easter 2015


Glorious Easter!  The day all the world is reminded of the amazing hope we have, because of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ dying on the cross and *not staying dead* but rising again the third day.  Up from the grave He arose!  And because He lives, I can face tomorrow.  Because He lives, I can also live forever and ever……. and someday soon, because life is short, I will see Him, and know Him, and be home.  Oh I can’t wait for that day….that “can’t wait” feeling is HOPE, glorious resurrection hope.  Thank you, Jesus.

I woke up this morning at 6 and found Jacob frying himself some eggs, Davy ready to chat with me, and Grace sick to her stomach but saying she was fine and going to school regardless. (She is way too responsible for her own good.)  I served cereal, started the dishwasher, started a load of laundry, folded three loads of it at the couch, drank coffee, made myself a couple of eggs and shared them with Seth, gathered up homework and bags for the elementary school boys, and sent five children off to school.

I’m still in my pj’s, feeling rather sleepy, I’m in bed with Miss Sarah.  We are under the down comforter and she’s snuggled up close enough so I can play with her hair, she’s sucking her finger and feeling the tag on her new stuffed animal.  It’s cozy with my little sunshine girl, listening to the washer and dryer hum.


I found this old snapshot of the kids, taken in our old neighborhood.  Caleb was a baby and not in the photo.  Grace is wearing her flower girl dress and Jake and E are dressed exactly the same, and standing exactly the same, too.  Little Davy has such a sweet smile on his face.  Isn’t it funny how a simple picture can make a person happy and sad at the same time?  I remember how Grace, at this age, used to hate getting sun in her eyes, and was very sensitive about outdoor photography, you can see it in her face in this picture, too.

They are growing up but Grace wore a white dress again this year.




Thank you to Mike for taking these portraits yesterday morning before church.

Outside, we gathered up the family and I said, “come on let’s act like we love each other!” which prompted Seth to put his arm around me and melt against my leg……sweet, sweet love of a little son.


Grace Sarah Easter 15

We went to church….I can’t think of a better day to attend a church service….and then when we came back home we didn’t eat a ham dinner.

We ate pizza!


Here is a photo of all my children yesterday when we got back home.  I wouldn’t let them in the house until I took a picture of them all….my own offspring plus Jacob’s girlfriend Emily (red sweater), and Myriah (white jacket), a young family friend who lives in Virginia and came to visit us during her spring break.  She will be here all week.


I spent five dollars on the actual baskets from our local thrift store, and I put jelly bean filled eggs in each one, with a gift.  I accidentally bought two bags of very SOUR jelly beans but the children still liked them.  Seth had matchbox cars, David and Caleb had sticky bugs that they could shoot with their finger at the windows, Sarah had a stuffed animal, and the older teens each received a pair of new socks.  Simple, but enough to keep them all excited about the day.




We had my sister’s dog-baby all weekend, too.  His name is Lloyd and he is a labradoodle.  Isn’t he adorable?  Rich called him Rug and told me that Rug looked just like me what with the brown curls.  He was a lot of fun to have in the house with us, such a cute puppy.  David was the one in charge of him, while Uncle Jason and Aunt Amanda were away for Easter.  He is back home now and Seth asked me if we could please get a rug.


Emily had Easter dinner at her grandparent’s house and took Caleb with her (heart melts).  The rest of us made homemade pizza……


It was non-stop activity in the kitchen for a long time as I made a ton of pizza dough and the kids each made a pizza of their own.  Jacob was a slow perfectionist over his pizza, causing great amusement, but his hard work paid off because YUM YUM it was good.  Myriah made a pizza for the first time and did so good, it was amusing to see her press the dough around on the oily pan trying not to touch it with her long fingernails.  Grace made a pizza with salami as a topping and she used cookie cutters to make the salami pretty.  Seth made a crazy-shaped stuffed crust pizza that was thin on one side and thick on the other.  Ethan and David each chopped up their own fresh garlic and made clam pizzas.  It was awesome.


We cleaned up the kitchen and then watched a movie.  Some of the kids fell asleep and the rest of us went outside after the movie was done, to get some fresh air.  By the way, it snowed yesterday.  But spring is coming and there are signs of it everywhere, it’s just very late this year.








One last picture of Lloyd!


I hope you all had a nice Easter, and have a Happy Monday!

We are loved.

5 thoughts on “easter 2015

  1. Enjoyed this peak into your life! The photo of Grace and her sister is perfect! And love the bright flowers showing off their beauty! Thanking God for the HOPE we have in Him – may this hope continue to be an anchor for your soul, (Heb. 6:19)

  2. Beautiful Easter pictures!! Rug and the matching brown curls made me laugh. So fun to see how everyone has grown from that picture you found. Also loved Seth’s hug during the picture. 🙂

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