my wip


I have a WIP! 

I love reading my friend Dawn’s blog.  She’s a crafty sort, always doing something with her hands, creating.  She will often show “wips” on her site and at first I thought a wip was some kind of sewing technique, but it really means “WORK IN PROGRESS”! 

So, what is Shanda’s work in progress?  Knitting a dishcloth?  Crocheting mittens?  Sewing a quilt?  Perhaps Cross Stitch?

Noooooooo, although I would love to do any one of those things, my current WIP is my DARLING DAUGHTER’S BEDROOM!

How can one girl make such a messy-mess?  She is not a neat freak.  I wish I had taken “before” pictures, really I do.

I’ve been walking in and out of her room for days, working up the proper spirit for tackling the project.  This morning, I began.

At first glance, things don’t appear to be too bad.  I admit, the room has potential.  However, I need to re-hang her curtains.  Also, there are a bunch of toys and clothes that need to be sorted.  She loves to pick up frames from the thrift store, but I noticed today that she has no pictures in them.  We need to take down the snowflakes off the wall and use framed horse or cat pictures, instead.  I found Bitty Baby in Grace’s cedar chest and put her back on the bed where she belongs.  (mama can’t let the doll get put away just yet).

Things I like:  1. The suitcase standing under the nightstand.  It holds her small toys (mostly horses).  2.  The color of the walls.  A bit bright, but it’s in good shape so we’ll work with it.  3. The horse and cat theme, it’s what she loves.


On the opposite wall from the bed there are books.  This is where things get a little more cluttered.  Her books were all over the place on the shelves and I spent some time standing them all back in their rows.  I also pulled out the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books and put them in a box for the garage.  I am starting a “donate these books” bag that I will have to hide from her because she never ever ever wants to give away any book.  I plan on asking her if we can put the cat bed someplace else….I’ve never seen a cat in it and it ends up collecting more clutter.  The yellow tin holds all her hair things and the “HUGGIES” diaper box is FULL to the brim with all her papers.  Grace is a writer and has bazillions of papers with lists, stories, etc, that she doesn’t want to part with.  She’ll need to go through the box and make decisions about what to keep and what to throw away.  We’ll put the rest in binders.  I want to do a different shelving system on the wall.  I love this look from PB teen, and think maybe Rich could copy it for me in his “spare time”.  Here’s hoping!

*photo from pbteen website



This is the biggest challenge.  Grace used to have mirror doors on her closet but they broke.  I need to either order more sliding doors or put up a curtain.  I thought about leaving it open, but I think it would be more soothing to have the stuff in the closet hidden, especially with the bookcases against the other wall.  Today I started putting the stuffed animals together on a shelf, and I also stacked some extra books in there, too.  I pulled out a bunch of clothes that are too small or childish (no more pretty Sunday frou-frou dresses for my almost 13 year old.  That was so two years ago!)  The dresser is rather small but has to stay, as it is a family heirloom for Grace from her Great Grandma.  She has a lot of closet space so I want to hang most of the clothes up or use containers to store other pieces.

She’ll be home from school soon and I can’t wait to show her what I’ve started.   And put her to work.  heart

As we continue on her room, I would love to know:

What was your favorite thing about your childhood bedroom?  I shared a room with my sis, and I loved our wallpaper, hanging up lots of posters (cats and gymnastics), and having my very own phone.  Even though the phone sometimes got me into trouble! 





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  1. I love her wall color:)warm and deep like your mama heart!!!Don’t even get me started on teen rooms!! I have helped them organize their rooms so many times to no avail. Two days later it looks like a bomb went off. Hope grace’s stays nice. She looks like the type that would perhaps appreciate it a bit more! My 11 year old likes a neater room. Not perfect but neat… Those types do exist:):)

  2. What about Ikea if Rich isn’t able to fine the time for shelving? We have one of their bookcases/shelving units set up in our mudroom with baskets in some of the cubbies. It helps contain the clutter, although I am the only one who puts stuff away where it belongs. As for my bedroom, I loved the window looking out over the trees in the backyard.

  3. I had to share a room with my brother. He was 3 years younger than me. We put the dressers in the middle of the room so there was my side and his side. I remember he had so many model airplanes that some of them hung from the ceiling on my side. My favorite part was the walk-in closet. It had been added on after the house was built, and there were 2 doors to it….one from our bedroom and the other from my mom’s bedroom. From the outside the closet looked like a little box attached to the side of the house. It was good for hiding in.

  4. I loved my wallpaper in green, blue, and white. The bookcases that stretched across the room under a picture window, and a closet with lots of hooks which made it easy for me to keep my clothes off the floor.Have fun with your young lady!

  5. My bedroom? It was wallpapered in RED with little tiny cross-stitched motifs of a boy and girl and houses. I had antique twin beds with wedding ring quilts. One of the quilts was made by my great Aunt Becky and my mother had another made to match (as closely as possible). Considering that I grew up in an era when most of my friends had pink bedrooms with chenille bedspreads and posters of The Beatles on the wall, I think my room was rather unusual. My mom and dad began collecting antiques when they weren’t exactly cool…but it was what they could afford. They passed their love of old things to me. BTW – Love the dresser in Grace’s room! I think I have a photo of my room someplace. Should try to find it and post it on my blog.

  6. @ABAHM –  I shared that room with Jenny Besides the wonderful walk in closet, I liked the built in desk that stretched the lengthen of one wall, with cubboards in the middle and plus shelves above our two chair spaces, a bulletin board and blotters.

  7. I really like those shelves. My girl’s have a horse room too.It started out as a cowboy room for my boys, but after a few years we switched rooms around and the boys are now in the basement working on their “garage” decor. They are collecting antique signs and all sorts of fun car items. The cowboy stuff they had easily transitioned into a horse theme for the girls. We have antique barn lights and I had bought a giant horse collar from a barn sale. It’s hanging on their wall. I really liked the Holly Hobby wallpaper my mom put up for me. =)Happy Weekend to you.

  8. I love the wall color!!! And she’s got a good sized room, lucky girl!Growing up… my favorite bedroom was my teenage one, it was a pale pink, with green and pink floral bedspread and I worked the decor to feel “Victorian” although you’d never know based on my current home decor as an adult that I fancied the Victorian elegance, soft laces, and delicate touches of yesteryear! lol

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