an eggsperience I won’t soon forget


When Seth cracked, so did I


Jacob (throwing open the door to the office, with Seth in his possession):  “MOM.  You have GOT to come see what SETH did!”

ME (noticing Seth was all wet):  “Did he make a mess?”

Jacob (dramatically):  “Oh yeah”

ME:  “What is it?  Tell me!”

Jacob:  “No, you have to come look.”

ME (scared):  “Is it poop?”

Jacob:  “No, it’s WORSE!”

ME (more scared): “Worse?  Are you sure?”




So…………I grabbed my camera and away we went, to the kitchen.


Seth ran over to show me with his finger, pointing frantically to the floor.

I had baby Sarah on my hip and when I screamed, she jumped, looked at me like I had slapped her, and starting crying hysterically.


For mercy’s sake, please don’t let your toddlers out of your sight, and don’t let them get bored!

Don’t let them push chairs across the floor.

Don’t let them climb up on chairs.

Don’t leave all your eggs in one basket.

Don’t let your toddler watch you bake. 



How to clean up raw eggs:

They do not absorb.  You must scrape them off the counter into the garbage (hold the can level to the counter or the egg will drip down the bottom cupboards).  You must use your dustpan and push them into it when cleaning them off floors.  If you have a dustpan with a rubber edge, it is very handy to use like a squeegee, just turn it over and scrape the egg off the floor toward you.  Use paper towels so you can throw them right away in the garbage.  

Eggs are sticky and IMO could be used as a glue substitute.  After you clean up all noticeable egg, you must all wash all involved surfaces repeatedly with soapy water.

Wash the toddler, too.  I had Grace take care of him, I could not even think about cleaning the kitchen AND Seth.  Grace ran his bath water, washed him and his hair, dried him, put a diaper on him AND dressed him.  I am so proud of her.


Rich came home from work while I was on my hands and knees, washing the floor (I now have one corner of my kitchen floor spotless clean!).

I stood up to talk to him as he walked toward me.  I had jeans on, a scoop neck T, and brown flips.  My face was flushed, I was out of breath, and my hair was wadded up in a bun, with flyaways.

He looked at me as I talked and when I paused for breath he said that I gave him the shivers.  (meaning he found me very attractive at that moment).

Isn’t that romantic?  So I forgot about the eggs added yet another, better thing to my “to do” list.


All’s well that ends well.


56 thoughts on “an eggsperience I won’t soon forget

  1. OH man! At least it didn’t SMELL bad….. did it? Men are funny! One of the first times my husband saw me, I was all sweaty, wearing dirty jeans and my Dad’s shirt with my hair in a pony tail because I had been painting. He said I looked so sexy! Uh…..OK! Yes… sounds like you will have something more on your “to do list” today.

  2. ha ha your “to do list” sounds like fun:):):) Who needs to be all made pretty? all you need is some good old work to make you attractive…preferably work that makes you flushed, sticky and NOT thinking about being pretty:):):):)You know what? I found a dozen smashed eggs yesterday:) Guess who did it…and also dug into the leftover gravy and took 3 bites out of a block of butter…..yes it was Ashley. She’s 2. How old is Seth? I’m guessing about the same:)As always…loved your post:)

  3. He sure does watch you doesn’t he?  He wanted to bake too!  But, oh my, what a mess!!  Reminds me of the time a full bottle of liquid laundry detergent fell off the washing machine and broke open all over the floor.  I feel your pain.  But as with any romantic, madly in love couple, y’all made the best of a yolky situation.  ; ) 

  4. I caught JJ putting a plastic block in the oven which he turned on.  He did it really quick while I was nursing Miles.  Not sure how I’m going to keep him from doing that again.

  5. Hahaha!  Funny post! I LOVE the labeled picture, so funny! Well, now that the mess is all cleaned up it’s funny! Sweet husband! =)  Why is it that they find us attractive when we feel gross? It’s great to be loved…no matter what!  Sweet of Grace too, what a nice sister/daughter.Happy Day to you. =)

  6. My daughter never did such things but I got a feeling this 3 month old boy I’m raising is gonna be a Curious George. I’ll probably get to experience your “egg moment at least once. Oh goodness, glad you got the mess cleaned up & a reward in the end πŸ™‚

  7. I think that one of the best things about blogging is that you can take a horrible experience and turn it into a funny one for lots of other folks. I hope that thought helped you get through the cleaning up part.

  8. Yes,eggs are no fun to clean up!When I was a girl living at home,we had 30,000 laying hens.Guess what we used to clean up eggs?The same tools you used!Lots of paper towels and dust pans and hot soapy water.What a big help Grace is!

  9. Oh Sethy! What a rascal. I laughed over your humor and labeled photos. Well done in making a mess a funny toddler story. Yay, for in love husbands that find one attractive in the midst of the mess! And yay, for Grace taking care of the messy boy.

  10. It’s funnier when it’s someone else’s child who made the mess…when I’m not the one responsible for cleaning up, or thinking about how to prevent this from happening again. Children have so much energy and such quick-thinking minds! Love the labeled pictures, esp. the “ham.” And I like your happy ending too: seven children and still attractive to each other! Way to go. Sarah

  11. Thank goodness you have laying hens to replace your inventory of eggs. LOL My word! I wonder how long it took him to make that mess. LOL Glad you had Grace to help clean Seth up. Now that the hard work of having to clean it up is over you can have an awesome scrapbook page to preserve this moment. His future wife will love it!

  12. wow that was some production that he had going on there. at least he hasn’t figure out how to get it all in the oven. that would have been very interesting. its amusing though how he probably was trying to do what he’d seen you do and though he was doing a great job. glad that miss grace was able to help clean up seth. and sooo sweet that your hubby found you attractive when you were feeling in such disarray…

  13. OH MY WORD!! I am not sure I would have had the calm to take pictures… it would not have been pretty if that had happened in my house… I take back anything I ever said about wanted my own chickens for farm fresh eggs!! πŸ™‚ so glad you could share it with a touch of humor… and hurray for men with one-track minds to get ours off the frustrating parts!! πŸ™‚

  14. And now we have all CRACKED UP, at your expense, I’m afraid! Lesson learned….you won’t leave out a basket of eggs on the counter, ever again, will you? You WILL, however, smile over this story, again and again and again, for as many years as you can remember it.

  15. haha. love the humor you find even among a mess. that Seth is such a cute little rascal! πŸ™‚ glad it ended well.. i bet that added thing on your “to do” list was fun checking off! πŸ˜‰

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