a good example

Rich and I went out for breakfast downtown this morning, and on the way we had to stop at the gas station to fill up the tank.  We pulled up in line to wait, behind a couple of other cars, and as we sat we both noticed a slow old man, carefully making his way to the garbage can.  He stooped to pick up a piece of garbage from the parking lot and I noticed that his hands were already full of little bits of garbage.  He was dressed in old navy work pants, a thick jacket, boots, and a hat…the kind that has flaps over the ears.  His nose was cold.  He threw the garbage away and as he walked by, he noticed us watching him, and said briskly, “If we all dump, we’ll live in a dump, right?” and kept on going.

I’ve cleaned up the sides of the road we live on, but I never thought about picking up litter from parking lots, or gas stations.  He was out for a walk around the town, and had stopped to pick up garbage and throw it away.  It did my heart good to see it. 

When it was our turn, Rich got out to pump gas.  He noticed another small piece of litter by the sidewalk and walked over to pick it up and throw it away.

I keep thinking about it and the next time I go out I’ll probably be picking up garbage, too.

(Besides, as you may have noticed in the last post, I’m pretty good at cleaning up messes. LOL)

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  1. Good for him! Good for you. I hate to see trash along a road or in a parking lot. I can’t figure out why people don’t put things in trash cans. However, I do know the wind does havoc on things that have been put in trash containers.

  2. Isn’t it funny how one person doing something influences us? I remember going with my husband to a Christian camp and the director showed us around, and while we were going to the different cabins and such, the director stooped and picked up all the trash he saw along the way. It was one of the cleanest places I have ever seen. It influenced me to to the same around my lawn and it does make a difference. Plus, the job never gets that big if everybody helps. I really hate to see trash in parking lots and such, but to be honest, I haven’t taken on the Wal-mart parking lot as a project. Just too big a job!

  3. Such a great example. My hubby is like that, I have to admit to not being as committed as he is. He usually takes a bag along on walks to pick up litter. He keeps cans and bottles to recycle, and gives them to a single mom who collects them ( we have a market with a recycle station, then you can go in and spend the coupon there!) Little things can make a difference! I received a SURPRISE in the mail this week

  4. That seriously should be a poster in my kids room!  I have been downloading “Hoarders” the show, to Netflix and that show really gets under my skin!  I clean and clean and clean and throw so much stuff away! LOL!  I have heard specialists on the show say very similar things that the man you passed said and it IS so encouraging!I hope you are having a great weekend friend!

  5. I have never understood how people just think it’s okay to throw their trash on the ground. The kids at our church used to hate me, because if I would catch them throwing their trash on the ground, as they ran off I would call them all the way back to pick it up and throw it in the trash. On my way to work every morning I used to see an old lady walking down the same road with some grabbers and a trash bag. Good lesson.

  6. Ya know, it does matter.  Like putting away your carts at the store, picking up litter, going back in the store to pay for the card that was under the baby seat you forgot to pay for after paying for the huge cart full of groceries.  Character matters.  That man has character.  I had my kids picking up litter in front of where we were sitting in the bleachers at the football field last night.  Their response to me was, “Mom, that’s not mine.”  I told them, ” It doesn’t matter.  It is there so let’s pick it up to show kindness to others.”  You go girl!  Hope you have a blessed weekend!  Have you been to Cracker Barrell lately?  We haven’t and I’m thinking it is about time. πŸ™‚  Blessings! ~Deborah

  7. The hubs and I have actually taken a wheel barrow and walked around our village to pick up litter. He was born and raised in this community and it really bothers him to see the amount of trash that is regularly discarded along the roadway. We get comments when we pick up trash…to which we respond in a similar way that the old gentleman did to you.We come from a generation who were made aware of littering constantly..thanks to First Lady- Lady Bird Johnson. If we don’t take the time to pick up…what will our community be like for our grandchildren?It is symptomatic of so many things that are happening in our country. IMHO. But that is another bunny trail.

  8. My Dad loved to walk, and he always took a couple of plastic bags with him to pick up trash. He also cashed in any cans or bottles he found, and when he had saved enough, he would take my mom out to dinner! I hate littering and tried hard to teach my children to be respectful of our beautiful world. When I was a school teacher, I always did a unit on the environment, and tried to give the children a heart for taking care of the earth God gave us. We made litter containers (from milk cartons) to give our Dads as gifts for Father’s Day, and I always took the kids on a littler picking field trip!

  9. The garbage never goes away, just moved away.  Did you know that there are ocean fills?  Like land fills, but in the ocean?  Much of our plastics and such end up in the ocean.  It’s very sad.

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