Good morning friends!  I just had a bowl of oatmeal with a tablespoon of chia seeds on top.  I don’t know what possessed me to buy them but they’ve been in the cupboard for months.  I rediscovered them this morning.  A serving has 4 grams of fiber and, although I had concerns, they did not detract from the overall taste of my oatmeal.  With just a tad of coconut oil and a splash of maple syrup-yum!  I love eating a good healthy breakfast.

What’s your morning routine?  I usually get up around 6:30, hopefully in time to see the older kids before they get on the bus.  Seth and Sarah need to be up by 7 at the latest but they are usually awake before that time.  This morning the house was quiet when I went directly to the coffee pot and got shot at…thankfully the nerf bullet missed me.  I turned around and scanned the room but saw and heard– no one.  So, I teasingly whined, “You’re a meany, Seth!” hoping for giggles and guess who popped out from behind the basement door?  A giggling Miss Sarah.  She was having a nice morning time of target practice before getting ready for school.

On a typical school morning, I oversee Seth and Sarah getting ready.  They need a healthy breakfast, too, plus clean clothes (underwear…why do little kids try not to wear it??–how many times have I asked the question, “Do you have underwear on?”  so embarrassing–not for them, for me!)  I get them clean socks from the basket on the dryer and they locate their shoes and put them on.  Together, we make sure they have a snack and their homework in their backpacks.  Seth’s bus comes at 7:30 and then Sarah and I sit on the bench by the door and read out loud from our current book.  We only have 2 pages left.  We read and wait for the bus and when it comes I have to walk Sarah right up to the door of it.  I watch her go up the steps and then I turn around and wave to all the little faces looking at me.  There are a couple boys who smile at me and sometimes they even wave back.

Since I already have shoes and a jacket on, I go to the chicken coop and let out the hens.  Lately they are free-ranging and it makes me nervous that they will be attacked, but right now their fenced in area is still covered in snow and the poor things don’t like walking in it.  The ground in front of the coop is clear but rather muddy, and they have a path to walk on which leads down to the pond.  They like to go there and drink.  They move in and out of the coop as they wish.

Then I head back to the house and proceed with my morning; cleaning, showering, treadmill, laundry, daily bible portion, and…..blogging.  I do have the freedom to mix things up, or leave things out, but for the most part this is my routine.

I keep finding more and more chia seeds in my teeth.



extremely humbling

One of my friends just sent me some happy mail.  I found it in the mailbox on Saturday and opened it up so excitedly.  I read the card out loud to Rich and the children… was a lovely letter from Lois, someone who has read this entire blog and enjoyed it so much that she sent me a painting of a peony photo from it.

I will treasure it always.  Thank you, dear Lois.  And what a reward to meet kindred spirits in this way.

A collaboration!  God’s masterpiece, my photography, and your painting.

Eyes to see and admire the world around us.




I put the painting in the living room on an end table by the rocking chair in front of the window.  There is a flower calendar next to it, a candle, the lamp, and a small rose fiesta vase.  I’m working on making a pretty little display and will post a picture when I have it to my satisfaction.  (you know–pinterest worthy).  🙂  Isn’t it fun to feather a nest?

“Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable,” Sarah Ban Breathnach

Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out;
you formed me in my mother’s womb.
I thank you, High God–you’re breathtaking!
Body and soul, I am marvelously made!
Psalm 139

2 thoughts on “collaboration

  1. Sounds like a nice routine. ☺I struggle to get one down but I must have a cup of tea before the day starts. You have some sweet blogger friends.

  2. Such a thoughtful gift from your friend! I like oatmeal for breakfast but have never tried those seeds on top, sounds like it might be a good idea. My morning routine is a little different every morning, depending on my plans for the day. But I’m not a morning person so my favorite mornings are when I don’t have to rush out of the house 🙂 How special that you get to spend some time reading with Sarah every morning!

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