves us.
    And, yes… I LOVE my Bible and my precious time with Him when I read it.  I am convinced some mornings He wakes me up even earlier just so we can spend time together.

  8. I love waking up with God on my mind, and a song in my heart … I have my Bible next to my bed, and I open it first thing before my feet touch the floor to see what He has to share with me … His Word is our treasure for the day! Thank you for this precious post, Shanda … such an encouragement!
    Bless you!~ Deborah <>

  9. His Words are truly life to us – they are living and active and it is through the Word and His promises that we have peace and victory in our everyday moments! Oh that we may hunger for more and more of Him and His Word!

  10. Thank you for sharing this.  I’m very ashamed that I lose hope sometimes and don’t immediately turn to my Bible, and to think how many Bibles we must have in our household…I’m embarassed to count them.

  11. This was so lovely Shanda. Let me tell you a secret. Just before my surgery I had the thought of how wonderful it would be to wake up in His presence. I was almost dissappointed when I didn’t. Yet, yet, He was still right there with me. Others fear death. We lean towards it with expectation. How I love His Word. It grows dearer to me everyday. Hugs, Love and blessings till then, M in SC

  12. Yes, what would we do without the Bible?  The sweet solace the Bible gives us is insurpassible.  This morning my heart was heavy about some things and I prayed the Lord to show me through His Word answers to my questions and comfort as well.  He was Faithful to do that.  : )
    Our Bibles truly are treasures, I’ve even been convicted on the handling of my Bible, where I place it, never on the floor, etc.  (Just my personal thing) : )
    Thanks for a beautiful entry, your husband seems to be such a dear.
    Christian families are a blessing, I too am very blessed in this area.  Love, Amelia

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