spring has sprung


“It’s surely no accident that
the most universal toast is,
‘To Life.'”

 ~quote from Victoria magazine


Spring has sprung!  Everyone’s happy!

This was Rich at a little league game on Monday, with a photo of the two of us the very next evening:

It’s much more fun watching baseball with the sun in your face than it is when wearing five layers and still cold.


I made dinner, packed it all up and put it in the vehicle, drove Caleb to drum lessons (with S and S with us, too) then went to the HS for Dave’s meet, Rich picked up the boys there for baseball, when Dave was done Sarah and I went to baseball to watch Seth’s game, too, all with dinner in the car for people to eat when they were hungry.  Sarah walked around eating salt potatoes out of a plastic cup.

I took the photo of Dave with the javelin and his siblings all around him because it always touches my heart when they wander away from me and form their own gang.  Sibling-love is great to see.


Dave in mid-air.

He had another meet yesterday but it was away (I don’t go to the away meets).  He confessed he was relieved that I wouldn’t be watching him “do badly”……(track is a new sport for him)…..to which I replied, “The only time I think any of you ‘do badly’ is when you get hurt.”  It’s obvious that David likes track, he’s often smiling.  After his events were over I took him some food before I left and he was verbally thankful.  “What’s this?  A brownie?  For me?  SWEET!” he said.  So I left with a smile on my fact, too.  Later on he told me he shared the brownie.



Seth’s first game of the season was a dud because his team had two players missing and therefore didn’t have enough to field a team.  They had to forfeit but then played it anyway.  I saw Seth playing pretty much every position.  (He’s catcher in the photo).  He pitched, ran to cover second, ran to cover first……When he was catcher he did very well but it makes me SO nervous to see my son so close to a swinging bat.  Rich reminded me to look at all the protective gear he was wearing but of course as a mom of boys you just know for a fact that they can always find a way to get hurt.  It didn’t help that Caleb was watching through the fence and saying “He doesn’t have a CATCHERS mitt on, it’s going to KILL his HAND!”

Seth got the game ball.  🙂

But he would tell you his favorite moment was when he slid into home plate to score a run.

His baseball pants are gray but Caleb’s are as white as snow.  One of my favorite challenges is to try to get them white again after each game.  (I’m a dork)  What I do is sit on the floor, lay them out in front of me, spray each dirty spot with shout and then take a bar of laundry soap and scribble it into the stains before popping them in the washer.

The most horrifying thing I saw this week was a child (not my own but it very well could have been) DELIBERATELY fall on his knees in the dirt and grass multiple times during warm ups just to dirty his white pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She makes me laugh…….at one point she was also carrying around my umbrella.  She was wearing:  sunglasses, a thick fabric headband that looked more like a hat, winter coat, shorts, and a backpack which had a small metal mailbox in it containing her tic tacs.  All set for another night of baseball.

Rich took this video of Caleb getting a base hit last night.  I have such fun watching him play.  We were down by home plate at one point to watch Caleb hit.  He got a triple and Rich tried to video it but it turned out to be a perfectly clear video of THE FENCE.  But when Caleb got on third he did a dance, moving his arms and shaking his hips a little.  His coaches kept reminding him of what to do and it was almost like he was half-listening.  He had a coach RIGHT there and started talking to him like it was time to have a conversation.  “PAY ATTENTION CALEB!”  The first base coach yelled all the way over “GET ON THE BASE CALEB!”  And the team mom also coached, “QUIT EATING those SEEDS and keep your hand out of your pocket!  …..who has those seeds?” she asked the dug out, “I’m getting rid of them……”  and so on.  And Caleb dances and smiles.  They lost the game though but at least they had fun.  I left early because it was raining.  I drove to the grocery store to get ice cream for a before bed snack.


This McCoy planter is so beautiful!  I found it antiquing.  And of course I can’t resist taking photos of the lovely eggs…..


Even Parker the dog gets one each day.  I give it to him whole and he drops it on the ground to crack it and eat it.



They rarely walk on the front lawn so I had to laugh when I looked up from my book and saw the flock making it’s way to the bird feeders.  They like to eat the sunflower seed that drops down from the feeders on the porch.


I had to take a photo when I saw the knives on the quiet piano.  “Dave was here”.


I asked Seth to take the garbage out.  I was running around the kitchen trying to make his dinner.  “Why do I have to do everything?” was his groan as he sat in front of the TV.  (The truth is he does almost nothing)  “Now you’re standing in the corner for 10 minutes.”  “Okay, I’ll do that first before I take out the trash.”  “Now it’s 12 minutes.”  And then he stopped talking and I won.  By the end of 12 minutes he was on the floor lying down on his side, with only his face in the corner.


I played two games of P-I-G with David and Sarah.  Here is a photo of Sarah trying to make the impossible basket that David just shot.  Their faces are so cute.  (I won both times)


After basketball we dared him to jump in the pond.  He was happy to be dared.  He prides himself by being the first one in the pond every spring.

I asked him if it was cold and he said yes.


Then they went fishing.  Sarah tried to bring herself to touch a worm.  She is sincerely quite squeamish of them but was trying her best to participate.  It didn’t help that Dave would say things like, “Oh, don’t touch that one it bites.”



It was a small one but Rich got home just in time to give Dave his first lesson in cleaning up a fish to eat it.


I put butter on it and put it under the broiler where it promptly caught on fire.  “I guess it’s done.”  “Are you sure mom, just because food is on fire doesn’t mean it’s cooked.”  Dave said dryly while bending over his fish and filleting the second side.

Seth was the most disturbed by it all…..because of the smell.  I guess his nose is the most sensitive.  He said “Can someone get this fish head out of here?”  And Rich took it out and threw it away in the woods across the road.



She gave me this flower.  It’s an artificial flower that fell off the front door wreath.  She found it and got creative by finding a small stick, painting it green & pink, sticking the flower into it and giving it to me.  She also used one of David’s pocket knives to carve a little design on it.  You can see how pleased she is with herself.  I was most impressed by 1) she didn’t get paint on her shirt and, 2) she put the paints away when she was done without being told.


To finally see COLOR is glorious.


~distractingly beautiful clouds


~I get this as a treat at the natural foods store.  Delicious!


It’s so good to go barefoot again!

Seth and Caleb fishing derby

This photo is from a week ago…. (I didn’t take it, it was given to me by the sports photographer)…. at a fishing derby that the wrestling coach hosts at his house for the team every spring.  David, Caleb, and Seth are all three in this picture, can you find them?


Dirty and happy at the end of a long playful day, getting their own bedtime ice cream.


The Lord will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;
the Lord will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.  Psalm 121:7



{this moment}

{this moment} ~ A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. ~ inspired by soulemama



seth falls in pond


Sixteen year old Ethan was recovering from pneumonia and had spent four days on the couch.  On the fifth day, he was finally feeling healthy enough to walk down the hilly front yard to the pond with his fishing pole.  As he sat in the bright sunshine, dressed warmly and wearing his straw hat, his little brother Seth played next to him.  Both boys were on the dock when I walked down with my camera, and their little sister Sarah was playing nearby, too.  She was wearing a warm coat, but was barefoot.  Seth had already dropped his jacket on the ground and was happily pretending to fish with a long, thin stick, wearing a pair of jeans and a thin t-shirt.

Ethan situated himself at the end of the long wooden dock with his feet dangling over the deep green water, and I moved away to the side of the pond in order to take a photo of him.  He looked like the quintessential country boy and I was pleased that he was feeling well enough to be outdoors.  The ice had just melted off the pond a week before and the beautiful water looked irresistible to the young fishermen.

Seth decided to leave the dock and take his “fishing pole” to a large, slopping rock.  He was now perfectly placed between Ethan and myself.  He squatted down with his little bare feet, in order to drop the end of his stick into the water.


I took another picture or two and all was well.  What a lovely moment of a beautiful day.  I began to smile and dream about sitting down and putting my feet up.

Just then, we heard a quick sliding and a splash.  Ethan and I both turned to look and realized immediately that Seth had lost his footing and slipped into the deep water.  We hesitated for a second, it had happened so fast and we wondered if he could simply touch bottom and pull himself out.  Our boy Seth’s eyes were huge as he gasped.  His little hands were paddling the water as fast as they could go.  Ethan I both realized at once that he needed help.  We ran to the edge and Ethan stepped into the water and leaned over to offer his arm to Seth.  I had my long scarf in my hands to use, as well.

Seth was entirely submerged in freezing water, with only his head above it.  The look on his face was so sad, he looked scared to death (a look I never see on his face no matter what dangerous thing he’s doing…..it is usually a look of great delight).  He made pitiful distress noises as he grabbed Ethan’s arm and allowed himself to be pulled up and out.

“Seth, Seth! Run up to the house and dry off!  You need different clothes on!”

I took his hand and together we ran to the house.  I think he was in shock because he started to cry about his shirt and saying it would “dry in the sun”.

We ran through the front door and up the stairs.   I took his soaked clothes off as quickly as I could and wrapped him in two towels.  His teeth were chattering but he wanted to know what was wrong.  Why didn’t he go anywhere while his arms were swimming so fast in the water?  Why couldn’t he swim when “he was five now”?  It was mind boggling to him.

“I’m never going on that rock again!”

In utter relief that he was okay, I got the giggles as I worked his dry clothes onto him.

“Mom, why do you keep laughing?”

(Why indeed?)

“I’m just so happy you’re okay!”

“I’m glad I’m okay, too.  I don’t want to die.  I wonder what it will feel like to die.”

“I should have taken a picture of you in the water,” I teased.


It took me two hours to recover from it all….as I imagined what would have happened if we were not right there when he fell into the water that was so very deep and over his head.  I have to believe it was all for the best.  Seth lives adventurously (recklessly) so I am of the opinion that God allowed this to happen to teach him an important lesson.   A little fear would do him good.

Every spring I make a note of the first child to go swimming in the pond.  Today marks The Day and for the first time Seth gets the honor:  April 10, 2014.  He said the water “was cold”.

As for Ethan,  after catching nothing but his brother from the pond, he went back inside the warm and quiet house.  He took off his hat and pulled his boots off,  letting them hit the floor.  I warmed up the corn bag and gave it to him, and he drifted off back to sleep on the couch.

We were only outside for 20 minutes.


(the rescuer, sleeping with the warm cornbag on his chest)