kitchen remodel part 3




The children gave me a Top Secret Recipes cookbook a few years ago and I used the “secret” recipe for Aunt Anne’s pretzels.  I made them yesterday, for the first time, with my two ovens and big huge island and it was all so convenient.  The dough rises for about 45 minutes and by that time I had put Seth and Sarah down for naps and was alone in the kitchen, on a hot afternoon, barefoot and baking, almost-whistling, it was that sort of feeling; of contentment.  A friend (the one who crashed in our stream) even stopped by.  She had a big bag full of empty egg cartons for me and a vase of big floppy and dusky-purple lilacs.  Love.



Well, today’s news is that the kitchen remodel is done, all except I need to hang the curtain.  Kevin finished the hardware yesterday and the stools for the island came today.

(I’m typing this on the couch with two tiny kittens curled up next to me.)



The cooktop was installed last week and I love it, it’s just a flat piece of glass that happens to be a cooktop.  No knobs, no buttons that stick out, nothing but glass with a digital pad along the bottom to turn the burners on with a pleasant little beep.  It amazes me when I use it.  There is a “boost” to the heat and I can get a can of soup or a big pot of water boiling in no time.  The only unfortunate thing is that it is induction heat and I can’t use half my pans because they have a coating on the outside of them…..I did have extra downstairs that I was saving for the boys that I’m using now, some nonstick pans that I got from points at the grocery store for “free” much to Rich’s dismay (he was so proud of the pots and pans he got me for Christmas).  Cast iron still works, thankfully, and enamel covered cast iron, too.


This afternoon I came home from a craft time with the Bible study ladies and there were four big boxes on the porch.  The stools were delivered while we were gone.  I unpacked them and then spent quite a bit of time sweeping up all the little Styrofoam bits that they were packed in.  We ordered these stools from Costco, and they are nice and big and they swivel!  My grandparents had swiveling stools at their counter and I always loved sitting in them and especially wanted swivels for my home, too.  Jake and E thought it was an unwise decision, they think the little ones will spin themselves senseless on them.  I’ll keep you posted on that.


Decisions……are so hard at times….but (I must say) I chose the hardware for the cabinets all by myself.  I didn’t hem, or haw, or text Rich a picture for approval, I just marched in there and picked them out in hardly any time at all. 



Rich bought the two big crocks (on the left) at Brimfield on Sunday.  A number 2 and number 3.  They will go in my future pantry.  Notice the under counter lighting and the light fixture above the sink, which is mercury glass.



Jacob and Ethan just got home from school so I took this one of Jacob sitting on a new seat (he’s wearing his D.Who shirt @seriesoffortunatevents)












Thankful for:

knobs and pulls
two dishwashers
a large island
comfy counter stools
and limp sleeping kittens




32 thoughts on “kitchen remodel part 3

  1. It’s beautiful!  You’ll love the under-counter lighting and the light over the sink and the flat cooktop (the bottoms of pans need to be flat, too) — and the openness!  Enjoy it!

  2. What a lovely post!  Everything from the yummy pretzels to the beautiful new kitchen to the handsome boy 😉 to the peaceful kitten!  Looks like a very fun and inviting place to cook, eat, and hang out!

  3. It’s so beautiful, Shanda! Your family is going to make so many wonderful memories in that kitchen.Wish I could drop by, share a cup of coffee and a pretzel, and chat about the books we’re reading. 🙂

  4. Love your new kitchen! It is so beautiful. and looks much more spacious!I love the new crocks. I love that pretzel recipe. I actually make rolls for cheeseburgers or lunch meat sandwiches with the dough.I haven’t made them for a while…I think I’ll do it tomorrow. :)Congratulations on your beautiful kitchen.Happy Wednesday. XxOo

  5. @frostysnowmom3 – yes, we saw a display kitchen with a granite backslash and decided to ours that way–same granite for counter and backsplash. There was a one week wait between installations but we like it and think it will nice and easy to keep clean.

  6. Love your new kitchen. My mom used to go to a little restaurant almost every day for coffee. When we went with her we (my brother and I) would sit on either side and swing back and forth on the stools until she would say to stop….we were driving her crazy. It was hard to stop.

  7. It’s a wonderful kitchen, Shanda.  And so shiny and clean, with no grease spots or nicks yet.  Love this post and and all the pretty.  Only slightly jealous of your lilacs…. 🙂

  8. It’s absolutely gorgeous! It really looks open and inviting. I like the hardware you picked out too! I also usually have trouble making decisions, too. I really like the darker color, and love your counter tops!

  9. Gorgeous kitchen!! PRECIOUS kitten!! And – Jacob looks so grown up!! And those pretzels look D.E.L.I.S.H!!! I bet it was SO fun to putter around in your new new kitchen and make them!! Soooo happy for you, Shanda!! 🙂

  10. I was wondering if you were losing countertop space by putting in the bar/island but it looks wider AND you have the ability to utilize bar chairs. AND, the bar chairs are beautiful with the carved wood under the seats!! Can’t wait to see the expansion of your kitchen and everything else. It all looks just beautiful and lovely, and I’m so happy for you!

  11. The kittens are so are a little crazy, are they going to be house cats?I love love love the before and after photo I sat there for 5 mins going back and forth and comparing.Okay, question….are the buttons above the two ovens too high?The overall design makes so much more sense than what was there before I love how much space you have on the island!Stools complete the room and you did a great job on the pulls and handles. What did you mean mercury glass light? I don’t know what that is? Is it antique?How cool is that, that the lady brought you flowers and cool that you have a friendship now!

  12. It’s beautiful! I just want to come hang out in there and cook with you!!We don’t have that shirt! I’ll have to find Alex’s and take a picture. I’ve been dying to find a weeping angel cutout and put it bedside and sneak in there and watch him wake up to it one day. I would laugh and laugh and laugh.

  13. Oh Shanda, it turned out so beautifully! It is warm, inviting, and gorgeous! I really like the counter and backsplashes matching, the glow with the under cabinet lighting, the new stools…oh everything! The island does open up the kitchen! Enjoy!!

  14. Absolutely stunning—very happy for you. Sure hope we get to stop by again sometime and visit. Thinking of Rich and all of you with the passing of his grandmother. Love and hugs to all, Christie

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