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Yesterday Grace and I went to the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art to soak up some beauty and see an exhibition of Norwegian artists and paintings.

The exhibit was called “Sublime North, Romantic Painters Discover Norway”

My Mother’s Grandfather was Norwegian and came to Ellis Island as a teenager, ultimately settling in New York state, marrying and having a lot of children, including my maternal Grandmother.  Therefor, we have an interest in all things Norwegian.  My brother David and I love the show Vikings for this reason, as well.  The history of Norway and its people is fascinating and I would love to travel there someday.

One day when we were in the car together going to church, Grace complained that she forgot her book so I handed her one of mine which happened to be a history of the Vikings.  She started reading it and became interested in the culture, as well.


The exhibit had paintings by Norwegian artists who had traveled to Europe to study.  This one is by Thomas Fearnley.



Thomas Fearnley


The animals by the water put the scene in perspective……


My favorites were the paintings of the wild and beautiful nature scenes in Norway.


and of Norwegian villages; this painting was by Johan Christian Dahl, done in 1843 of the Village of Skjolden


Johan Christian Dahl, fjord Landscape with Menhir, 1837

“This solitary stone is marked with long horizontal runes–letters from an ancient Germanic alphabet.  The runes call to mind the Viking Age, an important period of Scandinavian history. . . . .”  ( quote from the plaque by the painting)


Seascape, 1860s by Peder Balke.

I stood and looked at it for a while, I read that he used his thumb to press paint on the boat for the seaspray.

It was my favorite painting of the exhibit.  It pulls my soul right in and brings tears.  It’s interesting how art is subjective and how it effects people; I was surprised by my own reactions.


After looking at everything twice, we moved on to another part of the museum.


Art with mirrors

We had no intention of stopping to look but the room pulled us right in and we enjoyed it very much.  To me, this is a sign of a good exhibit!


It was interactive; depending on where you stood the look of the mirrors changed, and so did the light reflections on the floors and walls.



I studied each and every object in this display…….early glass works….someone made them, someone used them, oh how the imagination soars……


beautiful, “that blue”


We talked to this Egyptian cat and admired him very much.  He didn’t move a muscle.


Monet Water Lilies



“Cabinet of Art and Curiosity” gallery is a must-see!


In one of the drawers I was surprised to see examples of “Feather Works” which made me think of my chickens who are generous with their feather offerings.  Perhaps I will make a feather pouch for my mom. (doubtful)

Well, as Grace remarked, “I love art but after a while it’s rather like getting too many gifts on Christmas morning.”  

So we ended our day at the museum with a lunch in the cafe.


We left with many hopes and wishes for continued visits to this inspiring destination.

Grace started a new journal, purchased at the giftshop, which is to be filled with notes on various countries and history and art, beginning with Norway.

We both want to learn more.

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