~thankful for daughter Grace~


Happy Birthday to the apple of my eye!  Grace, I looked through your babybook this morning and there are so many memories spinning around in my head . . . but right now nine year old YOU is sitting at my table in your long nightgown, cutting out paper dolls and waiting for her birthday scrambled eggs.  So I will keep my thoughts in my mind for now and get busy on your breakfast.  (Common sense has overruled being overly sentimental?  Yes, it happens every now and then, LOL) 

In the past nine years of being your Mama, I know I cannot freeze moments like this.  I must simply savor them as they come, and then let them go, always looking ahead for the beautiful moments to come. . . .

I’ll always love you.  You are one of the gifts from God that I am most thankful for. 

Love, Mama


0 thoughts on “~thankful for daughter Grace~

  1. What a beautiful girl!  Grace, happy birthday…I’ve noticed that Grace always seems to have a very thoughtful, peaceful beautiful look about her.  It must be the Lord!  Aren’t you thankful for your one girl!  You will have many special times while your guys are out doing guy things!  Thanks for sharing her with us today!

  2. We (my daughter and I) watched the WHOLE slideshow. šŸ™‚ She was pointing out some of the dolls and American Girl things that Grace and my girls have in common. šŸ™‚ HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!! We wish you the best birthday ever! šŸ™‚

  3. Oh, you did a wonderful job on the slideshow, it’s so precious!  Grace always has this wise-beyond-her-years-look in pictures, like she knows some wonderful secret.  Anyway, Happy Day Grace!!  Enjoy 9!

  4. Happy Birthday, dear Grace!Happy Birthday to you!!!All of your pictures are beautiful, but I DO believe you are getting more beautiful each year!Tell your mom she did a great job putting your birthday album together for all of us to see!Have a great day, sweet girl!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Grace!! May your day and year be blessed with the love of God and family. Celebrating with you! So fun to see all the great pictures.

  6. what a gentle and kind nature your Grace radiates! there is just a glow of SWEETNESS around her~ Happy Birthday dear girl!! nine is a wonderfully fuN age to be.

  7. she really is beautiful,and you can tell she has a sweet personality,i can’t believe she is nine already!NINE? i remember grandma gohl,all so excited when you had her,it almost seems like yesterday,she called me over and said she had pictures to show me.she took out this little album she had started of all the pictures you had sent her,going through it and talking about each picture.(she was excited you had a girl)by the time caleb was born,the album was almost full.she enjoyed the effort you put into sending her pictures of grace and the boys.

  8. Happy Birthday to your  BEAUTIFUL  daughter Grace!!  May all her days be blessed with all good things.  Children are SO  very precious.  Wishing everyone there a wonderful day!!

  9. Happy Birthday GEE!!!
    I just folded two of her little things that she wore way back when, that you passed on to Coco and was thinking about how much Gee has grown!
    Give her a hug from me!

  10. 9…her last year as a “one digit.” I remember someone telling me that when I turned 9 years old. Happy Birthday, beautiful Grace! P.S. I am craving a slice of that chocolate birthday cake you posted later…

  11. What a beautiful girl. She gets prettier with each passing year.  It’s always bittersweet to see them grow up, wishing that we could “freeze” them at that particular age.  Ahhh….Happy Birthday sweet Grace!

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