at the Brimfield Antique show



Hello internet friends, how in the world are you?  I hope you had a nice weekend and that your Monday is going well.  I know some of you may be having a rough start today, if so, trust God, He WILL get you through and brighter days are coming!  We have had a busy morning here at home, but I am happy to sit down for a few minutes to share photos from Brimfield that I took on Thursday and Saturday.  After I’m done, I will be taking Seth and Sarah outside to play.  It’s supposed to get to about 80 degrees here and already the sun is shining beautifully with a cool wind………..

I live about half an hour from the famous Brimfield Antique Show and have been going for a few years now.  It has been featured in one of my favorite magazines (Country Living) and is an amazing experience for anyone who enjoys antiquing/tag sales/thrifting adventures.

The Brimfield Antiques Show is the largest outdoor antiques show in the world, with over 6,000 dealers and 130,000+ visitors during the course of the week.  While it is  convenient to refer to it as “The Show”, it is actually comprised of 23 fields, owned by “Promoters”, who lease spaces to dealers from all over the world. The Show takes place three times a year, usually around Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.  ~Brimfield Homepage



This spring’s show began last Tuesday, and by Thursday I was so excited that I ended up going by myself with Seth and Sarah.  I took the stroller and wandered around for about two hours.   Parking was difficult and I was about half a mile away from the closest vender and it was a hot day.  Sarah was a little grumpy and Seth was as active as ever, but we still had a nice little time together and it gave me a great longing for Saturday, when I knew I would be able to go with my sister and no little children.


Seth loved trying out the ride on toys.


My favorite image from Thursday was this mother and daughter walking to the show, hand in hand.


Sarah got a little doll.


Jacob, our 16 year old, is very interested in special rocks lately and I was able to get him these.


My favorite purchase of the day; fiestaware tumblers and this odd colored mug (an off shade of Peacock, from the seconds store).


On Saturday, my sister Amanda drove to my house and together we left for Brimfield, just the two of us.  We arrived at about 9:30 and had no problems parking at our favorite spot, the church, which is close to the first section of dealers.  We quickly got to work, exploring the different tents and chatting all the while……….

She was on the hunt for a fun ring……so we searched through lots of colorful jewelry tables.

Our mom has these two small children pictures……we thought of her all day long…..and hope she and Dad can come with us to the show next time!

Old table from the late 1700’s


This was our favorite dealer and tent of the day.  I thought it was so funny that I took a picture of that man, too, without knowing it.  Anyway, this booth belonged to an elderly couple and they worked together so nicely.  You could tell they had a lot of common sense, as they had already marked all their stuff half price, because it was the second to last day of the show.  I bought a few things from them, and so did Amanda.  Just as each home has a “feel” according to the disposition of the owners, each antique booth also has a “feel”….this one was inviting, welcoming, and friendly. 



I’ve been collecting and using Fiestaware in my kitchen since 1998, so every time we see it I get all excited.  I don’t buy much anymore and I never buy vintage because I don’t use it, I just display it.  (I have enough to decorate with now).   This year I wanted tumblers which have been discontinued but are still inexpensive and we use them everyday.

Here I am, at the fiesta display!

Rich + Shanda

We worked up a big appetite for a yummy lunch.  Conveniently, there is an area with about 10 or so different food venders to chose from.  We usually get lobster rolls but this time we both got roast beef sandwiches and big sweet potatoes, served with lots of butter and brown sugar.  We sat with a lady, her mom, and her two girls and talked with them.  There is always limited seating in the eating area, so we usually have to sit with others (at picnic tables).  If you don’t buy lunch at the show, there are lots of nice places to sit and have a picnic, too.

After our yummy lunch we got back to walking and exploring with renewed energy.  I saw a lilac fiestamug (more valuable than the typical fiesta mugs b/c lilac was only sold for a brief time at only one store) and rose mug.  (not purchases, just admired)

There have been years when I was very interested in dishes, dishes, dishes.  But that has passed, as my kitchen is now properly stocked.  This year it was all about linens.  I bought three lovely, thick, crisp cotton pillowcases and a dishtowel embroidered with a Raggedy Ann and “Saturday”.  But I browsed through so many stacks of linens that finally we said “no more!”

old sewing machines


vintage Tasha Tudor books


thinking of my boys




We always take a few mirror pictures….and ooooo, more linens!


old typewriters


old blue Mason jars (LOVE) I already have a couple so I didn’t purchase, just admired


pretty lilacs


Amanda bought this big Raggedy Ann for her daughter


We bought matching sister rings!  I am wearing mine as I type.



Idea for a pretty porch decoration:  upside down basket, canning jars, and a sweet potted plant.



We started to get silly.


togetherness; and Amanda’s hand full of little dolls for Naomi…..(one dollar each)…..


I thought of my dear friend Joanna when I saw this old couch, wondering if it was the style she liked?


We were gone for 6 hours, the longest ever.  Rich was away last week from Tuesday til Friday so I felt like it was a well-deserved treat to be away for that long!

I bought the rooster garden decoration at Brimfield.  The roosters balance on top of the pole and swing around in the wind.  They are made out of old scrap metal.


About a year ago I had bought an old Fisher price dollhouse (and a boat, too) but it has been hard to find the little people to use with them.  Happily, I found some at Brimfield and brought home 10 of them, along with some little chairs and other small pieces, for the children to play with.


I bought these two framed doilies. 


And this fantastic mushroom print!


I  bought an old phone for the kids to play with, and they love it.   It really does work but we have it unplugged as a toy right now.  It’s so cute to hear them make up little conversations into it.




 If anyone has questions about Brimfield I would be happy to answer them.  I highly recommend attending with a friend, it is a lot of fun to walk and talk and see so many interesting things.  I would love to go with so many of my loved ones, including Kathy, Joanna, Hannah, Christie, Bridgette, or maybe Aunt Mary, cousin Erika, Elisha, Aunt Colleen (again), Mom, Dad, my brother Dave, sisters in law, anyway……you get the idea…..come, one and all!  The next show is in July!






16 thoughts on “at the Brimfield Antique show

  1. Oh my! What bliss. I’ve pored over the stories in Country Living and this just wakes it all up. One day I hope to be there to explore. The other thing that happens when I see your beautiful pictures- I start thinking about how to use what I have here on this old family farm. Blue canning jars, old phones– which the children love to play with, old mirrors, you are inspiring me. The boys found a wonderful old shopping cart out back that I want to use on the patio but I haven’t had that aha moment yet. The ancient sewing machine is in my SIL’s flowerbed. Then there’s vintage typewriter… as you can tell, we don’t need more things, but inspiration for displaying would be nice! Now the linens? Yes, I do Need a blue and red print tablecloth! Thank you for sharing your wonderful weekend.

  2. I’m DYING to go somewhere like that…Brimfield would be an utter dream come true, or the Farmchicks one up in Spokane. But here I am, stuck.. yet so very much enjoying the photos and seeing things I’d have snatched up, had I been there. I think it’s cute that you do “mirror shots” and catch other people in them! Country Living should feature YOU trolling through the Brimfield!

  3. That looks like so much fun and has soooo many neat things!!!!  I wish there were more shows like that around here!Where exactly is that one located?  I know you live north of us, but maybe I could catch it while visiting our northern family one year, depending on where it is!

  4. hi shanda…….your brimfield excursions are always awesome!  so wish i lived closer!  and that metal doll house looks JUST LIKE the one my friend had back in the 70’s!!  i’m swooming over the fiestaware and i’m always on the hunt for linens, too.  glad you could get away with your sister for a special day.

  5. I love your antique shop photos…and look forward to these each time! šŸ™‚ and, inspired by you, i used to be sad leaving an antique store without so many of the treasures i found…now, like you, i take photos of the things i love so i have them always. šŸ™‚

  6. I always wish I was with you on these excursions! I am so happy you post lots of photos about your experiences there. Good idea to have something in mind, but always be open to that exciting find! I have many beautiful linens, but my favorites are the colorful ones from around the 30-40’s. I love the colors and flowers and was spying some pretties in one of your mirror pictures.

  7. I would sooooooo love to go with you Shanda!!! Even more so now b/c I love watching Market Warriors on PBS and they had gone there a couple times I believe. It would be so fun to go back there and spend a day with you shopping there! You always have an eye for neat things too! I try to convince my husband to go back and visit there every summer but so far we are not able. I told him you invited me to go and that I should not turn you down.. šŸ˜‰ lol thanks for thinking about me and I feel special I was considered a loved one. šŸ˜‰ Maybe someday we will get a chance to come back and I can go with you. Love- B Thanks for sharing the photos.. loved them!

  8. That looks like so much fun! I loved looking at all your pictures, thanks for sharing those. I remember playing with those little people at my grandmother’s house when I was a kid.

  9. Yes yes yes I love the couch! Drool! When I saw Soule Mama was there I googled where it was and was so excited to see how close it was to you! Delighted that you went and yes, wishing I was there as well!The rings are so cool!Please tell me you bought the R S sign..would be so cool! I know it doesn’t fit the style of your house, but still…

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