Caleb James

Caleb turned four years old on July 9.  He likes to tell stories, he still likes to play with Thomas, he likes playing with his big brothers and his sister.  He loves to color and look at books.  He still cries too easily, disobeys more, and needs Mama more often than the others.  He’s four, so that’s okay.  He has his Papa wrapped around his little finger (Rich calls him, “my Caleb”)  He’s had a big year, because this year he turned into a BIG BROTHER.

See how big?


After I took this next picture (2 months ago), he hopped up and said, “NOW I can be on YOUR COMPUTER!”



Caleb got a new bike for his birthday!

July 9, 2009


Inspired by my xanga friend Lazonya, I bought a “cut-up cakes” cookbook and let Caleb pick out whatever cake he wanted for his birthday.  I thought for sure it would be the train…..but,

he picked a watermelon cake.

Soooooo easy!  He loved it.



Caleb went through a Buzz Lightyear stage this summer and dressed up like this almost every day for a week.


He’s a fun little guy.  He talks so much, and still says funny things.  The other day he said, “Don’t SUCH BE a PARTY POOPER!” 



“Mom.  Caleb has YELLOW HAIR.  YELLOW.  Will Seth have yellow hair?  I hope not.”  ~David

We decided to let Caleb grow hair.  I find, with having so many boys, that the buzz cut is quite convenient and much easier.  But Caleb has such nice hair.  Unfortunately, Rich took him for a haircut on Saturday, just to get it trimmed a little around the ears.  I was shocked when they came back and he had a buzz cut again.  Apparently  it had to be cut short to even out a spot that David had cut off last week with scissors.

This was an exciting weekend for me, for my whole family actually, because my friend Christie came with her family.  They arrived Saturday and left yesterday.  She and I have been friends for almost 10 years, ever since Rich and I lived in Pennsylvania for 8 months when Grace was our baby.  Our families lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same church.  Christie and Ross have four children and this is the third year in a row that they’ve stopped by on their way back home from a vacation in Canada.

The children play like crazy and the adults talk and visit.  We love them! 

This is a post from two years ago, from their first visit.  (with more details about Christie and her friendship to me)

Pictures from this year

Caleb (with his new hair) and James played so well together. 


Cameron fits right in with Jacob and Ethan….this year they spent a lot of time outside and discussing “Star Wars”~


And it’s so nice for Grace to have GIRLS to play with.  This is a picture of her with Sophie.


Ross & Christie, Katie, Cameron, Sophie, and James


Christie and me


And this year I set up my tripod and took a picture of all of us. 


Yeah, it was fun making pancakes for 10 children yesterday morning!  I still couldn’t convince Rich that, “See honey?  We could fit 10 kids around the table!”  Ha ha…….

A couple more pictures from the weekend:


I’ve been letting Seth sit and splash in the pond.  He loves it.




Well, I should call it quits for this post. 

I hope all of you have a wonderful week enjoying God and His many blessings!

Today we go and visit David’s first grade teacher and classroom so I’ll be posting some pictures of that tomorrow.

Love, Shanda

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  1. Jakey and Caleb would be best buds. He’s claimed his big brothers Buzz Lightyear this summer…he just loves Buzz! Jakey also got a bike for his bday. :)You did a great job on making the cake!!!! Great! Funny how we think we know exactly what our kids would want and then they come up with something random like a watermelon, eh? LOL.Have a happy day.

  2. happy Birthday to Caleb, that cake looks very good!!  He has gotten so big.  I know I have Matt who will be 4 in Oct and he is having a hard time listening lately to.  Glad you had a great visit with your friend! 

  3. looking at your children’s pictures from earlier, I thought that Caleb had made the most change over the summer…..something about his hair and all, he just looked like a “big boy” now….=)  Happy Birthday, Caleb….=)

  4. It is all about those eyes. I think Caleb James and baby Seth have the same baby blues. Shan, my face nearly aches with smiling all the way through your posts. What a blessed way to start a Monday morning. Thank you. blessings and love always.m

  5. I like the new hair cut and i love the one of seth playing in the pond!!!  What a group shot!….and how happy they visit you each year. I love your big family…it makes me wish for more children.

  6. It’s great to have you back posting — I love seeing your family — your children are growing right before our eyes!! Happy Belated Birthday Caleb James with the beautiful big blue eyes!!

  7. I love these shots of Caleb — and a belated Happy Birthday! And Seth is really growing up, too! You’ve had a wonderful summer, with the kids, and with a visit from such good friends!

  8. Such beautiful children! Pancakes for ten! Wowzers! It’s a good thing you have plenty of room! Caleb is already such a big (little) guy! His cake looks great! Good job!

  9. I like his longish hair as well, it is such a fun color!   Happy happy birthday to big boy Caleb!   Seth has the best smile!!!  Some of my best summer memories are down at the creek with Chloe as a baby sitting just like Seth splashing away!    I love those soft one piece outfits you put him in, Steve and I love those and are always sad when the kids grow out of them.So nice that Christie was able to come and visit, sounds like the entire family enjoyed it!

  10. Happy Birthday to Caleb!!! We thought of him a lot when we were at the TRAIN museum on vacation. We had a little boy about his age that followed David and Bob around to many of the trains. He was interested in everything Bob could tell him about trains and said to David, ” you are nice, I like you “. We kept seeing things we thought Caleb would like. I like the “yellow” hair growing out, he looks so big. What color hair does Davy think he has? Isn’t it about the same Great cake, and I love the dress up, so much fun to play and pretend. David used to dress as an Indian a lot when little. Sethy has the happiest smile…what a cutie.Glad you had a fun visit with your friends. David mentioned more than once that we should just keep driving to you since Colorado was “almost half way” lol, just wish we could.

  11. Love the pictures!  Would you believe Lucy Goosey is NOT crawling at 9 months???  She is just now starting to army crawl.  We had to force her to sit up.  This girl is SO content.  She’s a bit unmotivated!  Have you ever had one of those?

  12. Looks like fun times!! 10 kids?  Really?  I mean, wow… you are ambitious!  The picture of Seth in the pond looking up at you is A-mazing.  And Caleb, well, he looks like the spitting image of his daddy.  Like peas in a pod.

  13. what a cute little booger he is!! i think he and seth look alot alike~ same eyes. my emma will be 4 in a few wks. i love this age~ you can carry on some great and highly amusing conversations with them!! 🙂

  14. Here I am, another fan in your fan club, oooing and ahhhhing over the pictures! Caleb is even more adorable with his “yellow” hair! All of the pictures are great and it’s so good to “see”everybody again after your summer off! Love, GAil

  15. Welcome back….you were truly missed this summer…Your children have grown….Caleb’s hair looks so cute longer…I buzzed my Nehemiah’s hair this summer…Love it!!!! Can’t wait to go back to visiting your blog daily….{{{{Hugs}}}

  16. Sweet pics, loved Caleb’s longish hair too. . .my boys all have fab hair and I cannot bring myself to let them buzz it even though it would be easier. . .they look soooo cute with hair.  I too love the one of Seth in the water. . .he’s beautiful.  My older boys loved Buzz when they were small and we have that same costume.  And now they are so into Star Wars and could talk about it for HOURS and watch the movies over and over. . .it tires me, honestly.  I can only talk about Obi-Wan-Kenobi for so long. . . 🙂

  17. I’ve been reading you blog for awhile but have never commented before.  I love reading about all the little trials, joys, etc. that happen in your family.  Great pics too!

    I have a silly question.  Does your husband have teeth?  I don’t ever remember seeing him smiling showing his teeth.  It’s a stark contrast to your beautiful smile!

  18. Hi Shanda.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve been on xanga.  I see you’ve taken a break, as well.  I enjoyed looking at the pics of your beautiful family.  Glad to hear you had a lovely, fun summer!  I wanted to tell you that I made your potato salad recipe a few weeks ago that you posted months ago (and I saved).  It was delicious and a big hit!  🙂  Take care ~ Julie

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