by our love

8 thoughts on “by our love”

  1. Yes and amen! I am so glad you have a friend to walk with you thru these times. You are truly ,truly blessed. Some friends are like that. I’m asking for your prayers for myself going thru some things. I am praying for you as well.
    Beautiful Saviour who loves us thru others,and who loves thru us.

  2. to the praise of his glorious grace, with which he has blessed us in the Beloved….

    God has blessed you in Christ in so many many uncountable ways… But Hannah was one you could count…

    So thankful to hear how He had her come and minister to you in that way through a dark time.
    Love you..great post. Out of the ashes we rise and able to shine to others through darkness the love of God.


  3. thanks for the stroll through the museum with the two of you.
    the book of hours- gorgeous!!!! and really cool to see in ‘real life’ since we studied that time period in history last year and talked a lot about it.
    and the da Vinci quote… and the butterflies… Oh! love.
    merry christmas

  4. We are told to “comfort one another with the comfort with which we have been comforted”. Having dealt with depression herself, Hannah was able to do that for you in a beautiful way! I hope you are feeling very encouraged today!

    1. YES! Hannah read those verses to me out loud while she was here and we praised God together. He gives us a purpose for our pain. Thank you Emily, I am feeling MUCH better and although there are some things causing me slight anxiety, I know that God is leading and providing all I need. And He does the same for you as well—for all His beloved children.

  5. Hannah is doing a great job of being *Jesus with skin on* for many of us right now. I too have been praying for you from Alaska, & I think you’ve been praying for me. What a great God that we are lifting one another up, & we’ll probably never meet. I’m so glad she was able to come to your side, & I dare say you helped her also. God bless you from far away. Love, Jennifer

  6. Hello Shanda,

    I found your blog doing a search for EGYPTIAN CAT. I have been collecting pictures of Egyptian Cat statues from all over the web for a few years now and I have never seen the Egyptian cat you posted a picture of, a very nice example. Could you please email me the name of the museum? I would like to get more information on it, if possible. Thank you in advance for you kind assistance. Happy Holidays and God Bless! Peter

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