“why does everybody keep leaning on my blues?”



 I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen…
— A.A. Milne


Sometimes, when I’m going through old papers and mail, I will come across a little slip of paper in my handwriting with a random quote on it from one of the children.  Every mama knows these priceless remarks are like treasures; glimpses into the mysterious worlds and thoughts of our children.

Now that I have a smart phone, the slips of paper documenting these quotable quotes are vanishing from the drawers and babybooks.  It’s easier to keep a running “note” using an app on my phone, and I find that I tend to record even more remarks from my wonderfully funny talkers.

Like these:

“MOM?  Can we go to Crackerbarrel?  The one that has those yellow eggs?  The ones that look just like those green eggs on ‘Green Eggs and Ham'”?  Only they’re yellow?  I WANT THOSE EGGS!”  ~Davy, at breakfast time.  (apparently we don’t have that kind at home?)

“MOM!  DAVID SAYS HE FEELS LIKE BITING SOMEONE!”  Grace, stuck in the backseat with three brothers (and how does that urge come upon one?)

“I wonder what Ethan will look like when he gets older.   Probably just like….. mom.”  Dave (poor, poor E)

“I just made a tent.  But.  Not with my bed thing.”  Caleb (I had told them to quit tearing their beds apart, so he felt he needed to clarify)

“Mom?  Hands are more valuable than your feet.” Dave (after he had jammed a finger) (he’s never jammed a toe)

This one is priceless:  “I know what I got bit from to!  A special bug butt!”  ~Caleb (that remark came out ALL wrong, huh, buddy?)

David was drinking milk and told us he thinks he “has a hole in his body tube.”  (I worried all day after this comment)

“HEY!  Give it my backpack me!”  Seth

“Help!  Where are me?” Seth, stuck in his shirt

“Everybody plug your nose!  There’s a bad breath in your mouth!”  Caleb (when we were all in the car together,  he smelled something bad)

David says he only burps in wide places “because those are the only places where the stink doesn’t build up.”  One only wishes he had this same rule with passing his gas.

Caleb told me there wasn’t a bit of east in his bread.

“East is that stuff that makes bread chewy.”  ~Caleb

David says he “has to get his spirit back.”  (he was groggy after his nap)

“Is it still spawning season?”  a thoughtful question out of the blue, from Dave (like. I would know???)

Why does everybody keep leaning on my blues?”   Caleb, frustrated during a tv time, when the kids are usually sitting practically on top of each other.  (he meant BRUISE)  Oh, the drama!

“I’m outside down!”  Sarah, when I was tipping her backwards, playing.

“MOM!  Why did you cut it?  I wanted it on a BONE!”  Seth, unsatisfied with the hot dog that I cut up on his plate.

0 thoughts on ““why does everybody keep leaning on my blues?”

  1. I came on a rec from Amber. And goodness, this is so funny! The things kids say and how they say them ~ for real, I think God ordained it as so because He knew we needed the laughs amid the challenging days!! 🙂

  2. Oh, I loved these! I can still remember some from my kids, too. I remember finding a note on my pillow one night from six year old Hannah.”MOM. I AM SORRY I SAID THOSE UNDERPANTS WERE DIRTY. I THINK I ONLY WORE THEM HALF A DAY.” Wha……? Not sure how that warranted a note, but I chuckled for a long time over it. I had planned to save it, frame it and give it to her someday, but unfortunately, in the move to Denmark, it was lost. I am glad it is still in my head!

  3. LOL!!! Don’t you just love it! Sometimes those little saying are what brings a smile all day.Love the one about the hotdog and cutting it from the bone…LOL. So funny.

  4. I’ve been trying to track sayings, too. We are just now gettign to that stage! I love it when Aiden says, “I want hold you, Mommy.” Wanting me to pick him up. Melts my heart every time

  5. i’ve never thought of using my phone …. i’m always hunting for a scrap of paper or receipt or old coupon or church bulletin or …. you get the idea, the phone is brilliant : )

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