just so I simply remember……




(top three pictures from a little walk on Sunday)



Yesterday, March 1st!  Spring is in the air, for sure.  My children are all quite sick with spring fever. 

This morning I opened a window and breathed…..in and out, deep gulps of cold spring air.  I could hear the birds singing and the morning sunrise was so lovely.   Happy morning, it looks to be another beautiful day, today.

Here in New England, it was a lamb-like March day yesterday, so much so that I was as sleepy as a newborn lamb all day long.  It was a difficult day, wanting to sleep, needing to just go to bed.  I was up with the birds that morning, but as soon as the morning chores were done, I was back in bed with my littlest love for some cozy time.


Sunday service was a blessing to my soul.  Pastor reminded us (me) of who I am, quite simply….a redeemed sinner, which means:  a sinner and a saint at the very same time.  I loved that!  It makes such sense to me.  There are so many things my soul wants, my soul longs for, but my flesh makes it so hard.  I am weak, like a stumbling toddler I need to keep my hand in Christ’s hand.

I am still reading through the Bible in one year, but I also thought I would start reading a portion of the New Testament with my little boys (David and Caleb) in the early morning, as we wait for the bus to come.  Please pray that I will be faithful.  (I have tried this before, and gave up).  I think to myself, “They are not listening, they are wriggling, they are too young to understand”…..but,  then again, I believe that even just one little snippet of a Scripture, someday, somehow, will “hit them”, and perhaps change their hearts forever.  The Bible says that the Word will not return void, it will do something…..in them, in me, or in the older ones as they eavesdrop (we read the Bible together later on, during homeschooling time).  We don’t know how or what the Lord will do, to do His work in hearts and souls.

Please also pray that I myself will be faithful in studying my Bible, specifically my goal in thoroughly studying through one book at a time.  I chose Philippians for no other reason than I like it…but I want to read it over and over, digging and meditating on the words….using a dictionary, concordance, commentary.  I read the other day that for every one time we read the O.T., we should be reading the N.T. at least twice.

The Bible is the only truth.  Every other book, every program on TV, every blog I read, leaves me with an empty feeling, spiritually….those things are not truth the way the Bible is.  We can completely trust God’s Word.  Being a Christian, having a God I can trust, is an anchor to my soul, something I need and crave, as much as I simply need His love.



Jacob, Ethan, Grace, and Caleb spent hours outside yesterday morning.  I didn’t know what they were doing at first.  Jacob came running back to the house to beg me to go for a walk into the woods to see The Best Fort They Ever Made.  I could not go, so sleepy, so drowsy…..I allowed him to carry off my precious camera so he could take pictures of it.

The Best Fort Ever:  A pine tree had fallen over, bring up the back wall of their fort, the roots and dirt.  The children put big and small sticks, and branches up for the sides, bark for the roof.  They can go inside, and it’s like a little nesty den.


Later on, I did manage to gather up enough energy to make some homemade rolls, only because my husband requested them.


And Davy was thankful, too. 



As we serve & love others, we serve & love God.  I read this quote yesterday from a little booklet….

“All that she did was done as unto the Lord.  She scrubbed floors for Him.  She washed and ironed clothes for Him.  And everywhere she went she sang softly and talked to herself and to her Lord.  She knew His presence in all her daily duties and she was a blessing to others.  Another dear saint who knew His presence said, ‘As I wash the clothes I ask Him to cleanse my heart and the hearts of others I know.  While I iron, I remind Him of all the troubles and problems that need ironing out.  While I sweep the floor I ask Him to sweep out the fault finding from my heart so He can bless, and He always does.’ 

So, others received blessing from her life. “  ~ Grace Knowlton

I don’t want to just live my life, I want to live it for Christ and His glory.  I want to be in continual praise and thankfulness, for His love and grace.  He is the only way to a beautiful, satisfying and happy life. 

And He loves you, more than you can even imagine………

**I just got Davy off to school and we did read a section of Mark 10 this morning, and then Caleb prayed this prayer:  “Dear Heavenly Father,  Thank you for this day.  Please let us go to Grandma L’s house.  And please let us have….chicken divan for dinner.  Amen.”  Then, it was Davy’s turn.  “Dear God, Please don’t let us have chicken divan for dinner.  And please help me save up enough money for a didj.  Amen.”

Now.  My question is.  Should I or should I not make chicken divan? 

0 thoughts on “just so I simply remember……

  1. That is too funny! Make the chicken and then let David pick for the next meal!That is the best fort EVER!  I still think about how I did not go out and see Grace’s spot, I am sure I will be be up to see you again and then I will be able to see all the forts and thinking spots!The bread looks yummy!!!

  2. lol at your boys’ prayer! Our kids love chicken divan, so if you happen to make it, please invite us over, too. :o) Maybe you could just make chicken and put crushed chips and cheese on Caleb’s. :o)Thanks for the beautiful reminder of how we should be living our lives at Christians! Your family is blessed to have you! Keep up the great work!PS could I get that bread recipe? My mouth is watering. Feel free to go ahead and invite me for that, too. :o)

  3. I like Jo’s suggestion for the meal!We recently started reading a chapter of Scripture every night after supper, before the dishes are cleared from the table. Gracie is still small enough we often let her crawl around our feet, but Joy sits either in one of our laps or her chair and listens. I don’t know how much she is taking in, but we know that she at least pays attention, because every time an animal is mentioned, she makes its noise! (She especially loved the story of Balaam. We heard “hee-haw” quite a lot during that chapter.) Like you, we hope that by starting when she’s young, something will sink in even without us being aware.Spring is teasing us here, too; we still have snow on the ground but the sky is so, so blue and I want to fling open all our window and doors and clear out all the old, stale, winter air!

  4. I love all those pine trees, the green is so encouraging, even if they are that way all year long. I can feel spring in the air too! I love how loudly the birds are singing these days. I need to decide what to plant in my garden this year! That fort is awesome! My goal is for my children to spend hours outside, but sadly we are far from it. I need to go out with them more. I’m hoping to spend the spring and summer doing many fun things with my girls, before a newborn joins our home for the first time in almost 5 years. šŸ™‚

  5. I love the fort – it looks like the ones we always made in the woods.  We would love those old fallen trees.  There were whole worlds and adventures to be made in those fallen giants.  Thanks for the great memories and the fun childhood we had together.  Love You!

  6. oooohhhh…. those rolls look heavenly!  I haven’t made any “white” bread for the past, I don’t know how long!  And the pics of your kiddos – SO cute!  Your oldest boy (the picture right above yours) is looking like his Momma.    Blessings on your day!

  7. That fort is “the best”!!  Your rolls look so yummy:).  I’m sure your energy will return just before the baby…LOL.  (or at least that little burst).  That prayer is so cute. Don’t you just love how they converse to God about all their daily things.  My children do that too and it blesses me over and over. 

  8. lovely post Shanda. You got it right, it’s all done unto Him! That is the key right there. That keeps us going, keeps us joyful when we are tired and frustrated. Living and doing for Christ. Your rolls look yummy. Wish I was there to see you make them and then try one of course! LOL.. Spring is in the air and I am excited. It’s been rather cold here in TX this year. Your kids are so cute.

  9. I enjoyed your pictures!  The walk, Seth snuggled up in your bed, the fort, the bread, all of it.  Delightful!  Caleb and David’s prayers remind me of my children’s prayers.  I love hearing them talk to the Heavenly Father.  Be sure to let us know what you decide about the chicken divan for supper!

  10. Love your fort–can we come over and play? LOL I say make the Chicken Divan, of course, you should post the recipe.  I don’t think I’ve ever made it.  Tonight will be spaghetti at our house.  Have a happy day!

  11. OH, my! That first pic is stunning. I just want to walk right into it! Many happy memories in our small forest as a child. I played house, indians, spy, and all sorts of adventures with my sisters. I loved seeing that very natural fort in the forest. Such wonder! I love that quote and your ponderings. It is good that you rested and refueled. The Lord does fill us up with His word, doesn’t He?! Your bread looks so YUMMY! I think make the Chicken divan and then like Jo said, make something for Davy next. You “littlest love” looks like a sweet fellow all snuggled up there. I will have to call my little sis. Mom always called her “little love” when we were growing up. May the Lord bless you! Jenny

  12. Thank you for another wonderful post! I always leave your page and dig in my Bible and write down some of the quotes you type out – love the boys prayers at the end. So very sweet.

  13. Mmmmmmm those buns look so good!! Will you be sharing the recipe? (puleese:) I love your simple sleepy day. A simple day here to but have not made buns yet:) I think I’ll make squares instead! The fort looks so exiting…I bet the kids LOVE it and it looks so cold with all that snow still on the ground. I need to read my bible more too!!!!Thanks for sharing your day!

  14. Hahhahaha You are certainly caught between a rock and a hard place:) I will pray that God shows you what to do with this predicament! The rolls look wonderful! Your children must have the most fun!! PS I LOVE chicken divan too:)

  15. The boys’ prayers made me giggle. I shared it with Jesse and he laughed too!  Those rolls . . . OH! MY! *THOSE* rolls!  LOLI’m reading “Desiring God,” by John Piper.  The message is so much like what you wrote about – doing everything unto the Lord and finding joy in that.

  16. Thanks for your sweet comment & for rejoicing with me over our newest Grand-dumpling. Still seems too wierd to think I have a dtr-in-love let alone a new Grand-dumpling but it’s ohhh so sweet!Your Grace reminds me so much of my “Gracie” as they are about the same age and I’ve noticed the same expressions. Full of emotions they are I even tried to email you once about some post long ago but because I’m not on xanga I couldn’t. Beautiful pictures of Seth. He’s so cuddly cute!!Blessings to you~ Cinnamon

  17. Would you mind posting your recipe for the rolls? My husband was about drooling all over the screen! His aunt used to make them for family get togethers and he said it was his vice during wrestling season!!!

  18. I LOVE chicken divan, but I am thinking you should hold off on that! LOL! Tell the kids I LOVE their fort! Oh! That looks like fun! Amen and amen to all the rest of your post! (I am rushing! LOL!)

  19. We are just buried in snow here… so I was a little jealous of your first few pictures. I can NOT wait for spring to arrive. although God is helping me to see the beauty in the artwork of his creation, which is an improvement for me. I smile a little bit and then I wish for sunshine and warmer temps!!!I am currently working thru “Grace Walk Experience” by Steve McVey and he goes so far as to say that we are just saints now, our sin nature died at the cross. I am looking forward to next week when he expands on that as to why we still sin!! I have been working on making time with God a priority for first thing in the morning before the kids get up (which is very difficult in my house) and it is AMAZING to me how God has given me the desire and the strength (when the desire isn’t there) to get up out of my warm bed and be warmed in His Word. It is making a difference and I am learning to be content with little successes instead of expecting perfection at the touch of a button!!the “best fort ever” looks awesome and the rolls look delicious … I WANT ONE!!! šŸ™‚

  20. Wonderful post!  Amen to it all!  There is no greater gift we can give to our children than to hide God’s Word in their hearts.  “Your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you.”  Psalm 119:11  Love the prayers of the little boys too.  They made me smile.  Sounds like some I hear around here.  I was once told we can see the hearts of our children in the way they pray.  That’s why I pray with the kids after they have had a sin issue to see where they really are.  It is amazing how prayer and the Word of God can just melt the sin away in them, and in me too. 

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