buy one get one free!

A happier child you’ll never see… … and to think he’s smiling up at me!
— Margie Lundy

So, when Rich and I took the kids out for ice cream last weekend, David said to me, “Mom, can you bring me here on Tuesday when the banana splits are buy one get one free?” and I said, “sure!”

On Tuesday, two days ago, I saw Dave walk by and I grabbed him and took him into the bathroom and shut the door (we needed privacy).  He looked….worried….I think he wondered if he had done something wrong.  “I need to talk to you, Dave.  Do you remember what day it is today?”  No.  He didn’t remember.  “It’s Tuesday.”  Blank look.  The bell wasn’t ringing yet.  “Don’t you remember what you asked me to do on this day?”  No.  “Think.  You asked me this while we were standing in line at the ice cream place.”  BIG SMILES.  OHhhhhhh, yes!  “So, let’s go!  Don’t tell your siblings!”

Little Seth and Sarah were napping anyway, so we told the other kids we were going down town because I needed to get a photo album (I did!  I really did!)

I was sort of sad.  As I drove along downtown, David OPENED his heart to me and talked to me about anything and everything he could think of.  Nothing earth shattering, really, just 10 year old boy stuff, but I thought to myself, “How long has it been since I’ve had one on one time with this boy of mine?”  I have to do it more often because I think his confidence grew in leaps and bounds just by this one trip to the ice cream place.  And anyway, even if it didn’t mean a hill of beans to him, it was a bright part of my week that I can’t think of without smiling with a little happy ache in my heart.

He said he would never forget this day.

He said he would never forget this day.

we got our ice creams and then crossed the railroad tracks to sit on the rock wall overlooking the canal
davy’s flip flops fell off his feet as we sat and so he jumped down to get them

and, in his bare feet, he started skipping stones.  merrily he was skipping stones



thankful for:

ice cream with sprinkles
his sticky hand in mine
conversations with a 10 year old
his wisdom
his enthusiasm over little things
like skipping rocks and that
broken piece of plastic found in the stream

9 thoughts on “buy one get one free!

  1. Sweet. I think of those lost moments often….now that mine are grown and gone.
    One can get so caught up in the dailyness of raising a houseful of children, that those precious times slip through our fingers.
    Think there is a song to go with those sentiments.

  2. What a great post and a great idea!!! One on one time can be hard to do when you have a family, but I think it's important. I know I always felt special when I got one on one time with either of my parents growing up.

    What a fun place to go eat ice cream, too!!!

  3. How sweet to have that time alone together…and he'll never forget the day. 🙂
    I was planning on spending a day with each child down in the city this summer doing something they love to do..but summer is getting away from us! I can't believe tomorrow is August already. This post was a good reminder of how important time is to the kids.

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