ink everywhere

10 thoughts on “ink everywhere”

  1. I hear you! I also know that as a mom I tend to get all worked up…I guess I just caution to calm down a bit and make sure you hear anything your husband has to say about what all to say/do about the situation….sometimes those dads who used to be boys can give some calming advice, or reach the boy’s heart better than a mother who doesn’t understand that urge to shoot at things…and you could read lifeintheshoe at dorcassmucker.blogspot and see what she had to say in her “Letter from Harrisburg Dec. 2015” to get a bit of perspective (which you already have with your 19 years of experience) Peace to you today!

    1. Hi Sarah, don’t worry, in case it didn’t come through in the blog post I am truly not upset. It wasn’t that fun as I cleaned up the mess but afterwards I could do nothing but laugh…and blog. I know we need to talk to him about how to create his inventions without destroying things, but I love his personality and take so much joy in it. xo

  2. Wow! You certainly do have your hands full! I am glad the ink came off everything, and I pray God will give you wisdom to know how hard to be on your little Einstein! 🙂 Respect others. Respect the belongings of others. Respect yourself. Those were the rules I used when I was a school teacher. They fit a lot of things that happen!

  3. OH MY WORD!!!! if that doesn’t sound like my 10 yr old!!! Always taking something apart to make something else!!! Wonder how many swords we have around here!!!! Duct tape is used for everything!!!

  4. When my 40 something son was a young teenager I found holes in his bedroom walls of our old house. He was throwing those metal star thingies. Now he has his own dojo, has traveled to Japan several times for training, and has a 10th degree black belt. He combines his training at the dojo with witnessing to his students. So you never know.

  5. When I first saw the photo that accompanied the link on Facebook, I thought the ink had spread throughout your entire load of laundry. Glad you didn’t go through that (said from experience after one of my kids sent a ballpoint pen through the washing machine).

  6. Like father like son.
    Might want to ask dad about the time grampa came home and found him on the buldoser, on the neighbors property, building a racetrack!
    Boys will be boys!

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