baseball, chicks, Tarzan, garden, toads


Guess what I am listening to right now?  You’ll never guess so I will tell you.

a hundred, give or take, TOADS.

You see, every spring, toads hop to our property to mate in our two ponds.  Part of this mating ritual is the continuous singing and calling sounds that they make to gather each other from hither and yon area lands.  The sound is a long sustained high note that falls a half step.  Sounds kind of scary, sort of sci-fi.  In fact, it makes me tense.  I’m trying to enjoy it, though, because it is another sign that spring has in fact arrived.

I’m sitting on my bed with Billy cat grooming himself next to me.  My windows are open and gusts of wind blow through, making the wind chimes rattle on the porch.  I hung clothes outside on the line for the first time this year.

This weekend was nuts.  This was our agenda for Saturday:

1. Take Ethan to SAT’s half an hour away.
2. Target for much needed supplies
3.  Doctor’s appointment for Seth, where we learned he had double ear infections and bronchitis.
4.  Little League Opening Day for David and Caleb
5.  Baseball game for Ethan
6.  Pick up prescription at Pharmacy
7.  Grace to be at the H.S. at 4
8.  Mom and Dad coming from out of town.
9.  Go to H.S. for Grace’s play:  Tarzan.

And this was just Saturday.  Rich and I had to work separately, so he took Ethan to the SAT’s while I did numbers 2, 3, 4, and 7 by myself.  No one went to E’s game.  Rich was also preparing to preach on Sunday.  I went to half of the opening day, and when Rich arrived I left in order to be home to greet Mom and Dad.


David in the parade.  (the only player looking at me is my Dave).


And Caleb.  It was fun, the weather was great, and thankfully Jacob was home to watch Sarah.  I only had to keep track of Seth…who is a special challenge these days because he can hardly hear, what with the ear infections.  They aren’t slowing him down any though.


Dad and Mom with my two youngest.  I love it.  Mom brought me a bunch of perennials from her garden for which I was extremely thankful.  Dad played some whiffle ball with the kids outside.


Mom and I



Jacob with his Grandma, who was laughing over the height difference.  🙂


Mom and Dad at the High School.


Sweet Emily and Jacob.


The drama kids performed Tarzan this year.  Grace was a gorilla, a spider, and a plant.  She also performed sign language for one of the songs.  Here is a video of it, but it is important to note that she is not doing the SINGING, only the SIGNING.

I wish it were taped better but this at least gives an idea of the beauty of the song and signing.





They did so well, it was wonderful, I was so proud of them all.


Mom hugging Grace after the show.


Dad and Mom with Grace the Gorilla.


Yesterday was the final performance of Tarzan and I attended it with my brother Isaac and his wife Cassandra.


Meanwhile, I have baby chicks.  The post office called on Friday morning at 5:15 am and I went down to get them.


There are 30.  And they are so very cute right now.  We like to go in the garage and just sit in front of the cage and watch them.


Do you see in the very back of the cage, there is a dangling piece of cardboard paper…little chicks take turns trying to get it off.  It’s so cute.




This is what I have:

FIVE each of Barred Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Brown Leghorn, and Easter Egger.  Then, I have NINE Cuckoo Maran, and I am most excited about these because they lay a darker shade of brown than any I’ve owned previously.


Discovered in the woods as I picked up trash this morning.




As I was walking by the edge of the pond I scared a toad (not this one) into the water where a fish promptly grabbed it by the legs and went down deep with it.  I gasped as I watched it happen… the poor toad was held by both his back legs, which were half inside the fish’s mouth.  It’s little front arms were straight out to the sides with stiff fingers, it was the picture of terror as it was carried away.  I watched for a while and it appeared once again with two fish in hot pursuit.  I don’t know the ending to the story.  I sat by the edge of the pond for a while and also saw a turtle.  But the horrors continued when I put my hand in the grass to stand back up.  I narrowly missed putting it down on two disemboweled toads!  It’s truly a life and death world out there……..


Last but not least, Mom, as I promised I did plant all the plants on Sunday.


This is a little garden Rich made for me a few weeks ago.  It was empty and I ordered the animals and flag from amazon.  I bought 2 perennials but all the rest were from Mom.


The armadillo makes me laugh.

Happy Monday!

Grace’s costumes in Singin’ in the Rain


My daughter Grace is a Freshman in High School and has fallen in love with singing, dancing, and acting in Drama.  She is currently (as I type) at the cast party for Drama’s production Singing in the Rain….the last performance was this afternoon.   Rich and I went last night to see it with my parents, and Jacob, Ethan, David, Caleb, Seth, and Sarah.  Grace’s friends Ethan and Erinn also came (we filled up a row).

Grace didn’t have any speaking parts but she was in several dance numbers and Mom and I greatly admired her in the many beautiful dresses she got to wear.

In black:



In black sequins, clutching the arm of a gent;





Red dress, long gloves, and fancy white hat;




Black dress with swirly white stripes:




Red sequins (she’s on the far right) in the song and dance number “What’s Wrong with me?” sung by Lina Lamont.





(looking at camera)




And, blue with white dots;





a black pony tail holder around her wrist and a bright happy smile on her pretty face;





They did such a good job, we loved the performance.  It was very entertaining and we felt proud of Grace and her friends.  They’ve been practicing long hard hours for so many months.  Grace especially struggled with tap dance, but she finally learned the steps.  Well done, Grace!


Here she is after the show, with her Grandpa, Grandma, and little sister.

And flowers from her Dad.


Oh, and by the way she did all this after seriously jamming her ring finger playing catch with her brothers a few hours beforehand….it caused her to almost pass out at the ball field, she lost her vision and was so weak she had to lay with her head on my lap while her Dad went to get food and drink (she had also skipped breakfast).  Someone at drama had to cut the ring off her finger and today her poor finger is black and blue and swollen almost twice the size as her other one.  She’s a trooper.  xoxoxo