Weston came for a visit


To all you moms out there. . .remember that “my baby is one month old and I’m in an under-water haze of exhaustion” feeling?

That’s how my sister Amanda woke up yesterday. . .after a month of little sleep. . .a newborn to take care of, a not-quite 2 year old, and an 8 year old.   Her husband Jason was home for a few weeks but now she’s adjusting to him being back to work.  It’s so hard to have a newborn!  Yet, so delightful as well!


Anyway, she did the right thing yesterday and came to big sister’s house for the day.  I was shocked when I was in taking a shower and David ran in yelling, “Aunt Amanda’s here!!!” and then ran right back out. 

The kids and I were so happy to see her (and the 1 dozen dunkin donuts that she brought) and we all enjoyed holding Weston and spending time with Naomi.  After we visited for a little bit, I sent Amanda to bed for a nap and I sat at the table with the new baby in my arms, 4 kids around the table, and 2 playing on the floor.  Naomi made me smile a lot because she kept calling me “MOM”.   Much easier than “Aunt Shanda”, I suppose.

Of course I took advantage of the day and took some more photos of the baby. 


David was so quiet when he held Weston.  He only used a whisper to talk and was very annoyed with Caleb and Naomi, who were as noisy as ever. 




Grace was absolutely smitten.



Those arms just get me.  The fists.  The elbows.  So darling.







Aunt Shanda made him have “tummy time” and isn’t he cute, this is as far up he could get his head.  I love it!  He was bobbing up and down and making those funny noises. 

Grace took these:




He’s smiling in my arms.  He thinks Aunt Shanda is funny.


He weighs over 7 pounds now!





0 thoughts on “Weston came for a visit

  1. Grace wasn’t the only one smitten!  And who couldn’t be when gazing or holding such a wonderful creation!  I’m glad Amanda could get some needed rest and that Weston was surrounded by such loving family!  Much Love, Lish

  2. Too cute…I love little babies.  I haven’t had my hands on one lately.   Oh, well.  I have to tell you – we were watching old family movies last night and we picked out one from ’97 and it had July 4th on it from that year.  We were both in it with our little ones (Jake and Molly!)  So I think I will have to bring the DVD to our get away!  I found it very amusing.  Although I miss the baby stage. 
    I’m glad Amanda took the effort to come see you!  She got the rest she needed and you got the baby fix.  What a great trade off!

  3. Most of these are not showing I think it is Xanga.  The ones I could see were darling, I love the ones with his fist and the blanket!  I felt so soft and warm inside reading how you sent her in to take a nap, only a sister could care for her that way!

  4. He is sooo adorable.  I am still going through the not enough sleep stage and mine is 3.5 months.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.  Tell Amanda I’m thinking of her and she has such a cute family!!  Love, Melissa

  5. This must have been a delightful day for you all. A day of ministry to someone who needed to be ministered to.I love the way the Lord brings those opportunities to us when we aren’t looking for it. Often He brings the need to usand it is a perfect time to show the children that our plans need to take back seat when someone elsehas a greater need. So glad for you, for Amanda, for Weston, and for your children. Everyone benefited.

  6. SIS- the pics made me cry he looks so cute! I love all of them! Thank you so very much for always being right there when I need you, it was so encouraging to be with you and to feel like everthing will be just fine. And praise God last night he slept from 8 – 3:30 and then till 5 then I got up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. I have my candle burning that you gave me yesturday and I am staying right on track with his schedual that you set for him and he is happier it seems on a schedual or maybe I am the happier one 🙂
    Thank you for all of you help. I love you -Amanda
    God has blessed me with you and I am so very glad and thankful that he did!

  7. Shanda, what a precious post (and comment above from your sister!), and timely for me…it really “whets my appetite” for when my little one arrives… These pictures are great. You have such a pretty smile and look so natural holding a baby!We FINALLY have internet at home, as of last weekend. I wasn’t able to post until today, however, as I have been even more sick than usual with some kind of bug. It’s good to be back in touch with the world again!

  8. How sweet!  I’m so glad that Amanda came to you.  The pictures of baby Weston are just darling.  I love that newborn phase- it passes so quickly!  It made me smile when you said David ran in and told you that Amanda was there while you were in the shower.  My kids run in and “tell” me things when I am in the shower from time to time too.  Have a great Friday!

  9. Shanda, he is just gorgeous, and I love that you just opened up your home like that. It makes me wish I had a sister something awful. I’m glad Amanda got some rest and it sounds like today is much better for her and the kidlets.
    Much love, Kelly.

  10. Oh, he is so precious!  What a wonderful snuggling time for all of you….the pictures are wonderful as are your descriptions!  So glad your sister got that nap…makes all the difference.  Lord bless your day,Jenny

  11. awww… absolutely precious. love that last shot. you know how these baby pics. warm my heart right now! 🙂 i’m sure he just adores his auntie Shanda~ what a blessing.

  12. How sweet!  You mentioned his elbows — when our youngest son was small and we’d ask to see his “muscles” he always showed us his elbows  — it was  so funny!  He will  be 30 in April and he will still humor us when we ask to see his muscles!  He and his wife are expecting a baby June 10 and we just found out it will be a grandson – Levi Francis (Francis after Bob’s 100 yr. old dad who just recently went Home).

  13. Oh he is so sweet!  Yes, I remember the “baby fog” and “toddler hustle”… never a moment’s rest… And I remember the day I realized I wasn’t in the fog anymore.  That was wierd.  Then I had a brief moment of “I want another baby,” but it passed .  It is all wonderful, though.

  14. Awww, you ain’t proud or nothin’ are ya? Tee! Hee! He is a tiny bundle of love, for sure!Yes, I remember those exhausting first couple of months! When Rissy was a baby, we had a foster baby 5 weeks younger. It was like raising twins! Even with my husband’s help, I was so pooped all the time. Eventually, I guess, we all get into a routine AND baby starts sleeping in slightly longer stretches.I’m glad your sister could nap (something I’ve never been able to do)!!! Good for you Sister Shanda!

  15. Awww… Just precious. What a treat for Aunt Shanda to get to hang with the littlest while his Mommy got some rest. I know that helped her. You are such a sweet sister. :)Blessings

  16. Wow! He has gotten so big! Once and again I want to thank you for your encouragment about praying for my sister.
    Comment back,

  17. After reading all the above comments, I am reminded once again how babies can melt all our hearts. Little Weston just melted mine! He reminds me so much of my sister Polly’s (the Patchworker) grandson Max when he was a tiny baby.

  18. What a beautiful little baby boy…You are a sweet aunt and your sister and children are so blessed, you all are so blessed to have one another.  I am an only child, my children didn’t have the luxery or blessing of having doting aunts or uncles. 
    Precious baby and precious people.  : )  Blessings to you all, and thank you so much for the most wonderful and encouraging comment.  We all need encouragement on various days of our lives. 
    In Christ love,   ~Amelia

  19. He’s so cute it hurts!!!!!!  I can almost smell those wonderful baby smells.  What a wonderful treat to have him and his family visit.  So precious!  I remember those exhausting days.  I still feel tired, but at least I can function now.  Life is better when they finally start to settle into a routine and you get better sleep.  I still don’t sleep through the night because I’m always up checking on everyone at night.  Even though everyone else is sleeping peacfully. 

  20. How blessed your sister is!  That is so sweet of you to take her in and minister to her….and to take those lovely pictures of her baby.  I’m sure she’ll treasure the memory of that day!

  21. Oh what a beautiful baby boy. . .I love newborns so much, but I hate the feeling of having no sleep. . .it’s such a paradoxical time. . .one I always treasured, but am okay not to go back to again until I help with my grandbabies someday! Your photography is stunning, as usual—

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