sarah’s hair


Everyone knows that one of the many job descriptions of “MOM” is “HAIR STYLIST” whether she wants to be or not, it’s inevitable.

As I look through the recent photos I have taken with my phone I see a theme developing.  It all started on Monday night when my young daughter/hair client came to me with a case of the grumps AND tangles.

“Get a brush, Sarah, and I’ll brush your hair nice and soft,” I said.

I brushed and brushed and she just loved it.  It was very relaxing to sit and have a super wonderful mom hair stylist gently brush her long hair.

I admired how pretty it was, clean and sweet smelling, with little waves and a variety of color, everything from blond to dark brown.


I took a picture to show her how long it was getting.


I held up the blondest piece and the brownest piece and took another photo.  I even called Rich over to look, “Rich, look how pretty Sarah’s hair is.”

We remember when she was a toddler and she was practically bald, it took years for her to get any length to speak of.  In fact, her siblings called her “Baldo” now and then.

Sarah went to bed that night feeling much better.

The next evening after school she walked over to me and raved,  “Moooooooom, Ariana came to school today with bluuuuuuuuuue hairrrrrrrrrrr.”  Sarah had been quite impressed by it.  I knew what was coming….sure enough, I found her five minutes later, digging through the crayons looking for her hair chalk that we bought a couple years ago.  “I found it!  Can you put blue and pink in my hair before school tomorrow?”

“Only if you pay me in a five minute hug, a happy smile, and a kiss on the cheek.”

(A good hair stylist ALWAYS prices her services accordingly.)


Naturally I had to take a photo to show my youngest client her hair and to make sure it was just what she desired.  I only get paid if it’s done right.  “It needs a little more blue, please.”  I colored a few more streaks and off to school she went.

When she came back home, I noticed the pony tail was out and her hair was all over the place again.  She and her brothers grabbed a snack and then ran next door to play with the neighbors.

About 45 minutes later, the Dad next door came to the house with Caleb by his side and Sarah walking a few steps behind looking distressed, with her hand on her head.  They stopped to explain what had happened but Sarah kept going into the bathroom.  I noticed a long piece of hair in Brian’s hand.  “I was in the house when the boys came running to tell me that Sarah needed help. She was on the swing and her hair was caught in the chain.  I got her all untangled but……yeah, she has a little bald spot on the top of her head now.”  

Brian and Caleb left to go back next door and I reminded Caleb to come home in 10 minutes for dinner…………

Then I turned to go check on Sarah’s hair.  I may or may not have been laughing.  I encouraged her that it really wasn’t that bad and I knew just how to fix it so no one would know.   Soon she was happily playing on the kindle with her hair brushed back into a pony tail, with lots and lots of hair spray in front.

(As this was a true need, I didn’t request payment.)


Here is a photo of Sarah’s bald spot before school this morning, right before her most talented hair stylist worked on it.


And here is a photo of her happy smile afterwards; priceless.

grace’s new hair style

I’m sure you might feel the same as I do about Grace’s hair.

I loved it long, it was so beautiful.  She got several compliments on it from random strangers in the days leading up to her appointment.

But, she’s had long hair for years and she was feeling a desire for a change.  Also, her hair is fairly thin and to me it wasn’t looking as healthy as it used to.

She asked us if she could cut it and after thinking about it for at least a month or more, we agreed that it was time for her to chose a hair style and sit herself down in a hair salon.

Here is a “before” picture::




(the determined look)

The sweetest part of this story is that her Dad took her to the spa to get it done.  She had to go twice, once for the cut and the second time for the color (done today) and he took her both times.  He also made her an appointment to get her nails painted, too.

(He makes most of my hair appointments for me, as well, and loves it when I pamper myself.  It’s one of the ways that he enjoys showing his love for his wife and daughters.)

He spent lots of money on her and then she came home and got upset about FISH!  But it’s Rich’s fault entirely.  You don’t buy 80 live silver shiners and then release them into the pond to get EATEN ALIVE by bass and catfish right in front of your tender hearted daughters and expect them to be happy about it.

We had to wait until after lunch cheered her up again before we could do our little photo shoot.








The cut looks so cute on her and I love the subtle ombre.  She came up with this style on her own and it looks adorable.  She’s 15 and this is just the right time to say “yes” to harmless changes!