15 thoughts on “sweetness

  1. They are so adorable! I love the first pic especially with Sarah. She is being so gentle. I always grew up with lots of animals around. I miss that. Our youngest daughter had allergies, so we had to get rid of pets. Now we live in an apartment which does not allow them, and we really could not afford to keep one anyhow. There is just something so relaxing having a purring kitty on your lap. They say it lowers your blood pressure to have a pet! Wish I could. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Yes, they are sweet! Just darling. I’m partial to cats. I understand them better than any other animal. Big hugs and kisses to them! xo xo And, congrats to your family.

  3. The header pic of your kids is great! Your 4th child really looks like Rich!I found a book for .25 today and thought of you – Ellen’s Blue Jays by Dorothy Sterling. Black n White pencil sketches with blue color scattered throughout the book – I think you and your little ones would enjoy it! 🙂

  4. They are adorable!!! Kittens are so fun! Made me stop and think, when did our kittens get so lazy and old??? Lol. I guess we have had them for 6 years! I just cant believe our cats are six now! And i love that you have so many pets… I wish we had more room and energy right now because id love to get a dog and some more chickens again. But for now, our two cats are plenty! And the new baby will def keep me distracted 😉

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