~playing with my dishes~

Valentine’s day, after all, is only 3 weeks away!  I’ve been inspired by dear Dawn’s site and after looking at the little crafty things she’s been doing, my eyes were ready to see some PINK on my blog, too. 

Some of you have been asking about my camera (so sweet of you).  I am happy to say that my new lens came yesterday.  I have my battery taped into my camera with a cotton ball and tape.  Mr Camera feels all tough with his big ol’ bandage.  A new battery cover is on the way but until then, things are working just fine.  It seemed fitting, after I put my new lens on, that I took pictures of my fiestaware…ROSE, WHITE, YELLOW, and SCARLET.

Very cheery, don’t you think?  The kids, when they got over the shock of seeing the table full of all the dishes that were rejected (wrong colors),  loved it.

Cupboard open:


Cupboard shut:


I’ve been working on some little Valentine gifts for the children, too.  I’ll show them to you soon.  I made the same thing for each child….six little somethings…

I have a busy morning ahead of me.  Doctor’s appointment at 9 and then hopefully a quick run to Costco.  I’ll be taking the big boys along, so they can do the heavy lifting.

Thankfully, I’m feeling somewhat energetic, I went to bed last night at 6:30!

Have a lovely day ~Shanda~  

0 thoughts on “~playing with my dishes~

  1. That looks so great! The colors go really good together. It  make you dinning room and kitchen look ready for the holiday. Very cheerful, that is what we need this time of the year.  :o)

  2. Love the colors as usual!  What a great idea to turn the serving bowls upside down to use as a platform for other pieces.  Love You a bunch and hope you have a successful outing.  Maddy goes to the dentist this morning at 9:30 so I will probably post more later.   

  3. Have I ever told you that I only live about 1 hour for Homer Locklin Pottery, and my mom and dad have gone a couple of tours of the factorys. They have a super great gift shop. God bless

  4. That looks so stunning! I love how you arranged and displayed everything.
    I hope your doctor’s appointment goes well. You are getting sooo close! I can remember the excitement, apprehension, and anticipation of it all. Waiting and waiting to meet that new little person and breathe him in. mmmm – nothing like the smell of a new baby.

  5. I love the dishes!  I’m tempted to start collecting!  🙂  As for your advice–I think you may be the right one about my spoiler–she’s 59, never married, no kids, lives alone, has few friends.  I think this is her love language…and she isn’t a believer.  I love her dearly, and I don’t want to hurt her.  It’s kind of hard to not give the kids the stuff b/c it usually arrives in a big box  and they get so excited over it.  Dave and I need to pray about how to handle this.  She may need some boundaries, but I think maybe we should just worry about our kids and give THEM boundaries when the stuff arrives.  Thanks for your thoughtful response; you seem to be in tune with her issues.  Other responses seemed too harsh.

  6. I have to tell you that it was because of you that I started collecting fiesta ware! I love the colors here but I too have a question on where the other dishes went. Do you normally display only certain colors at a time? Right now I dont have a whole lot but I display it all regardless of color. LOl And another question, do you use your fiesta ware for everyday family use and if so, how is it holding up? Also where do you buy your dishes?

  7. Love the display of dishes.  I don’t think I would have thought to put yellow in the mix with the pink, red and white, BUT it looks lovely!!  Very “springy” and festive. 

  8. Glad to hear you’re feeling somewhat energetic as of late.  Hoping your doctor’s appt. goes well today.  The dishes look lovely…they remind me of the little candy hearts with words on them.

  9. Your cabinet is beautiful…and I’m so glad to hear that your new lens came in! I had sympathy pains for you regarding your camera!!!! (LOL)
    Enjoy your day out with the big boys. 🙂

  10. I really like all those colors blending together! My pregnant daughter is feeling very tired as well. She’s a school teacher (1st grade) and is due at the end of March. She comes home from work and sleeps for about three hours, fixes dinner, and is in bed by 7:30 if possible!

  11. I would love to know how you find time to make things for Valentine’s Day for your children without them seeing you do it???!!!I’m pretty good at sneaking gifts into the grocery cart at Wal-Mart while they walk by my side, but crafts????? WHAT’S YOUR SECRET?????? (please don’t tell me you work at 3am when all are asleep!!!!)

  12. @Thia7278 – The dishes that I took out are scattered around.  I put some of the valuable pieces on top of my piano for now, the rest are just being squeezed into the regular kitchen cupboards and also inside the cupboards in the china cabinet.
    @mrsdarling – I don’t normally display certain colors, although for Christmas this year I did fill a shelf with just red and green and then, as you see here, I’ve done this display of some Valentine/spring colors.  I use all my dishes except for the valuable vintage ones.  It holds up really well but we do have a tragic breakage now and then.  The lighter colors (like ivory) do show scratches on the plates after a while.  I’ve been collecting them for 11 years, and I’ve picked them up everywhere….most have been gifts but if I buy I like to use the internet or Macy’s.  The reason why I want lots of kids is so I can buy more dishes.  Ha ha!  just kidding.

  13. YEAH!!! FIESTA!!!
    I should try arranging mine nicely, instead of just “cramming it in” like usual.  Maybe … we’ll see!

  14. Maybe, I need to be going to bed earlier (6:30pm sounds nice!). I am 28 weeks and have a 3 1/2 year old and a 21 month old and am EXHAUSTED most of the time. I took on the project of going through all the kids’ stored clothes yesterday and washing/putting away newborn clothes. I am still only about 1/2 way done. I hope that I have more energy when the baby gets here! I love reading your blogs!

  15. Very Nice Shan!  I love the fun colors.  I’ve often thought about starting a little collection of fiest ware.  I love the variety of colors.   One more day closer to Seth being in your arms!  you must be so excited! Love, Lish

  16. GORRRGEOUS =D I totally love your fiestaware and the fact that you’re making Valentine’s gifts for your kids!! =D What exactly are you making them? If you don’t mind my asking that is. LOL I just have this thing for handmade gifts, sorry.

  17. Very eye catching!! I love it. where do you get all those dishes??… I think it would be fun to see your WHOLE collection sometime!!also LOVE the “Three Little Birds” song!! So cheery and just what I need!!

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