an eggsperience I won’t soon forget


When Seth cracked, so did I


Jacob (throwing open the door to the office, with Seth in his possession):  “MOM.  You have GOT to come see what SETH did!”

ME (noticing Seth was all wet):  “Did he make a mess?”

Jacob (dramatically):  “Oh yeah”

ME:  “What is it?  Tell me!”

Jacob:  “No, you have to come look.”

ME (scared):  “Is it poop?”

Jacob:  “No, it’s WORSE!”

ME (more scared): “Worse?  Are you sure?”




So…………I grabbed my camera and away we went, to the kitchen.


Seth ran over to show me with his finger, pointing frantically to the floor.

I had baby Sarah on my hip and when I screamed, she jumped, looked at me like I had slapped her, and starting crying hysterically.


For mercy’s sake, please don’t let your toddlers out of your sight, and don’t let them get bored!

Don’t let them push chairs across the floor.

Don’t let them climb up on chairs.

Don’t leave all your eggs in one basket.

Don’t let your toddler watch you bake. 



How to clean up raw eggs:

They do not absorb.  You must scrape them off the counter into the garbage (hold the can level to the counter or the egg will drip down the bottom cupboards).  You must use your dustpan and push them into it when cleaning them off floors.  If you have a dustpan with a rubber edge, it is very handy to use like a squeegee, just turn it over and scrape the egg off the floor toward you.  Use paper towels so you can throw them right away in the garbage.  

Eggs are sticky and IMO could be used as a glue substitute.  After you clean up all noticeable egg, you must all wash all involved surfaces repeatedly with soapy water.

Wash the toddler, too.  I had Grace take care of him, I could not even think about cleaning the kitchen AND Seth.  Grace ran his bath water, washed him and his hair, dried him, put a diaper on him AND dressed him.  I am so proud of her.


Rich came home from work while I was on my hands and knees, washing the floor (I now have one corner of my kitchen floor spotless clean!).

I stood up to talk to him as he walked toward me.  I had jeans on, a scoop neck T, and brown flips.  My face was flushed, I was out of breath, and my hair was wadded up in a bun, with flyaways.

He looked at me as I talked and when I paused for breath he said that I gave him the shivers.  (meaning he found me very attractive at that moment).

Isn’t that romantic?  So I forgot about the eggs added yet another, better thing to my “to do” list.


All’s well that ends well.


56 thoughts on “an eggsperience I won’t soon forget

  1. Oh my goodness–>YIKES! lol I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rich’s reaction to you b/c my husband always tells me that I am THEE sexiest when I am doing stuff around the house (CLEANING) LOL I really don’t get it but it must be true, according to many other women! Maybe it’s the same way I feel when I see him doing a “man’s” job, like working on the yard or the car?? Who Knows 🙂

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