our day, so far

(Well, this first picture is from yesterday.)

David, arriving back home from his first day of school, (he is gone from 8 until 11:45, a nice half day.)


He did fine, absolutely fine.  He really didn’t talk my ear off, I had to ask creative questions to get information out of him.  A couple of things I found out:  He was too shy to participate in gym class.  He just sat and watched.  And, he did not realize that school was every day.  He said to me, as he ate lunch, “I want to go back there again sometime.”  Soooooo, I was a little alarmed-like and told him, “David.  You’ll be going to school every day, except Saturday, Sunday and holidays like Christmas.”  “MOM!!!!”  (which meant:  “How dare they close school for those days?  I want to go every day.”)

This morning, while we waited outside together in the cool morning air, for the bus, I talked to him about being shy.  I told him that today his special class would be MUSIC and that he would probably be shy but I wanted him to still participate, and that he would like it.  I told him I would pray for him about that.  When he got home I asked him how it went and he said, “I did it, Mom, but I never got to be IT.” 

My xanga pal Jenny suggested that I take some photos of the older children back to school, too.  So, I did that today.  Yesterday was a little rough for me, because I was drained, emotionally, from sending David to school.  The day went well, but today was MUCH MUCH better.  It is so nice and quiet here, with Davy-do busy at school.  Caleb is easy to keep quietly busy, and the older three and I had such a nice morning of home-school, and I felt quite productive.

We began the day with a few hymns:  “O Magnify the Lord With me”  “A Mighty Fortress is our God” and “There is a Redeemer”  (they each picked one).  I play the piano while they sing.  I sing when I can (I still have trouble, playing and singing at the same time).

Here are the pictures of the day:


Cursive writing practice, the top picture is Jacob.


Ethan, happily working at the “Jungle Desk”, upstairs.


Caleb did some coloring~he colors all the time.


We spend most of our time at the kitchen table, Jacob is looking up at the handwriting display paper, on the cupboard.


We spent quite a while with this next book. which I really like.  I read aloud, and we learned all about celebrating the Sabbath.  We will be celebrating it together as a family, next Saturday. 


Grace, later on, reading about Dinosaurs~


Ethan and Jacob were still waiting for their Math books to come from A Beka, so in the meantime, Ethan did a “Math Window”. . . .


 . . . .while Caleb and Mama mixed up cookies for Davy-do, who put in a special request.


“Don’t put your hand in there, or the mixer will break it up into pieces”

You should have seen him break the egg, the whole thing went in.  Thankfully the shell was in two pieces so I could easily fish it out.



What’s he looking at?  ***He was looking at his and David’s picture, in my cupboard:***


David came home just as we were finishing the cookie dough.  So, everyone got a scoop of raw dough on a spoon (yes, I’m one of those sorts of mamas) and then we left, to go to eat lunch at McDonald’s.

That is where I got my headache.  LOL

It is hard, to take the children to a play place.  They are so loud, and make up games like, “Let’s try to stay away from Caleb”  which means they run screaming if they see him.  I took magazines so that I could relax after we ate, while they played, but I only got through half of one.  It was C-R-A-Z-Y.

But, fun, I guess, for
them.  Just look at Ethan’s face!  He’s having FUN.


I was glad that we had the playplace to ourselves, it would have been even more chaotic if Others were involved.




They knocked heads, coming down the slide, this is real-life, folks!  LOL


Oh my!!! they were loud, and so we left.  We all had enough.  After refilling our drinks (I only buy 2 and we share, it’s great for building up their immune system, just like the raw cookie dough consumption, LOL), we got into the van to take the older children to their Art class at our friend’s house.

I took a picture of the five Art students.  They were wild-acting and crazy and as I left, I begged my friend to try to calm them all down.  Life is just so exciting when you’re this age, you just MUST laugh, yell, and be silly, now and then.  Also, I really don’t think McDonald’s playplace and bright orange drinks are the best things to do right before Art.  What was I thinking?


When the little ones and I got home, we found the A Beka order on the porch.  Won’t Jacob and Ethan be thrilled?  (I already had Grace’s book).  I also bought the boys each a penmanship book (Grace has one), and one 6th grade health textbook, to do all together.


So now, I only have about five more hours to get through, before my husband gets home.  The only time I shed tears today, was when he told me on the phone that he had a function to go to after work.  Another dinner without him.  Ugh.  We are both looking forward to the long weekend.

Ummm, let’s see. . .oh yes.  Someone asked about the pregnancy.  I am feeling fine, absolutely normal except for the extreme tiredness.  I get sleepy in the afternoons and am usually sleeping by 9 or shortly after, every night.

I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday, which went well.  I heard the baby’s heartbeat, and fell in love a little more (it’s so fun, to daydream about newborns).  An ultrasound was scheduled, for September 24, which is The Day that I hope we can find out if the baby is a boy or girl.  Grace has been doodling, “Lydia May” on scraps of paper. . . . . . .we shall see. . . . . .

I can wear some of my stretchy-type pants and skirts still, which is nice.  I’ve gained about 10 pounds but I feel great.  (**yawn** except, I’m tired) 

The little boys are in bed, and have calmed down, so I’m off to go try to read for a little bit. 

Hope all is well with you, friends.


0 thoughts on “our day, so far

  1. What a lovely golden time. I am so glad for Davey-Do and you. Get some rest sleepy lady, there is another little one to be schooled some day. The faces of each of these ought to be a giant encouragement to you, that you are doing a wonderful job. (What hymn choices! I love it!) Hugs and prayers from way over here. in SC, me

  2. Oh my.  All that energy!  My kids had that energy bug yesterday, and I almost pulled out every last strand of hair!!!  They are all sweet, though.  Just so you know A Beka Grammar is my favorite to teach.  I love the layout.  I don’t know if you use A Beka for that or not, but I thought I’d tell you!  ๐Ÿ™‚  I gain more weight than I’d like to in pregnancy.  I was hoping to keep it under 35 lbs this time…but I don’t think it is going to happen.  3 weeks ago, I had already gained 26.  I bet I’ll be up around 40-45…hopefully not more!!!  I gained 45 w/ Sam and 40 w/ Maryn.  I know I should lay off the brownies and the cookies and the sugary drinks, but it’s hard not to eat that stuff when I’m craving it!

  3. Oh Shanda! What a day? I love reading your posts. I agree you MUST learn to laugh and cry and show emotion at life. David looks like he is doing well at school. Mom you must learn to take your naps and rest. I am glad the new baby is doing well. I think about you often.

  4. Sounds like a lovely, busy day.  I’m glad David loved school, I’m having issues with sending Alex, but we went today and he loved it.  I’m glad your pregnancy is going well, that’s terrific news.  I’m sorry Rich won’t be home this evening, but I’m glad you’ll have the weekend.  We were sad to hear we didn’t get assigned to your cookout..:(  Oh well, maybe another time ๐Ÿ™‚  I hope you have a lovely evening.  Love, Trish

  5. Oh how nice to hear we’re being normal! It’s been wild and wooly around here and sometimes I actually believe they should be quiet as mice. I read to them from Owls In the House until I fell asleep, then the big sister read  while I snoozed. The minute my eyes blinked they were onto me and I had a go at another chapter. The Sabbath meal was so special, we loved the Challah bread. Blessings.

  6. It looks like & sounds like David had a great day!   I hope tonight goes fast for Rich to come home.   My husband is away tonight to.   I’m really thinking of cheating tonight with dinner to, but I’m still on the fence:)  

  7. I love the picture of David coming home from school. You can tell that he was glad to see you, by the happy look on his face. It could also mean the he had a great day at school along with being happy to see you. God bless.

  8. Sounds like you are one busy mom but a  blessed one, i will be praying for you and that new little one  to be, my nephew  just added another boy to there family yesterday and i can’t wait to hold him. blessing to you and your family

  9. Love the pictures of the kiddos, Shanda!
    I have to ask, where did you find the book about Feasts? That’s something of General Interest to me and I’d love to get my hands on a copy.

  10. We school year round and so ours doesn’t necessary BEGIN around Labor Day. But, I do need to start looking at what books I need to order so they will be here by New Years Day!!! LOLDo you ever have to explain why your older children are at McDonald’s during school time? I’m almost at the point of having children old enough to have people question, “Well, if they’re home schooled, why aren’t they at home?” I’m not sure how I’ll handle that question if it ever presents itself! (scratching my head!)

  11. seeing these pictures i’m surprised i find myself missing the school days (did i just say that outloud!!) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ i’m sure that will soon be remedied once school actually starts for us : ) glad david likes his school. he cracked me up with, “i want to go back there sometime…” praying for added strength for you teaching the older ones.. know your energy runs especially low when expecting! take care of yourself and don’t be afraid to stop for a teacher nap ~ i’m sure the “real ones” do too!! i had a teacher in 3rd grade that would give us assignments then turn her chair around like she was reading, but we all knew she was sleeping!! knowing how hard it is to be a teacher now – i TOTALLY understand!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. AND… tHanK yoU. thAnK yOu. ThaNk YOU. for my card today. perfect. perfect. perfect.my heart is still smiling. (like this~ =D)you are a JOY ! love you shanda-friend.

  13. So many things about this post interested me or made me smile ~ the picture of Davey getting off the bus and what you said about him “not talking your ears off” (isn’t that so typical of men, big or little? ), the book about the feasts and Sabbath (I’ve had an interest in studying those topics), the “real life” pictures and account of your time at McDonalds – LOL! Praise GOD for the health and functionality you’ve had in this pregnancy so far…though I know the rigors of your daily homeschool/mommy schedule and responsibilities are a challenge with the fatigue. I think you are a wonder-women! (Actually, reading about you and your family often brings sweet memories of my own mother and childhood!) I am so sorry you all are having another “daddy-less” dinner; the weekend is almost here!!!

  14. I’m glad David loved school. I knew he would. ๐Ÿ™‚ This post put a smile on my face. I’m glad you didn’t have any more children to contend with at the playplace, too. I think your five were probably enough. LOL!

  15. I enjoyed reading about your day.  Packed full of fun, education, and lots and lots of memories.  I can’t believe how much of a little boy Caleb is!  He has really gotten taller hasn’t he? 

  16. I am the “sort of mom” that gave her kids raw cookie dough too. They still eat it. I miss the homeschool days. They go fast, and they are a great investment. You willnever regret the hours it takes to teach them well. I’m glad that your pregnancy is going well. Blessings.

  17. Loved your post!  Always encourages me in the journey of motherhood. 
     I was 11 years old when I finally got the sister I had been dreaming of.  I filled an entire piece of paper with her name.  I still have that paper.  I was 19 when sister # 2 was born. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I loved reading about Davy’s school day! I am glad he loves it. My oldest daughter is expecting and due in March. She just had her first ultrasound, and I am already in love with that little peanut!

  19. I am so excited to find out what you are having!  If it is girl I am voting with Gee!!! (you already knew that  but I thought I might put it in here again to add more weight!)
    Playplace makes me feel the same exact way, I am happy to read that I am not the only one, Julie calls it my deer in a headlight look when I am so stressed I can only stare quietly wide eyed, and I only have three, I am sure it is more bumping of heads on your end! LOL!

  20. You make me laugh so!  Raw cookie dough and shared drinks…sounds like life around here.  Thanks for sharing pictures from your homeschooling adventure.  I’m holding on to one more week of summer for as much as it can give me.  I know once school starts it’s going to be a whirlwind around here!!  Get lots of rest in between everything you do.  Hugs friend!

  21. I loved sharing your day with you and the children, and am glad you took pictures.  I would say I am tired too…..a very full time you have   And time to make cookies too!  Glad you are feeling well.  Off to spend the day with my middle son Nick and his wife, David and my hubby (he gets off early today).  Trying to enjoy all the momments in the next couple weeks before Nick and Alicia move to Colorado.  Praying for God to give me grace as I tear up every time I think of them moving!  Lord bless you! Jenny

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