about the chicken divan……


Yesterday morning Caleb prayed (and I heard him) that we would have chicken divan for dinner.

Davy-do promptly prayed (and I heard him) that we would NOT have chicken divan for dinner.

The Lord was in control……..not me. 

I found my recipe.  I got out some chicken, defrosted it, poached it.  We were gonna have it.

Then,  Jacob had a wire come off a bracket on his braces and the orthodontist asked us to come in at 4:15.  By the time we were done, I knew I did not have enough time to put together and bake the chicken divan.

It ended up being a sandwich night.

No one was disappointed.  In fact, Caleb and Davy never even mentioned chicken after their prayers.

They were thinking of other things by dinner time.

Like making a catapult out of a plastic spoon, taped generously round and round the top of a wooden Thomas track. 

And pretending to be ducks.  David was Super Hero Duck.  Caleb was just Duck.  I was Mama Duck.  (even though I didn’t want to play)……..I did end up quacking once or twice.

And coloring.  Caleb colored me a purple donut.  David colored Uncle David a picture, and mailed it.

Then, at bedtime, they brushed their teeth together, using bar soap instead of toothpaste.  I didn’t ask why. 




This morning, I woke up to a world of white…more snow.

Sethie has a cold and is sneezing, Ethan is getting him up out of his crib and saying “Good morning!”

We are having french toast, scrambled eggs & Grandpa’s homegrown bacon for breakfast…..yum yum!  (We had to do something to use up some of those wonderful eggs….I have three doz. of them, in the fridge.  And ten more expected to be collected again today.)


Because of Him~





0 thoughts on “about the chicken divan……

  1. boy I could go for a breakfast like that this morning…as I sit here at work eating a yogurt…blahhhhhhh!! Can’t wait to get my picture in the mail! Yes, the snow looks beautiful this morning…love you Shan.

  2. Too funny about the teeth brushing.  I think I am a bit of a control freak, and don’t give to things like that.  I can hear my self saying, “you know better than that, do it right the first time.”  Ya know, really, does it matter?  Maybe I needed to read this, and lighten up a bit.  Balance in all things, right?  Praying you all have a blessed day!

  3. I was laughing just from reading the title and almost giddy with anticipation on how their prayers unfolded.  It was well worth it!  I am sorry for the braces detour though.  Hopefully it didn’t effect too many other things in your day.  I think when I was a kid, I tried ONCE to brush my teeth with Prell (shampoo).  UG

  4. Soap? That must have tasted awful, I though right away of having my mouth washed out with ivory soap when I was kid! LOL!Well I am glad to hear that everyone is happy and that there was no battle over the Divan!!Love the rug!

  5. Little boys! Just love them. So fun to hear of their little activities…but soap? We learn so much about ourselves and life being moms! Sorry your day took a twist, but glad all were happy. So is it Divan tonight?

  6. About the extra eggs: How about some rice pudding or pumpkin pies? (Our recipe for pumpkin pies calls for six eggs and regular milk rather than that sweetened stuff – makes two)Have an extra-uneventful-day, Shanda!:)xo

  7. Too bad about the braces, and about the soap (ugh!).  Glad that no one was disappointed over supper.  I would love to take some of those eggs off your hands!  Enjoy your bounty!

  8. We were going to have sandwiches tonight but since I’m home early sick I’ll have more time and we’re going to make french toast.  Last time I made it we went through a whole loaf of bread.  We had yummy real maple syrup, which the kids don’t like, so more for Jeremy and I πŸ™‚ What a funny story about your boys prayers and how they were answered . . . what is chicken divan?  Elisha loves you.

  9. I’ve never heard of little boys willingly washing out their mouths with soap! This must be a first. πŸ™‚  Lots of eggs are just a bonus to having hens….the chickens are reward enough in themselves. But it’s fun to think of ways to use them….and even more fun to give them away. I’m in the market for some young pullets as soon as the weather gets a little warmer…

  10. I love how God is in control of even our dinner planning!!too funny about the snow… I just commented on your last post of pretty pictures w/o much snow!!!I wish you could share some of those eggs with me!! I would love some!! πŸ™‚ brown eggs just seem so much nicer than grocery store white!! πŸ™‚

  11. Chicken Divan sounds good!
    I have three sick boys and a girl that is going down hill fast.  Since I am immune-compromised, I am immersing myself in Purell, but it looks hopeless. Doesn’t it? : P
    Since you have snow, do you want to know it will be over 60 degrees here today?  My front trees are thinking about budding.  I am cheering them on.  I am growing seedlings in my kitchen sill and D is going to use them to start a veggie garden soon.  I will sow some wildflowers in part of the backyard too! Won’t that be fun!
    ~ Lea Ann

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