happy saturday


This morning I woke up to Caleb’s little feet step-step-stepping down the stairs.  A moment later, I turned under my covers to see his little self trying to climb up into bed with mommy and daddy.  I heaved him up into the middle of the bed.  After a while, since I couldn’t go back to sleep, I got up and left him, trapped under the heavy arm of his dad. 

I went out to the kitchen. . it was quarter after 7. . a dark and rainy morning.  I made myself some coffee, prepared it in my favorite Alaskan mug, and toasted some white bread.  Yes, it was raining, and yes it was cool, but the porch was tempting.  I bundled up, grabbed a couple of magazines, my coffee, my toast, a blanket. . and out I went.

What more can a busy mom want than a quiet morning?  To sit on the porch with just a few simple things, knowing that her loved ones are behind her in the house, still cuddled up in their warm covers?

I was inspired by an article I read about a girl who grew up in a country farmhouse, with a mother who delighted in filling the house with beautiful things.  Sweet, simple pleasures.  We could all do these things:

“No other farmhouse I knew boasted a tall amethyst-glass candlestick, or custardy-yellow berry bowls, or a large flower-embossed silver spoon for the Sunday gravy.”

“Mother saw to it that we spoke the language of the flowers”

“On a bright June morning I might awake to find a treat on my painted dresser:  an old china teacup filled with tiny ferns and forget me nots.  And next to it, for no practical reason at all, would lie our one linen guest towel, starched and snowy and artfully placed to show the embroidered versions of the same dainty blue flowers.”

“Our lace was Queen Anne’s, and as long as nature turned it out from unseen bobbins along the roadside, it trimmed our kitchen shelf from a blue milk pitcher.”

“Mother would accept a wilting bouquet of dandelions from a milk-sticky little hand with the graciousness of a queen receiving orchids.”

“Sometimes we spent days collecting glass shards of blue medicine bottles and clear green cups and red pickle dishes, then wrapped them in cloth to snap smartly with a wooden spoon against a flat rock.  The kaleidoscopic jewels that resulted were mixed and shaken into prettily shaped bottles–and set on a windowsill.  When the sun was right, there was the stained glass glory of Chartres, refracted on the ceiling just as simple as that.”

“Like a grand lady, our house changed perfumes seasonally.  It wore cinnamon in autumn when the apple pies never stopped coming, and attar of roses filled the sunny rooms of summer.  We kept spruce and juniper boughs in crocks in the hall all winter, never even pretending they had anything to do with Christmas. In spring we splashed the scent of lilacs everywhere.”

~written by Patricia Myruski, for Country Living magazine, September 1989



So on this happy Saturday, I am in the mood to beautify my home.  I can hope that in future years, my own children will look back and remember my little attempts to make home a lovely place.


Rich took the three older children with him to the nursing home this morning.  After they left, the rain cleared away and the sun started to shine.  The outdoors beckoned to me and so I worked to get David and Caleb ready to go out, complete with the best purchase for SPRING ever: 

black rubber boots








Rich just got home with the children. . . . . .and has a new bike for Grace.  I suppose all the pretty little touches in the world can’t compare to that!  Or maybe childhood is a balance of both parents showing their love in the way they each know best.



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  1. It ALL matters.  🙂  Your children will more than likely remember the gestures more than the actual things themselves.  I remember smells.  I remember my dad buying me a Mello-Yello and some Funjuns when he had to haul my kiddie pool to the dump.  His distraction for me has been one of my most favorite memories.  You matter the most.

  2. I love the little touches of beauty we can do to our homes. My Grandmother loved to set a pretty table. The presentation of her dishes were very important to her. A sprig of parsley to dress up the plain white mashed potatoes, a pat of butter pressed in a mold, a cloth napkin under the bread, the list goes on. I think the one picture of your son raising him arms looks so much like your dad.

  3. What a beautiful post Shan!  I love the qoutes from the magazine.  That is something I strive for–simple pleasures.  My mother did much of the same and I admired that and try my best to follow after her in that way.  I love the pictures of the kids in the boots and the outfits are just adorable!  I can’t wait to show Jeremy when he gets up from his nap.  Love you!  Happy Saturday! Love, Lish

  4. I’m chuckling at the boots. Just last evening my husband and I were on the train and kept seeing fellow commuters wearing rubber boots. Seems the style is all the rage. There are all colors and patterns imaginable. My D.H. said, “I wonder if you can still buy the plain black ones with the orange-red soles like I used to have.” Judging by the pictures, you can. What a perfect day for boots and streams and puddles.

  5. I remember those lovely, quiet mornings when I was first up and had time to just relish the start of the day knowing my family was still sleeping blissfully! I like the quotes from the magazines. You don’t need a lot of money to live graciously and make a pretty home. I still remember when my parents were visiting, and my father asked for a glass of water. My Abby said she would love to get it for him. She brought it on a pretty plate with a sprig of spearmint! I loved that, and remember it still. We also grew lemon balm, and we liked to garnish drinks and meals with that.

  6. What a lovely way to share your morning.  I love the magazine quote.  My mother always made lovely seasonal touches…especially at the dinning table.  I have seen Mary and I do the same thing….and others comment on it…..I realized it was special.  David seems to be so aware of this and especially loves to see me change the table linens and centerpiece…just using things I have in the cupboard.  I love it that we have the garden plot….now I usually have some flowers to add too.  Last week during prayer time at home Bible study one of our friends leaned back and breathed in ….then he said, ” awww fressias….I love that smell”. 
    Your two boys are soooo cute….I love the boots.  Caleb is getting way too big ….but that is what they do ….grow!  I esp. like the one with his hands in the air.  Blessings to you…hope we get to see the special touches Jenny

  7. …such a lovely post, Shanda….*sigh*It seems that I say that in my comments to you so often.I checked to see if you posted..even my bloglines did not indicate an update.I was not disappointed!I will always remember the rose in a simple glass on my grandmother’s kitchen table. My grandmother-I called her Mimi-always had her hair in a bun, wore a dress with an apron, and those black lace up heels. I can still remember the way her house smelled.I think your children will remember the little extras you do to make your home a more cozy place.

  8. I just shivered with delight as I imagined you out on the quiet porch with your family snug in their beds. Delicious.(Bri picked me a bouguet of wild flowers and aniselast week…so wild and graceful…more special then store bought)I can’t believe how what a big boy Caleb has become, I miss the little baby…oh this time goes so swiftly by.Savoring each day, with ThanksgivingHUGS

  9. WOW! Just saw your Fiesta post. COLORFUL! I thought it was an ad for the company, till I saw you in the picture, that is some collection And I so loved you Book post and reading suggestions, I just sent it off to Bri

  10. I love little reminders like that! I have many from my own childhood…the blueberry candle that burned everynight once the kitchen was cleaned up from dinner, the salt&vinagar chips and soda we would get with my dad on the way to the dump (we LOVED going to the dump with my dad…lol)…I try hard to make our home a special place for my husband and boys.
    I love the idea of a quiet morning on the pourch.,…waiting for the temperatures to rise above freezing in the mornings, then I hope to steal a few myself =)

  11. Ever since childhood I too have relished the peace and seclusion of early morning hours when the rest of my family was still asleep! It really is a cozy sensation, being surrounded by your loved ones, yet having that time alone! I LOVED what you shared from that old Country magazine; thanks so much for taking the time to type it out! Anyone who has ever experienced those kinds of special touches KNOWS the beauty and “homeyness” they bring to an environment. It’s no wonder God gives “keeping the home” as one of the special callings of women – it is so important! And it doesn’t have to involve much expense either. One more thing – I love how the author personified the house as a grand lady wearing different scents. Lovely writing!

  12. It ended up being such a gorgeous day. I’m glad you got to be out in it with just the little ones. I’m sure they’re delight in it made your day. We ended up playing in the yard and going to the park sans camera today. I’ll see you tomorrow. 🙂

  13. What a beautiful post… thanks you so much for sharing those quotes
    I bought my first pair of black rubber boots a few weeks ago, and I can’t believe that I went 18+ years without them! They are amazing!!!

  14. I want to spend some time with those two little guys at the creek! ~ what fun they must have had ~ any treasures from their excursion end up in your house?

  15. What wonderful pictures of your two boys playing in the mud and the stream — boots are wonderful things, aren’t they!  I especially like the one of Caleb looking like he’s about to jump up and down in the stream!  It must be spring there — the pond is thawed!

  16. I want a front porch!  Sounds like a wonderful moment.
    Puddle jumping….hmmm…maybe I need to look into some of those boots.  It was hard deciding if I should leave their winter ones out or not.  (not).

  17. I’m so glad you had a great morning.   The comfort of having our husband’s home and family safe is so wonderful!   What cute pictures you took!!   Your kids are so cute!
    I love that article you posted.   Thank you so much for taking the time to do that.

  18. This post is so beautiful, Shan!  I’m so happy to hear that your Alaskan mug gets some use :).   The article you shared is lovely!  It inspires me to use my pretty things more often.  The rubber boots are great!  We are still using snow boots here for the most part. 

  19. I loved that article, it reminded me so much of Alexandra Stoddard, all of her books have that as the theme.  What a delightful idea to have things nice to look at when the children first wake up!

  20. From “Pooh’s Little Instruction Book” inspired by A.A. Milne.  “When speaking to a Bear of Very Little Brain, remember that long words may Bother him.””It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like ‘What about lunch?””When you see someone putting on his Big  Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen.””They’re funny things, Accidents.  You never have them till you’re having them.” – Eeyore

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