I’m sitting on the couch in the livingroom, after reading through blog archives from 11 years back, searching for a photo of Caleb with his wooden Thomas trains.

School has begun again, and he is now a freshman in High School. He takes drum lessons, is in marching band and also playing football. He’s taller than I am, with light brown, wavy hair, blue eyes, strong arms and legs, and most likely wearing Hollister clothing (my boys’ favorite).

I was busily vacuuming the floors when they left for school this morning, when I stopped in my (train) tracks and turned off the vacuum.

Caleb recently turned 14, and for his birthday we bought him his most requested and beloved gift of dreams…….and it wasn’t a Thomas train like it was 11 years ago.

It was an electric drum set.

I took him to Guitar Center to pick it out. We were there for a very long time, because he wanted to try out every sound and every feature. He was in his own little world, sitting there and moving the wooden sticks, making beats, listening, enjoying himself.

A week ago, I found Sarah Joy prowling around in the storage room in the basement. She was looking for things forgotten about and the next thing I knew, the wooden crate of Thomas trains and tracks were back in the land of family again. They had been away for so long. I was charmed as I watched Seth and Sarah down on the floor, pushing them, setting up track, and making up stories.

Once upon a time, these same trains took naps with a smallest blond haired boy, he covered them in sugar, and paint, and golden glitter. He threw Devious Diesel into the pond, never to be seen again, because he didn’t like him. He parked his trains under the pancake griddle as I made breakfast. He let one roll down the auditorium (it was James) during his older siblings’ music concert, he carried them in his little paws, everywhere. He not only played with trains, he also watched the videos and read the books, he even had Thomas bedding and clothing.

Now he plays with drums. He carries drumsticks in his hands.

So, this morning I stopped in my (train tracks). The house was empty and quiet and the tracks had led me to Caleb’s drum set and a bunch of his old playmates parked underneath. Somehow, as I stood and considered, I imagined that the trains must have whispered to Caleb’s little brother and sister to put them close to where he would be.

Maybe he would play with them again, later.

11 thoughts on “flash-back

  1. They do grow up, don’t they?! I didn’t used to believe all the older women who told me that. And they won’t always be sweet 14 and living in our house, either. That stage is as fleeting as age 3 or 4…..Sarah

  2. It’s bittersweet. My oldest will be 60 this month. Youngest is 35. I’m blessed to have lived long enough to know my great grandchildren. All of my children know the Lord, but I’m still praying for some of the grandkids, and the great grands, as they are not getting the kind of good Bible teaching that I had.

  3. We went to the Hebron Fair on Sunday and it was overwhelmingly full of memories when the kids were small and it wasn’t just the two of us. Very glad for all of the memories though. I remember well the Thomas the train days!! Sword fighting, lego building, fort building, art classes…. the kids had so much fun!! Actually they all still are. Love you Shanda!

  4. My children loved the Thomas trains, too. My mother bought Gian Thomas EVERYTHING — the sheets, comforter, dress-up clothes, real play clothes, stickers for the wall, backpack … I can’t remember it all. Gian begged until we took him to see Thomas in CT. It was by the ocean, I can’t remember the city name.

    I have the trains all packed up in a wooden chest in the family room. I have said several times that I want to give them to the cute little boy across the street; he once came over to play and fell in love. But each time I say that, the entire family throws a fit and gets out the trains to play just to prove to me that they still love them. LOL!

  5. Lovely post ….such sweet memories …my boys were in love with Thomas too …my older who is 40 years old now still have them up in his loft ..he is very sentimental and has a loft with sentimental items in it …I still think of my sons Jaime and Ryan as boys yet they run their own businesses and are wonderful human beings …which I am so grateful for ….how on earth has my baby boys got to 35 and 40 years old …time flies so quickly enjoy every minute …happy days

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