I had to have some fun today. . . .

so. . . .

I decided to play with my dishes!

Thank you to my MOM and DAD who got me started collecting these beautiful dishes (made in the USA!)  They gave me my first set 10 years ago. 

In case you don’t know, it’s FIESTAWARE, made by Homer Laughlin China Co.

I thought you would enjoy this first picture, in which I was too lazy to empty the bowl of cat food.  Y



Pretty, isn’t it?


The most valuable and collected color is called “medium green” and I have one piece of it, it’s the teacup seen here on top of the stack of plates.  It’s the color of John Deere tractors.


I had a tough time keeping David and Caleb out of the kitchen.  Here you can see the top of Caleb’s head.  He was saying “Oh WOW!  WOW!  Yellow. . green. . blue. . red. . etc.”



 Genuine Fiesta Collector


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  1. WOW….no doubt you do like it!!!  =)  It is pretty!  You need to send those pictures to the Fiesta company….at least make the Fiesta collector award or something….lol

  2. Hi there, sorry I haven’t been by in while. So I wanted to stop by and see what you have been up to. I see that you are up to your eye balls in Fiesta ware pottery haha. I live just about 45min from the Homer Laughlin China Co over here in East Liverpool Ohio. My Mom and Dad have gone on a couple tour of the plant. They said it was very interesting. God Bless

  3. I’ve know for a while now that you love and collect Fiestaware so when I run across some I usually think of you. I have one red mug in my mug drawer that I have no idea where it came from. I usually say a little prayer for you when I sip my coffee from that mug. The colors are lush!!!!! I’m thinking….”colors for my next quilt!”.

  4. Gorgeous! What a colorfest. I have a dark blue Fiesta creamer just since Sunday when my husband’s parents gave their children some dishes of their grandmother’s. I thought of you when Freeman picked the stack that had that little pitcher on it.

  5. Caleb’s sentiments are mine exactly! “OH WOW! WOW!” This is beyond pretty….it’s DAZZLING!! I think that the only piece I have was used by my son who let his pet snake curl up in it with for a bath….the Deere green.

  6. I love the pictures-I am actually thinking about starting my own collection.  I am due for some new dishes and I love that you can mix so many colors together so they will never go out of style.  The colors are so vibrant.

  7. I loved this post and also the one of the books!  Sorry I am not commenting on both!  I love your collections of fiesta ware and the books you’ve enjoyed and have changed you!  I am interested in reading the book that changed your life!  I love you! Love, Lish

  8. i used to collect fiesta ware.  my favorite was a yellow pitcher…very similar to your turquise one.  when we moved 7 times in 1 year, i downsized….and sold it.  my dishes were old.  i wasn’t aware they still made it.  anyway……if you’re ever having a bad, sad day, i suggest you feast your eyes on all that happy COLOR!       your pictures are always SO CREATIVE and FUN to  look at.  i LOVED your previous “book” post also! 

  9. What beautiful colors!  I only have one piece of fiesta ware.  It belonged to my grandmother and is a wonderful green colored platter.  I love it and use it for all kinds of things.  It looks like you have many unique pieces here!  What fun.  Mommies have to play to, don’t they?  You are adorable.:)

  10. While browsing through my subscriptions, my curser zoomed right by the heading that told me you had posted, but as soon as I saw the Fiestaware, I knew this was a post from you!  I love all the colors. 

  11. Okay class – today’s word is OBSESSIVE!! Please note the lovely pictures of dishes. Tomorrow we will cover Homeschooling and its affect on the modern woman’s psyche.

  12. WOW! That is a pretty impressive collection! I wouldn’t want to have to put it all back! LOL! We collect cobalt blue glass here. We like to poke around second hand shops, and we have found a lot of it. Maybe sometime I will take some pictures. I love the way it looks with the sun shining through it.

  13. Ok….so now that I need a big for my drool!!!! Hahaha! Sick I know! But oh, I love, love, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (did I get enough in that time?!?!?!?!?!) I could have put more for how I REALLY feel about it…but maybe, just maybe that gave you a bit of a taste of how much I LOVE IT! :o) I could look at these pictures forever just trying to see all of the pieces! How fun!!!! Fiesta is my FAVORITE!!! Ok, I’ll be quiet now since I honestly could go on for quite some time…but I am thinking I need to go and make my pot of tea (out of my fiesta tea pot) and drink a nice big cup out of my Persimmon ring handle tea cup! :o) Hahaha! Have a wonderful day!

  14. LOVE the dishes! Where can you find them? are they hard to find? is it expensive? can you go the lazy way and by a multi colored set? sorry for the so many questions!

  15. Viva la Fiesta!  WOW so gorgeous. My grandma had several old fiestas, which now belong to my aunt. What a glorious collection. I collect tea pots, nothing nearly so colorful. What a treasure!

  16. Wow — I love the colors.  I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Fiestaware.  I like your idea of having a lot of different colors.  Very out of the box!  So would you set your table with a different color for each person then?  What a fun idea!
    I think I know what I’m going to add to next year’s Christmas list….. 🙂

  17. fuN! when we were first married i had the cobalt blue and yellow dishes… i ended up selling them at a yard sale for i know not a fraction of what they were worth. :0 some lady was super happy. wish i still had them. Is that cherries on the one? never seen FW with a pattern. i like. :)and you’re adorable btw.

  18. My Goodness that is a lot of …..dishes, cups, saucers. Very colorful. Very Pretty. Do you have a seperate set of dishes for your children? If I had a set like that my children could just look at them and they will chip…lol. But that is very pretty. I like that. Take care and God Bless You…

  19. I love Fiestaware. It is so pretty and the colors are so vibrant. We haven’t had any new dishes since we got married almost 18 years ago and we don’t even have complete sets anymore. I think I would like to get some of these when we buy new dishes.

  20. thanks for sending me to this link!! I had so much fun looking at these pictures… only problem is now I have found something else that I want to spend what little money I have on!! 🙂 They are so festive and cheery… I could use a pick me up like this on a regular basis. I am curious as to where you store it all. How many pieces have you broken? I apparently wasn’t “following/stalking” you this long ago… now I might have to spend a few days being nosy into your past posts!! How do you keep track of your posts? how did you know where to find this? I have been wishing I had an easy way to find certain posts that I have done in the past, just curious if you had a solution.thanks for my “hugs” I always need them!!

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