picture post of my many blessings

L I F E  W I T H  C H I L D R E N

Hello my friends!  It’s a beautiful day and I thought I would share some pictures.  First off, little Sarah Joy on the couch with kitty Sherlock.  Pure sweetness.  I originally sent this one to my brother Dave and his heart melted, too.  🙂

Exiting news for Fiesta lovers!  There is a new fiestaware color in stores,  a new shade of blue called Lapis.  I haven’t compared it to the old Sapphire blue but I’m thinking it may be most similar to that.  I bought two luncheon plates in Lapis and it’s the color to fight over now (“I get the new blue plate!” they cry)

After Bible study on Thursday we all went to a local dinner for lunch.  It was SO fun!   I had a crab salad sandwich and sweet potato fries, yum.

David was so cute squeezed between big Mike and big brother Jacob. 

Gary (our pastor) and Margaret (from church & Bible study).  Caleb was with me, too.  I was thankful for Ethan and Grace staying home to babysit Seth and Sarah, it was such a blessing to just sit and enjoy my brothers and sisters at the study and diner.

My friend Connie sent me some beautiful handmade dishcloths.  Thank you, Connie, I love them and I will write you back ASAP.

My older three are all at camp this week so I’m at home with these four.  The other night we watched Toy Story 3 and they snuggled up on the floor amongst couch cushions and big blankets off my bed.  I love this picture so much.  They’re so cute.

My beautiful friend Lydia came over on Friday to visit, she did Grace’s hair and nails and then Sarah’s nails.  I know Sarah doesn’t look very thrilled in the picture, but she was.  She doesn’t know Lydia very well and I saw her sneaking shy glances at her and especially her pretty necklace-very impressive for my girly-girl.

I made baked pork chops, peas and broccoli, and mashed potatoes for dinner.   I’ve been sort of uninspired at dinner time lately so this meal was photo-worthy.  LOL  (tonight we are having tacos)

I had to take Sethers to the doctor’s office this morning to get his wart frozen.  I was trying to treat it at home but it got to be such a bother.  The name of the medicine was HISTOFREEZER which struck me as humorous. 

Taking pictures while waiting for the Doctor…….I interrupted Sarah singing something silly by taking her picture (that face!)

And big brother Caleb::

After that was done, we went to the Tractor Supply store for chicken feed, and Target.  On the way back, the boys worked on their new sticker books.

We had quesadillas for lunch today, which is something all the children just love.  I mixed up some salsa and sour cream to use as dip, too. 

I put Sarah Joy down for her nap and took the boys outside to swim and play.  Seth was so excited to catch a frog all by himself.

Then, something wonderful happened.  We went over to check on the chickens.  Three of them were out of their yard and wandering free.  I was talking to the boys and we were concerned the hens would get eaten by the fox.  I started singing an old Sunday School song that popped into my head “The Devil is a Sly old Fox” and when I got to the chorus, I sang “I’m glad I am a Christian”.  Seth wanted to know if he was a Christian (he’s been curious about Jesus for months now, asking questions about the cross)  and I said, “If you understand that your heart has bad sins and that you need Jesus to forgive you and come into your heart to stay, you are a Christian.” He immediately said he wanted to do that and I asked him if he wanted to pray and he said yes.  We sat in the grass together and he prayed and asked Jesus to forgive him and come into his heart.  It was a precious moment and one that I hope and pray God uses to lead Seth along in his spiritual lifelong journey.

A couple of quotes that I heard on Christian radio this morning:

“You can get a lot of blessing from your Bible by noticing things (as you read it)  ~Robert Cook

“When you give something away, you let it go.”  ~from Joni and Friends

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday.
You are loved.

11 thoughts on “picture post of my many blessings

  1. Shanda, the Fiestaware blue is one of my favorite colors! So very pretty! And, we will be making a stop at our local tractor supplies if those sticker books can be bought there! ;)Ninja legos are all the rage around here lately.

    There is nothing more precious than a little one asking Jesus in to their heart! Makes me smile.
    – Carmen

  2. Such a sweet post, but the 'something wonderful happened' part was the bestest ever!! I remember when our young son had the same inquiring mind, and then asked Jesus into his heart, too … yes, those are memories etched deep into our hearts and minds forever! Love the Lapis Fiestaware … such a lovely blue … sure wouldn't mind having a dish or two of that, myself!! Have a happy Tuesday, Shanda! 🙂

  3. hi shanda…….glad you like the dishcloths; i so enjoyed knitting them for you. and bless sweet little seth's heart. what a special moment for the two of you!

  4. I love how God used your spontaneous singing to spark the conversation with Seth. How wonderful! Love the pics! Seth looks very calm and brave at the dr. Our trips to the dr/er seem to be very dramatic and loud!

  5. How exciting about Seth! That is great news.
    My mom makes those same dishclothes for us girls and I LOVE them! They are my absolute favorite.
    And the new blue fiesta! I was holding a small bowl the other day and almost bought it just to have the new color, but decided to wait until I find a piece I really want. I really like the color a lot. Your pictures are adorable…I know I always say this, but what a beautiful family you have.

    Also..thanks for the tips with my comments/replies…I have been so busy I haven't taken the time to sit and figure it out..I think today is that day. 😉

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