long weekend!


Grace and I went out on Saturday, with a stop at the Thrift store, Agway (for chicken feed), the fruit stand, and a yummy lunch—just the two of us. 

We found a darling little tea set.

Grace found a soft sweater for herself, and a cute blue t-shirt.  I bought two frames, and found a few things to decorate Sarah’s room with.  Her room is sage green and country blue, with dark pink accents.

I knew these pillows would look so pretty.


Isn’t this sweet?  I thought the little girl looked like Sarah might look in a few years.  Plus, she’s reading!

It’s a small picture, about the half the size of one of the pillows I purchased, perfect to hang on the wall in a cozy place (next to the bookshelf).

Have I mentioned that Rich is trying to train for a marathon?  We aren’t sure what will happen, because he’s been doing so much running that he now has an ankle that’s bothering him.  This weekend, he decided to go for a long bike ride, which is easier on the ankle.  He was gone for about half an hour before he called and told me he needed me to bring the truck and pick him up.  BOTH of his tires had gone flat!  LOL  Poor guy.  He was not happy.  He came home and went for a little jog instead, then felt bad about his ankle.  Hopefully it can heal up soon, but Rich isn’t one to lighten up even when he needs to.


Sarah asked, “Can you paint my pretty nails?” and after a her nap and a bath, I did.  Such girlie fun!

On one of our walks, I picked wild berries like flowers; not for eating, only for looking; purple, pink, red, speckles, loveliness.

On another walk, I had to take an umbrella. 

I always think the ponds look so pretty during a rain shower.  If it isn’t a thunderstorm, the children sometimes swim.

Rich found this airplane playground piece at Costco and just had to get it for the children.  He and Ethan spent time working in the garage, putting it together.

The selling point?  It has seven seats for seven children.

Jacob and Parker, our dog.


Sarah is quite smitten with Ethan lately.  In fact, the first thing she said this morning when I got her up was “I want E!”


I had to take a picture of an afternoon Crackers and Cheese Party…all seven are here together (Sarah is behind Caleb).  I normally do not allow eating in the livingroom, but they were watching a show and the rug needed to be vacuumed anyway…….  Rich and I had one of “those moments” as we enjoyed watching the kids wolf down THREE sleeves of Ritz crackers and one and a half blocks of cheddar cheese, just enjoying the moment, knowing someday they’ll be grown and gone, but so happy and proud that they are OURS.

On Saturday night, we had another emergency incident.  Last week, if you remember,Seth needed stitches.  This time, DAVID was on the floor, watching TV (at 9pm, no less) and felt something in his eye.  When I looked at it, the white of his eye was turning pink and swelling up fast.  Rich tried washing his eye out but it kept on swelling (all but the iris, which looked sunken in!) so he whisked him away to the ER.  Since it was his eye, and his precious vision, we didn’t want to wait.  At exam, he had nothing in his eye, no scratches, and the doctor believed it was an allergy.  Since then, I have found a few of my friends have had this happen to their kids, too, so I think he just had a bad reaction to something.  They were back after midnight.

The next morning, we missed church because Dave slept and slept, until 10.  By that time, I was pacing around, nervous, NEEDING TO SEE THAT EYE.  Thankfully, when he got up it was normal sized, only very sore looking.  I hugged him and said in my dramatic way, “What do you want for breakfast, I’ll make you anything you want.”  PANCAKES, it was.  We had a 10:00 Sunday morning pancake breakfast (the second breakfast for the six other children!).


Therefore, on Sunday night when Rich said, “Are you going out with me tonight?”  I said, “No, I don’t want to leave the children.  Someone might get hurt.”

He knew what to reply.  “I wanted to go to the bookstore.”  Smart man.

“Okay.” I quickly agreed.

We had Panera for dinner.

Then, we browsed the bookstore and were still home by 7:30.  It was a nice little date.  AND NO ONE GOT HURT.

We actually had a second little date on Labor Day, the day I told myself I wasn’t going to spend cleaning and cooking, but I did anyway.  By the time *that afternoon cup of coffee was calling*, I asked Rich if he wanted to go downtown for a coffee treat.  Seth and Sarah were put to bed for naps, the others were told to go downstairs and play quietly, and we went downtown and got coffees and DRANK THEM IN THE PARK!

It was very very nice, we sat under a tree together in the shade and it was so very lovely.




The children are back in school today, and it’s going so well.  They’ve had two full days of it and are happy.  Jacob doesn’t see Ethan during the day but he likes knowing he’s in the same building (“it’s more homey” he said).  Ethan is doing great, he and Jacob have joined Cross Country, their first school sport, and are already in the “fast group”.  David said that school is “going great”.  His new teacher is a lady (a man last year).  He gets to start an instrument this year.  Caleb is happy but believes the day is too long.  “We had two Maths!  Two!”  He prefers recess outside.  Grace is the least enthusiastic so far, but she is fine and calm and looking forward to singing in Chorus and Select Choir.

We had last year to get used to school (after homeschooling for five) and this year they seem very confident.  I am so proud of them.

As for me, I absolutely love having some extra space and time for Seth and Sarah, and my own interests.  I can breathe again. 


Happy Tuesday!


0 thoughts on “long weekend!

  1. I love the photo of the wild berries – I’ve seen lots of the purple ones here, but none of those speckled ones – God is so creative – even weeds have beauty ;)So glad you got to go on two dates with your man!! What a treat for both. Yes, I understand being able to “breath” again with kids in school 🙂 Enjoy it. Blessings to you Shanda

  2. Never a dull moment at your house! I am glad David’s eye is OK. I love the pillows! I try to make something every Christmas for the church leaders here, and I have decided this year is “The Year of the Pillow!” I have four done. I have collected old doilies to sew on them in interesting patterns. I find old pillow forms at the second hand shops, wash and bleach them, and then make new covers. I have done a few with buttons and ribbons, too. It’s fun! I just hope I can get 15 finished before Christmas, since I will be in N. Ireland the whole month of October to help with the arrival of our fourth grandchild! Blessings to you and yours! I enjoy your pictures and blog so much! You are such a good momma!

  3. great picture of you and rich! and seeing the panera salad makes me want one. :/ miss those up here…the airplane thing from costco looks fun. love all the kids on it~ and such a neat find at the thrift store, the little tea set. so unique and dainty. happy mid week to you shanda friend! xo

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