What inspires me at home:

the color yellow

the color green

the color red


cool knobs

fiesta ware


beautiful beds



crystals (the ones that dangle from chandeliers)

flowers dropping over, half wilted, in a vase

old canning jars

wooden floors, no matter how beat up

rustic benches


small outside buildings

tire swings

big trees


sandbox for the kids

open cupboard doors

hooks down low for the kids

lotsa books


wooden rocking chairs

big comfy chairs

chipped paint

old tin cans used as a vase

bowls of fruit or nuts

wooden crates

hat boxes

my porch

mismatched chairs around the kitchen table….all painted a different color

a tablecloth on the picnic table

braided rugs


a piano

robin’s egg blue


baby girl’s small baby dresses, hanging up on the wall

rustic wreaths


colorful throw pillows

a yellow front door

glass storage containers

old suitcases (look cool and are great for storage, I don’t even care if they smell old)

framed photographs

my kids toys in every room

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  1. Aww! Just got your comment! So fun to see your name on there. 🙂 I'm gonna add this blog to my Reader so I can keep up with you again. 🙂 Keep loving Jesus with all you've got!

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