There are two ponds on our property, which have afforded the children plenty of opportunities through the years to catch, play with, observe, and lose in the house many different varieties of creatures.  A few years ago, Rich and I woke up hearing noises under our bed; it was a turtle.  A few months ago, there was a snake lost in the house for an entire weekend.

A few days ago, I found a big bullfrog in my laundry room.  I was about to throw in a load of laundry and out of the corner of my eye, I saw it sitting silently right in front of the washing machine.  I was so surprised to see him that I admit, I did scream a little.  It promptly hopped between the wall and the washer and sat some more.

“Oh yes.  I lost that one in the house a few days ago.” David admitted.  He recognized it.  “How did it get there?  I thought it was under the refrigerator.”  He used the broom stick to get it out.  The poor thing was covered with hair and lint.  What an adventure, I was surprised that it was still alive after days of being in the house….bullfrogs tend to stick close to the pond, keeping damp and eating flies.  They never ever visit the house of their own free will.

The children all had a great time looking at the frog.  Then David and Caleb marched down to the pond to let him go.  He  now had quite the story to tell.

“Someone.  Please.  Show me the way out of here.”  At least he’s still smiling.

A little bit of early morning excitement (we got David out of bed to catch the frog).

Seth got to hold it for a minute.

On it’s way home.

As I was finishing up this post, David and Caleb came inside from swimming.  Caleb had a bloody toe and was moaning and very upset.  “A bass bit him!”  David cried.  “We’re never swimming in that pond again!”

I’m secretly thinking the bullfrog had something to do with it.

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