Isn’t it beautiful to celebrate every child, each special, unique life?

To give birth to a son and watch him grow each and every day.

How thankful I am to have my son David in my life.  Thirteen years ago, on an early fall, sunshiny day, he was born.

I experienced the miracle of new life…my third baby boy.  I savored every minute of those baby days.

This morning I woke up at 7:30 and there was already a party going on.  Dave had a friend spend the night and they were chasing each other around the house with toy weapons.


After church we had a big cheese pizza, a salad made with radishes, tomatoes, mushrooms, and Italian dressing, and fried chicken.  He played the piano while we cleared the table and turned on the Sunday afternoon football game.

The many sounds of “home”.



Isn’t it a marvel how God makes a family?   To put a husband and wife together, giving them children to raise?  Each life has a purpose, each life is a gift.


Thirteen is the age of rapid growing, the beginnings of manhood.  Long legs and arms, his voice cracking and deepening.  But still so much the child remains.


Some of David’s quotable quotes:

“I really don’t like j’s.  Why can’t they all just be g’s?”


“is it Monet or Monae?”

“It’s Monet.”

“YES!!  I love silent t’s.”


“I feel like I just had a genius idea.  But I forgot what it was.”


“I dreamt that I was grown up and I was skydiving……I was probably smiling in my sleep.  And then Santa skydived.”


“There is not a SINGLE movie where love isn’t involved.”

“Love is a wonderful thing, Dave.”

“NOT when it keeps happening.”


Home is where we wrap the presents, secretly in the other room, at the last minute.

Letting little sister help.

Leaving them in a stack for the birthday boy to find.


Home is an empty couch filled with pillows one minute, full of boys the next.

Home is the sound of guesses, ripping wrapping paper, and surprises.

Shamrock fiesta mugs and nerf guns.

batman and superman


The wonder of a tiny microscope, books, legos, and a 2 dollar bill.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to spend this!”


“Why did you put tape?…….oh” … “Did you really put tape over every time it says that in the book?  I bet you forgot at least one.”


Home is cherishing every moment.

And eating cheesecake.

It might even be homemade (it’s not).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID LLOYD, you are a wonderful son.  I love you so much.

6 thoughts on “thirteen

  1. You put it so wonderfully, Shan. Growing into a young man, yet so much child…Like the best of both 🙂 Happy Happy Birthday to Davy!

  2. I believe that was a fun day! I really like his quote about a genius thought. It puts to words a feeling that I’ve had before. I don’t believe I’m alone in that either!

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