morning meditations (cheerful and bright)

(I almost wrote morning medications!)

So this morning I made my cup of coffee in a marigold java fiesta mug, let it get cold while I did laundry, warmed it back up in the microwave, and carried it outside to our “under the porch swing” with my current read.


(As an aside, I want to explain my current read.  This book caught my eye at the thrift store in town because I thought I would mail it to a blog friend who is a big fan of Doris Day.   In fact HERE is her Doris Day pinterest board.  Godeliva is a friend of mine on Facebook and also has left notes on my blog for years, she lives in a different country so English is not her first language, she leaves charming little comments that I have to translate, and it’s because of her that at times I have Doris Day photos on my Facebook feed, along with other lovely thoughts, photos, quotes, and beautiful inspiration.  So anyways, she is the reason why I gave this book a second glance at the thrift store that day. . . .I don’t know anything about Doris Day other than she’s blond and cute so naturally I have started reading this surprisingly interesting book instead of mailing it out promptly.)

Because I am a morning person with lots of energy at this time of day, once my coffee was drained, I began to get antsy and my eyes left the words on the page (very interesting account of her first marriage which failed because he beat her and abused her even while she was pregnant) to wander around the garden just across the way, and the patio with the furniture rather haphazard and the ground beneath the swing which was starting to fill up with weeds.

I left the swing and began to weed.

I soon discovered there were about 100 or more legos mingled in the wood chips and weeds beneath the swing.

“Oh those boys, I’m going to get them out of the house and have the pick up every single solitary lego!”

The weirdest thing happened.  It was kind of like magic.  Or sorcery.  As I continued weeding, the legos became so sweet, so perfectly natural to MY life as a mom, MY boys that I love so much, that my heart. . . . .simply melted, causing my brain to decide OF COURSE legos must be scattered beneath the swing!!  Of course they must!

DSC_0861 2

In fact, I may just get another couple of cups from the toybox and scatter them under there, too!

Legos are part of the landscape here.  They represent a house full of children who have loved playing with them for almost 20 years.  20 years worth of legos, I say, we must have about a million pieces.  They.are.everywhere.  They really are.  They may as well be under the porch swing, too.

DSC_0862 2

So cheerful and bright.

DSC_0863 1

Look I even found a horse.


Last week, (after I brought home my big box of Rose Fiestaware) I went through all my dishes and (believe it or not-this is shocking-) decided to get rid of a big stack of fiesta saucers of various colors and put them in a box to go to Goodwill.  A few days later, as I was working on the flower beds I thought “Hmmmmmm, this idea might be kind of redneck but perhaps those saucers that are in the box for Goodwill would make a nice border.”  So I tried it and yes Rich did ask a sincere “Why are your dishes in the garden?” but I think they look “so cheerful and bright” rather like…………….this just occurred to me………..LEGOS!

The mama has her fiestaware, and just around the corner down the path, the kiddos have their legos.



the smell of a toasting lego head

The girls had toast this morning and I was in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal when I smelled a smell….and yes indeedy when a mom smells a strange smell she becomes very much like a bloodhound sniffing the air and moving her nose up and down and all around the room.  I decided it was Rich’s video recorder which he had just plugged in using a kitchen outlet.  The smell of a battery vigorously charging?  A questionable but satisfying deduction, in my opinion.

Eventually, Jacob and Caleb put bread in the toaster.

By this time I had gotten myself snuggled up on the couch in order to finish my book, I’m at the very end when things are getting deliciously riveting.  Ah, Saturday mornings.

But then.

“Mom, there’s a lego head in the toaster.” Jacob informed me.


Dang.  A bloodhound would have gotten this right.

I had just read an article about single use plastics and how they should be avoided at all cost, the most fearful reasons of all being, “leaches toxins into food and drink” and “causes hormone disruption and cancers.”

Not sure if a lego would be considered a single use plastic but…….

“Get it out before it leaches toxins into your toast!”

“Mom it’s too far down to leach toxins into my toast.”

“Let me take a picture!!!!”

“Was that the smell I smelled?”

Caleb sniffed around obligingly.


“I mean, yes!  Ewwwwww!!”

“How on earth did a lego head get into the toaster is what I want to know.”

“It’s melting.  It’s burning.”

“Why do you want a picture?”

“Because it’s just one more example of life with boys that’s why.”


The boys now possess a one of a kind plastic head.


Generic smile lego guy has a new look.


Back to my book until the next random interruption occurs.  Stay tuned!

legos for the boys


((SETH AND CALEB in the plane.  Caleb, a more cautious type, was quietly worried and gave up his window seat to Seth.  They were excellent travelers. Seth loved going to the bathroom.))


The first thing Caleb did this morning was go to the table to continue working on his first big lego set.  He is 9 and the set has 738 pieces in it.  He has three older brothers and typically lets them put his sets together for him.  I am proud to see that he is getting old enough to follow the directions carefully and do it himself.  It takes some concentration and determination for a boy to put a lego set together, and it’s so healthy and good for their minds.  Before you know it, you’ve convinced yourself that fifty odd dollars on a box of plastic bricks is worth every penny!

My husband had to work in the Orlando office after lunch, so the boys and I walked to Downtown Disney.  They were already enlightened by the knowledge of a LEGO STORE, and I figured we may as well cross that off our list of things to do…..with springs in our steps we practically ran to find the legos.

Isn’t it funny how a girl’s mind changes when she becomes a grown up and a mom?  I’m so used to giving the children experiences that I almost forget what I myself enjoy!  If I was a little girl the last place I would want to go to would be the Lego store.  (I know some girls love them and that’s great and all, but not me).  On the last day in Orlando I went alone to a completely girlie store in Downtown Disney….I smelled every bar of soap and bath bomb in the place and treated myself to my own souvenirs…and everything was PINK.


We stopped to give Buzz a pat.  I have pictures of this same Buzz with baby David (first trip), and then the older children, too (second trip).


Caleb likes “How to Train a Dragon” (he just finished reading the book) these days, so he was thrilled to be greeted by a fire breathing dragon made of legos.


We also found the seven dwarfs made of legos.


While admiring the sea monster made of legos in the water, the boys excitedly told me there was a bird to take a picture of.  This happened all through our trip, they would point out bits of nature and I knew my family’s love for God’s creation was being was passed along to them, even if unintentional.  They collected a white feather to give to Grandma, and wanted me to pack palm tree bark to take back for Uncle Dave.  I am sorry, Uncle Dave but I never did pick any up for you.


A somewhat disturbing image of Snow White.


We entered the store of happiness.  My job of keeping my eyes on two little boys just got even more exciting.


Seth had no trouble picking out his new set.  It kills me that he lost Bilbo Baggins before we even got home.  He still has the golden ring, though.


They are always so thoughtful to point their fingers, grab my arm, and say LOOK! over and over because they know how much I appreciate the legos.


This is 17 year old Jacob’s dream lego set.  Only three hundred and ninety nine dollars!  Awesome!

Actually, they have so many legos at this point that he put together a pretty decent death star with instructions off the computer. (=free)

( did I just say death star?  like I know what I’m talking about??  who am I??)


Caleb really and truly wanted a Lego Movie set and at first I said no to the one he wanted because, if I remember correctly, it was 10 dollars more than Seth’s.  But then I thought, “this is Disney, where dreams come true” and said yes.  I can’t even show you a picture of it because I didn’t take one.  But it’s the “Lord Business’ Evil Lair” set which includes a tiny sign that says “Where are my Pants?”, and other fun things you will only understand if you watch the movie, which I have about five times now.


I don’t know, they just pointed it out to me so I took a picture.


The Incredible Hulk was there.


Seth with Lego Woody and Lego Buzz, and trying to keep his lego set in his arms.

At the register I joined the lego VIP club, it’s about time, right?  We also received a free lego set (of a car) for spending over 100 dollars.

Next, I made them go to into a shop so I could get a sweatshirt.  I lost my anthropologie white sweater at the airport 😦

I made them go into the Ghirardelli chocolate store so I could get a frozen latte. (caffeine!)

Then we headed back to the room(s) so the boys could put together their mini figures.

The hotel messed up our reservations so we ended up staying in the best suite of the entire Hilton…the presidential suite.

It gave the boys plenty of room to spread out their lego sets without mixing them up.

Caleb was here::



And Seth was here::


If you have boys, perhaps they would like to see this blog post.  Tell them, when you go to Disney, there are legos there!


After half a day of travel and an adventure in the Lego store, Caleb and Seth settled into their covers for a movie::Kung Fu Panda 2.  Seth fell asleep.

After their rest time, we left to go to dinner with Rich’s team.