jacob and emily got engaged again! (*not really*)


Ah, young love in the springtime, is there anything better?

We were all outside and I was reading my book when Emily ran up to me all excited.   Jacob proposed to her!  This is his second proposal.  The first one took place at the mall with a peach ring candy!


Don’t you agree that this ring is much better than a peach ring (which Emily ate)?

Jacob found it embedded in the mud outside on the lawn!  Hard to believe, right?

It’s beautiful silver, heavy and well made, with a gentle rust design.  Quite artsy.

I congratulated her over and over.


While Jacob looked on, sheepishly.

Oh no, a sneak attack!


Brothers are so disrespectful when it comes to ultra-romantic moments!


Admiring their ring.


Silly kids.

7 thoughts on “jacob and emily got engaged again! (*not really*)

  1. I did. I thought it was kind of funny and wondered if you were joking but didn’t want to say anything😊 christina

  2. is that a pile of snow they are playing on?? In bare feet??! 😉 your kiddos are so funny and full of life and mischief 😉 hehe wow, how does it feel to think about how soon one of your kiddos could be engaged and married?? Makes my heart skip a few beats.

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